Twelve of the World’s Most Stupendous Libraries: Like Something Out of Science Fiction (saved the best for last)

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  • Doc 06.03.2014

    How about Borges’ Library of Babel. Opening date tbd

    But the librarians have been busy designing a cataloging system:

    For example, the animals will be divided into:
    (a) belonging to the emperor,
    (b) embalmed,
    (c) tame,
    (d) sucking pigs,
    (e) sirens,
    (f) fabulous,
    (g) stray dogs,
    (h) included in the present classification,
    (i) frenzied,
    (j) innumerable,
    (k) drawn with a very fine camelhair brush,
    (l) et cetera,
    (m) having just broken the water pitcher,
    (n) that from a long way off look like flies.

  • Oh, I like that.

  • nothing quite as beautiful as a wall of books.
    well, almost nothing.
    cheers, ray.

  • Cheers, Andrea!

    It’s very good to see you.

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