The Most Interesting Dog in the World

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The sawed-off shotgun of literary pulp.

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  • Sabre 11.09.2016

    Hey Ray….be your own bitch…let’s hope so for Hillary tonight.
    I’m on a whiskey kick, educating myself….do you know the Autumn Rickey? My current fave….miss ya.

  • I miss you too, Sabre!

    Thank you for dropping by.

    As for Hillary and Donald, they’re really just two sides of the same penny, and, to be totally honest, I wouldn’t piss on either one of them if they were on fire.

  • […] It is also the opposite of courage. It takes courage to respond to non-thought — which is to say, conformity — as it takes courage to break away from the pack. […]

  • Bark away Dog! I would prefer your bite though.

  • Ophelia, his bark imports the argument of the play.


    Thank you for dropping by.

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