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  • Scott 07.24.2017
  • That was hilarious!

  • Dog,
    Your video has left me panting. Your words leave me breathless. I better go work it off.

  • Work it off!?

    Ophelia, to see what I have seen, see what I see — and what I wish I could see.

  • mindful of
    in no partic order
    but chicken x road not egg

  • U no, besides the hundred locked elbow push-ups w/i 240s

  • OK, watched it closely once more … 273s
    sAw the tens on your dog Gone countenance on the back end.. EPIC dose
    as dogs go, you dig deep Every Day
    no small feet/feat
    thank you for sharing this, almost as good //&&// better than as being in the Splash Zone
    water on

  • 240s? 273s?

    My friend, what are these?

  • Commenting on the duration.
    10s = ten seconds

    u start at 0:22 and go to 4:09, which is actually 249 seconds

    100 reps in less than 250 seconds, jesus christ

  • derp – uh, check that, u start at 0:22 and go to *4:38*, which 249s (4:09)

  • The old dog struggled to grind those out, I can tell you that much.

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