Covid-19 Creates One Of The Greatest Scandals In Medical History
  • This is for all those who don’t believe that science has become totally politicized and therefore totally corrupt — climate science perhaps most especially — who have hounded and harassed me and others like me a long time now for pointing out that the peer-review process has long become a farce and the scientific method, once an epistemic gold-standard for all human thought, has been thrown out the window and replaced with postmodernism’s logical elaboration.

    For all such people, I offer you this latest proof of corruption.

    The indefatigable doctor James M Todaro, about whom I’ve written before, has doggedly pursued this corruption through the entire Covid-19 panic, and it is largely through his efforts that this scandal has been exposed. Quoting from an article he just published:

    Misinformation is bad. Misinformation in medicine is worse. Misinformation from a prestigious medical journal is the worst. Herein is a detailed look at the controversial Lancet study that resulted in the World Health Organization ending worldwide clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine in order to focus on patented therapeutics.

    In brief, the Lancet study is a multinational registry analysis assessing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without macrolide therapy (e.g. azithromycin) in treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients. The study was very large (perhaps impossibly so, but we will address that later) and included 96,032 patients, of which 14,888 were in treatment groups. The study found that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine with or without macrolide therapy resulted in significantly increased risk of both in-hospital mortality and de-novo ventricular arrhythmia during hospitalization. In summary, the authors concluded that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are actually harmful and increase risk of death when used for in-hospital treatment of COVID-19.

    The Lancet study was released on Friday, May 22. After deliberating over a weekend, on Monday, May 25, the World Health Organization hastily announced the cessation of all COVID-19 clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine in 17 different countries. Instead of performing its own due diligence, the WHO immediately relied on an observational study cloaked in the reputation of the nearly 200-year old medical journal The Lancet.

    After its publication, a grass-roots investigation by hundreds of physicians and researchers worldwide revealed irreconcilable inconsistencies in the data that The Lancet’s peer-review process overlooked. The study is now found to have inconsistencies with data from national registries of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The authors continue to hide data sources in a black box controlled by an unknown corporation called Surgisphere.

    (I urge you to read the full article here.)

    Also, did you know that in the United States about 250,000 people die every month, many of those naturally occurring?

    As more and more places open up around the globe, Covid-19 cases continue to fall. Team Apocalypse will not, however, let it go so easily.

    Dr. Wooten has, in short, endorsed models utterly inaccurate. Accordingly, her assertions are a statistical impossibility with what we currently know about the disease — especially given that they’re aren’t enough people in San Diego for her projections.

    In the way of all elitists who believe they are better suited than we ourselves are to determine how best to live our lives, you can now expect plenty more of their ridiculous pyrrhic celebrations. There will also be more vain cheering in the halls of power, and no apology whatsoever for the unspeakable destruction they unleashed and then cheered on. “I’m the government,” you will be told, “and I helped.”

    In other elitist news, corrupt Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine announced along with the governor that they won’t allow (please note that word) Pennsylvania to reopen, nor will they allow people to gather — and then the governor, who said businesses which “disobey are cowards,” proceeded to march in protest. They actually have the nerve to attempt legitimizing limitless protests in the street while simultaneously standing by the draconian, non-evidence-based restrictions:

    This, for example, is not an illegal protest against governmental force and the unconstitutional wiping-out of millions upon millions upon millions of livelihoods overnight, but rather a legal protest against excessive force.

    In answer to your next question, no, they were not all wearing masks, nor practicing “safe social-distancing,” but it was legal, nonetheless.

    Why so?

    Because government bureaucrats said so, of course, and individuals, as you know, do not exist by right but only by permission.

    For his independence of thought and his factual, statistical analysis, Leonydus Johnson, with whom I don’t always agree but whom I admire a great deal, has gotten a lot of heat and hatred from the cult-of-liberal-conformity:


    2017 FBI UCR

    2018 FBI UCR

    2017 Police Shootings

    2018 Police Shootings

    Injustice should always be pitilessly condemned and brought to light — injustice of all and every kind, no matter the backlash from whatever tribe, clique, or cult — and the following is a good article:

    Click the pic to read the article.

    Neither is racism or slavery, throughout all of human history, confined to any one country — and yet the countries who still, in the 21 century practice slavery, get a pass.


    And why is the only true and universal inoculation against any and all forms of slavery rejected — by both the left and right?

    The following is a tiny glimpse of mob mentality at its most nihilistic: the mentality of the cult. This is what happens when the rational faculty is not recognized as the defining characteristic of all individual human beings.

    This is what happens when non-definitional characteristics of individual human beings — regardless of their race, sex, sexual-orientation, color, class, creed, gender, brawn, beauty, or any thing else — are held to have primacy over the individual human brain.

    These people were killed by rioters protesting police brutality:

    This man (who happens to be black) was lynched for protecting his store from looters:

    This woman, who happens to be black and a business-owner, had her place of business destroyed by Black Lives Matter drones. She has something to say.

