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  • Can You Solve This Impenetrable Riddle?

    February 3rd, 2016 | Riddles | journalpulp | 7 Comments

    The unravelling of a riddle is the purest and most basic act of the human mind. Can you solve Dog’s impenetrable riddle? I am one you eat yet I contain no meat and am not sweet … Watch the video below to hear the rest. Like and Subscribe: The College of Subversive Knowledge

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  • The 140-Year-Old Riddle That’s Never Been Solved

    The 140-Year-Old Riddle That’s Never Been Solved

    May 8th, 2014 | Riddles | journalpulp | 66 Comments

    Bishop Samuel (“Soapy Sam”) Wilberforce, who once famously debated Charles Darwin’s protege Thomas Huxley — Darwin himself was slated to debate Wilberforce but got sick and sent Huxley in his stead — was, among other things, about the most forceful public speaker of his day. The writer Benjamin Disraeli coined the unforgettable “Soapy Sam” sobriquet, […]

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