Global Climate Action Summit
  • Tomorrow — Thursday September 13th, 2018 — Al Gore, Van Jones, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, and many more will fly in on fossil-fuel-powered jumbo-jets and ride in fossil-fuel-powered motor cavalcades to gather together in fossil-fuel-temperature-regulated rooms (rooms composed largely of fossil fuels and their by-products) to lecture us again on our use of fossil fuels, and our “carbon footprint.”

    They call this the Global Climate Action Summit.

    It will be broadcast through cameras and televisions and live-streamed through computers, all of which are composed of plastics and rare-earth minerals that are the product of fossil fuels and mining.

    I’m writing this now to tell you that during this so-called Summit, a number of real scientists and other independent thinkers will be across the bridge live-streaming rebuttals to the prevarications and hypocrisy and misinformation coming out of the “Global Climate Action Summit.”

    You can watch Thursday’s live-stream at this link.

    You can watch Friday’s live-stream at this link.

    But if you happen to be in the audience at the “Action Summit,” please ask Al Gore if he still stands by his statement in 2007 of “20-foot sea-level rises in the near future.”

    (That same year the International Panel on Climate Change, a thoroughly leftist organization composed of scientists and policy makers around the world, estimated sea levels would rise a mere 0.18 to 0.6 meters (0.59 to 2.0 feet) over the next 100 years.)

    Ask him if he still believes it is “appropriate,” as he put it, “to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are.” Unquote.

    Ask him why he backed-out of his scheduled debate with former Greenpeacer Bjorn Lomborg.

    Ask Al Gore about his own home-energy use, especially compared with George W. Bush’s.

    Ask Van Jones if he still believes 9/11 was an “inside job.” [Editor’s note: 9/11, I do now know, was an inside job. This means that I now agree with Van Jones on this particular subject.]

    Ask them all if they had comfortable trips in on their jumbo jet rides and in their motor cavalcades, in their air-conditioned vehicles, and ask them also how their trips around the world have been lately, their luxury hotel-room stays, to lecture the world on its use of fossil-fuels, so on, while over a billion people in dire poverty in the world still do not have access to basic power.

    Ask them: Have their trips been pleasant and comfortable?

    (Harrison Ford, if I’m not mistaken, is a pilot who owns his own planes and jets which, also if I’m not mistaken, are powered by fossil fuels. Ask him: did he fly himself in on a private jet?)

    Ask them all which is more likely (by far) to contaminate ground water: hydraulic fracturing (i.e. fracking) or mining the material required for solar panels?

    Ask them about the neodymium and other rare-earth minerals that wind-power requires, and ask them are they all okay and at peace with the unequivocal environmental destruction that this causes.

    Ask them if they’re all still opposed to nuclear energy, which is clean, safe, abundant, and emits zero carbon emissions, and, as a follow-up to this, ask them if they believe in dismantling France’s use of nuclear energy, which works so well, as does the U.S. Navy’s nuclear energy program, neither of which have ever had a significant mishap.

    Ask them about all the polar bear prevarications.

    Ask them, lastly, about my friend Dr. Bill Gray (RIP), Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University and at one time, and for a very long time, the world’s foremost expert on hurricanes: ask them specifically about the left’s despicable behavior and harassment of him, which lasted all the way to the end of his life and even after he was dead — all because he dared to think for himself and do his own research, well into his 80’s, and because his data on hurricanes holds up to this very day, and yet it does NOT conform to their catastrophic propaganda — and who, in a debate I’m glad to have helped organize, exposed the alarmist Dr. Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, as ipse-dixit debater extraordinaire.

    Please report back.

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