    Racism, as I’ve discussed so many times before, does not only “work against people who are already oppressed” — as one writer recently described it.


    Because oppression is not the defining characteristic of racism.

    Racism, the most barbaric form of tribalism, is the belief that each human intellect and each individual’s moral worth and character are determined by genetic lineage and biochemistry.

    Tribalism, collectivism, the cultic — whatever you wish to term it — is the subordination of the individual to the tribe or group. On a smaller scale, it is the subjugation of the individual to the cult, clique, community, gang, et cetera, with which one associates.

    Tribalism in any of its variations and manifestations is the antithesis of individuality.

    No matter its specific form and no matter the levels of equivocation or rationalization involved, all doctrines of racism hold to the conviction that, in some significant measure, humans are to be evaluated not on the basis of their actions which stem from their reasoning brains — an act of choice — but by the unchosen biochemistry of one’s ancestry and pedigree.

    Racism is in this way another form of determinism: humans are determined not by their brains which shape their actions but by their blood, over which humans have no ultimate choice or control.

    As such, racism purports that the thoughts and ideas which make up each individual mind are not chosen but merely inherited, and all values and character-traits are thus determined by biochemical-physical factors beyond any individual’s control.

    Racism seeks to nullify that human attribute which is our defining characteristic: the faculty of reason and choice — which is to say, the rational faculty.

    In the latest (quasi) arguments and iterations, you’ll often hear that there is no such thing as reverse racism because “only privileged white people can be racist.”

    This is disastrously, dangerously wrongheaded.

    It seeks to correct injustice with more injustice.

    This will not work. It cannot work. It is a mathematical certainty that it cannot work. It will, in the end, breed — as indeed it has bred — more and ever more racism and racial conflict.

    That is the only possible outcome of such a philosophy.

    It’s also why today, leaders of the free world can say explicitly racist things — “My grandmother was a typical white person” (Barack Obama, 2008) — and most won’t even recognize it as racism.

    Something else you should know — something closely related with the subject of reverse racism as it’s now come to be understood:

    Except for the very poorest people in the world, everyone is “privileged.” That’s what this non-word — “privilege” — has come to mean.

    It is an attempt to negate human health, wealth, and well-being.

    If, therefore, you’ve bought into academia and its jargon, this is what you’ve bought into: nobody, not even the poor, deserves the fruits of her ideas nor the wealth, however small or large, earned through her effort and work. It is all a “privilege” — and do you know why?

    Answer: because there are people in the world who do not have the “privileges” you have.

    You will never, of course, hear any mention whatsoever about government privilege — in much the same way that you will never hear categorical condemnation of the government regimes, so often marxist, that keep the poorest of the world in their continual state of grinding poverty.

    Nor will you ever hear discussion of where real wealth derives, which is the essence of the entire subject of so-called privilege.

    The absolute fact of the matter is this: any individual — no matter that individual’s race or skin color — can be racist.

    Every human, no matter the genetic lineage, can act in a racist manner.

    I’ve known Native American racists. I’ve known Mexican racists. I’ve known Asian racists. I’ve known black racists. I’ve known Jewish racists. I’ve known Middle-Eastern racists. I’ve known Scandinavian racists. I’ve know white-trash racists. I’ve known mixed-breed racists. Et alia.

    Racism is a very specific thing, and even in spite of all the torturous equivocations and the postmodern vocabulary twisting — that specific thing is basic and simple to understand:

    Racism is the belief that human virtue is determined not by choice but by race. Racism is the view that human character is determined by genetic bloodline.

    But neither character nor virtue are in actuality so determined: virtue and character, rather, are chosen. By definition, they are chosen. Anything outside the realm of choice is outside the realm of virtue: neither virtuous or non-virtuous, neither moral nor immoral but amoral — as animals precisely for this reason are amoral.

    Racism is as commonplace as it is cliche. It is as banal as it is dangerously stupid — and stupidly boorish — and, as you also know, there is no sin except stupidity.

    To claim that only “institutionalized white people” can be racist is foolish and embarrassing. It is to commit an error of staggering yet elementary proportions. It is also to perpetuate more racism. Indeed, it is a kind of racism.

    Which is precisely why and the way in which racism is being perpetrated today, and will continue to be perpetrated — largely by academic-and-political elites — until the entire deadly doctrine of determinism is extirpated once and for all.

    In the realm of human virtue — which is to say, human action — only that which is chosen is relevant. In this realm — the moral realm — race is meaningless because race is unchosen.

    The human faculty of volition — of mind and morality — exists in all human-beings, regardless of skin color or race or, for that matter, sex or gender. And no matter how furiously people wish this weren’t so — and no matter how many wish it weren’t so — this human faculty is not nor ever will be replaced by biochemical predestination.

    To try to do so will only sow greater strife and disrupt the natural goodwill and the sisterhood and brotherhood which exists among human-beings, no matter their race or biochemical pedigree.

    Because the individual human mind with the choice to think is the root of all things good and and beautiful and true.

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