Unavoidable Collateral Damage
  • By “unavoidable” I of course mean “totally and absolutely avoidable.”

    The following is another great tragedy in the great Wuhan virus mass hysteria — perhaps the greatest tragedy of them all (and that is saying a hell of a lot) — and not a single person has ever answered or addressed the following point.

    From the very beginning, I’ve asked it repeatedly of people, many, many experts included, in person and in print, and not one person — not one — has ever even responded, let alone offered any sort of cogent case.

    And yet it remains a fact that anyone among lockdown advocates and catastrophists — anyone, in short, who purports to be concerned with human life and human well-being — she or he must address this fact, and I demand an answer to this atrocity at last. It is an atrocity in which all catastrophists, the wide world over, on any side of the so-called aisle are complicit, and for this one reason alone, all catastrophists and lockdown advocates must address it:

    How do you justify this much innocent death and destruction across the world for months and months and months, when excellent and effective treatments have been around from the beginning, many, many good doctors successfully using these treatments and saving lives with them, and which treatments have been willfully suppressed, and the lockdown measures imposed in place of these good, safe, inexpensive early-treatment protocols have resulted in the following destruction? How?

    How, from the comfort of first-world luxury, do you defend your complicity in this unspeakable, avoidable tragedy and spectacle of death?


    Answer me now, please.

    These are beautiful innocent individual children.

    These are individual human beings.

    Your catastrophic response to this virus has killed and harmed far more human lives than the virus ever could — especially had the noble profession of medicine not become thoroughly bureaucratized and throughly corrupted by corrupt politicians and their equally corrupt media lapdogs.

    You have totally forgotten these individual human lives in this fabricated mass-hysteria, and now I am demanding you answer my question:

    How do you justify this abomination of senseless unnecessary death and destruction?

    It is pitched past the pitch of the most outlandish, nightmarish, twisted dystopia imaginable.

    This madness must stop.

    It must.

    It is indefensible.

    Do you know why I’ve never received so much as the whisper of a response or answer to my repeated questions about this crime?

    Because no good answer or response to it exists.

    You may quote me on that.

    As Dr. Martin Kulldorff, epidemiologist at Harvard University, recently put it, in response to more preposterous socialist propaganda coming from, as you would suspect, Jacobin magazine:

    And in case anybody is keeping score — and I am — Sweden with its more laissez-faire approach won by a landslide:

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