The Subtle but Significant Difference Between Confidence and Determination

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  • Johi Kokjohn-Wagner 05.01.2014

    Fuck yeah.
    I needed to read this today.

  • Hi Johi!

    Thank you for dropping by. It’s always good to see you — but it’s particularly good to see you when I’m hearing you saying Fuck yeah.

  • Doc

    What is this, Ray channels Vogue?

    If you want to explore the granularity of our language how about Austin’s Three ways of Spilling Ink?

  • I am, actually, shifting the theme slightly — slightly but subtly. Stay tuned. It’s going to be an extravaganza you do not want to miss.

    Thank you for dropping by.

  • P.S. Three ways of Spilling Ink — please.

    Strictly for squares.

  • Doc

    Not exactly Rilke.

  • Oh, come now!

    The greatest lesbian poet since Sappho.

    Auden once described Rilke as.

  • Doc

    Must be the glamour shot that threw me off.

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