• I am of course very aware of the intricacies and problems involved the VAERS system. I am aware also that correlation does not imply causation, as I am aware, as well, that correlation does, however, often suggest causation. I am also aware that the CDC is absolutely going out of its way now to define into oblivion vaccine safety reporting and doing so with appalling equivocation and mathematical jargon. For this reason alone — and there are others — I believe the following data is worth knowing about.

    I’d like for you to consider this data in the context of the following headline, from yesterday’s New York Times (August 16th, 2021):

    What this means, in no uncertain terms, is that hundreds of millions of people were injected with a Gene Transfer vaccine for which no long-term safety studies were conducted, and that countless thousands and thousands were killed or injured — many permanently injured — by this Gene Transfer vaccine, which has simultaneously driven these emerging variants by selecting for them, in a way similar to the way in which antibiotics drive antibiotic resistance, and for … what?

    To take us back where it all began?

    Yes, precisely.

    Please note also and please don’t ever forget: the early treatment protocols adopted by so many good doctors all across the world and demonstrated over and over to be extremely effective in treating people with the Wuhan virus, have been deliberately suppressed by governments and bureaucracies across the world — in favor of these largely experimental Gene Transfer vaccines, whose long-term side-effects aren’t fully known.

    Do you know what I think that’s like?

    I think it’s like a sick fucking joke.

    “Nobody ever — of all-time — in my entire career has, prior to Covid, said that early treatment is worthless. How could early treatment be worthless!? And yet the NIH has come out and said exactly that.”

    — Dr. Richard Urso, MD, August 5th, 2021

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