A Taste of Venom

  • There is evidently something quite controversial in believing, as Thoreau did and as I do, that the government which governs least, governs best.

    It’s somehow regarded as deviant behavior, unpatriotic even.

    In 2008, not long after the release of Al Gore’s extraordinarily effective propaganda piece called An Inconvenient Truth — whose ten-year predictions have proven laughable but which has nevertheless molded (and continues to mold) young minds by the millions with a method every bit as dogmatic as any religious indoctrination — I wrote, for one of my first websites, a modest and entirely fact-based article about Al Gore’s own home energy use.

    This data was public knowledge and not disputed, and I did not break this story.

    My article focused mainly on Al Gore’s hypocrisy, and not in this case the (non)science — and I focused on that because there’s nothing I enjoy more than being lectured about my “carbon footprint” by political elites and Hollywood elites alike, while they jet-set around the world without any inkling at all of what goes into even the most basic product creation, including especially energy itself.

    Al Gore’s own personal energy use is, by any standard, astronomical.

    Shortly after writing that article — and this is my point here — I received, for the first time in my life, very nasty and dangerous-sounding harassment, which came at me like bullet slugs. Many of my long-time readers (thank you!) have even seen some of that in the comments section of my websites.

    Concerning the Al Gore piece, the content of those threats did not deal with the facts of my article but were unadulterated ad-hominem bile, totally without substance.

    About a year later, I wrote an article denouncing George W. Bush’s bailout, and then, not long after that, another article denouncing the extension of George Bush’s bailout, which was Barack Obama’s so-called stimulus package: a trillion dollar piece of legislation that was pushed through in record time before the legislation had even been read in full.

    (Note: both of those articles are chapters in my first book, but here’s a partial codification of that stimulus and what our money went to without our choice or consent: be prepared to puke.)

    Also at that time, I began giving public talks and brief radio interviews for my first book, and in which interviews and talks I explained as best as I could why such bailouts and “stimuluses” are and always will be unmitigated failures: it’s mathematical law.

    The right and the left are two sides of the same penny, as I’ve long noted, and I was fairly equal in whom I laid the blame upon.

    This was when the next wave of harassment began.

    This wave, though, was particularly vitriolic and threatening, and it certainly opened my eyes to a few things about the tolerant left, with whom, though I loathe partisan politics, I’ve always been more closely aligned on social issues — except I’m more to the left than they are: no prohibitions on any drugs, for instance, or gambling, or prostitution, or marriages of any kind, and so forth.

    It is, I say again, an interesting phenomena, being singled out and harassed in this way. It’s new, for one thing, because the internet is still relatively new, and so the laws and law enforcement are still being codified, as I recently discovered.

    The fervor of that last wave of threats did die down, but in certain respects it’s never completely gone away.

    I’ve never been a public figure, understand — not at all — but I spoke out enough to have become somewhat known, and the whole experience, beginning about a decade ago, has been quite edifying indeed.

    One of the most troubling aspects of it is that you never know who’s behind it, and you can drive yourself nuts thinking about it. I’ve shut down two websites over it, both of which were successful (in terms of readership and book sales), and one Twitter account.

    Recently, about ten days before Halloween, and after the publication of a few articles and two books, both of which have, to my surprise, proven controversial, as well as a few more tongue-in-cheek videos that are meant to be amusing but which people evidently find offensive (noted!), I was yet again sent certain material — this one of a slightly different and more shocking kind, which, I must say, took the wind out of my sails more than ever before. (I’ve since learned that this sort of thing is quite common on certain platforms, and not much can be done about it.)

    My political-economic views; my other literature; people I’ve eighty-sixed from the bar (I’m thinking of two people in particular); people I’ve inadvertently offended; stupid things I’ve done — and I’ve done many, though never with malice — a cross-combination … who knows?

    And so it goes.

    And so it goes.

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  • Dyane 11.10.2017

    And yet, he persisted.

  • It has truly been one for the books, Dy.

    I can’t even tell you. Thank you for dropping by.

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