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  • Writing Advice From Margaret Atwood and Vladimir Nabokov

    Writing Advice From Margaret Atwood and Vladimir Nabokov

    June 27th, 2012 | Writing | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    Margaret Atwood: Hold the reader’s attention. (This is likely to work better if you can hold your own.) But you don’t know who the reader is, so it’s like shooting fish with a slingshot in the dark. What ¬≠fascinates A will bore the pants off B. Writing is work. It’s also gambling. You don’t get […]

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  • Eavesdropping


    March 1st, 2012 | Writing Games | journalpulp | 5 Comments

    There’s a game that certain writers like to play — and in answer to your next question, it’s not called Hide-The-Salami (although that one is popular with certain writers as well, myself perhaps foremost among them), but “Eavesdropping.” Here’s how you play: Sit in a public place. Sit near people who look interesting. Have something […]

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  • Writing Talent and the Dirty Little Secret of the Natural-Born Writer

    January 6th, 2012 | Writing Talent | journalpulp | 12 Comments

    There’s a dirty little secret about writing talent which editors and publishers don’t usually speak of, but which I’d like to share. That dirty little secret is this: Writing talent doesn’t really exist. As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as innate writing talent, and the most important trait a writer can possess […]

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  • Can One Learn To Write?

    Can One Learn To Write?

    October 27th, 2011 | Writing | journalpulp | 3 Comments

    There is among writers predominantly, though not exclusively, a rather absurd notion that you’re either a writer or you’re not, and that if you’re not, you’ll never be able to learn how. The notion is not only false: it’s dangerously false. Writing is like any other skill, only more so. In fact, so-called talent is […]

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