The Great Electrifier Electrifies Your Soul — With HARD Data

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I was born and raised in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. I've worked as a short-order cook, construction laborer, crab fisherman, janitor, bartender, pedi-cab driver, copyeditor, and more. I've written and ghostwritten several published books and articles, but no matter where I've gone or what I've done to earn my living, there's always been literature and learning as the constant in my life.

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  • L 06.14.2017

    So wind and solar are out based off your electrifying information. What do you suggest as a way to better the system? Some of us would like to know.

  • My dear L, it’s not just that they’re “out,” as you say. It’s that they’re dilute, intermittent, and (therefore) require so much hydrocarbon backup — in addition to requiring so many resources and so much money to produce.

    As for better systems, that’s to be addressed in future Great Electrifier videos. But I can tell you this right now:

    If you want to know what the best systems are, remove ALL government funding and subsidization out of the energy industry — fossil fuel and nuclear included — and let the markets decide.

    This will tell you infallibly the best solution.

    Thank you for dropping by.

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