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  • The Art of Individualism

    July 12th, 2017 | Individualism | journalpulp | 3 Comments

    This is excerpted from Chapter 6 of my latest book: 101 Things to do Instead of College Individualism is the act of thinking for yourself. It’s rooted in the most fundamental choice you’ve got: The choice to pay attention or not. There are approximately one thousand arguments against individualism — and every single one of […]

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  • Wickedly Cool

    December 12th, 2016 | Whiskey Wisdom | journalpulp | 4 Comments

    Personality is personal style. It is nothing more and it is nothing less. The art of charisma is really the art of personality. Which is why there are as many different ways to be charismatic as there are different styles of personality. Personality is the sum total of one’s many individual characteristics as they come […]

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