Would You Like To Know What’s Really Happening?
  • Anybody who tells you that anyone knows the longterm consequences or side-effects of these Gene Transfer injections is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    This, for the people who think I’ve been exaggerating in my repeated and frantic insistence that these Gene Transfer platforms were not tested for even a fraction of the amount of time required to have any idea of longterm consequences and side-effects, is a real and recent headline.

    Would you like to know what’s really happening?

    I’d like to tell you, and I’m going to tell you, and the reason I’m going to tell you what I’m about to tell you is in effort to disrupt the unadulterated dogma which has led to this point in history, this worldwide stark-raving-madness.

    An explicit statement of what’s actually happening and what’s actually for some time been happening — crazy, far-fetched, implausibly surreal and perhaps even impossibly unreal as it all sounds — will, I do sincerely believe, because of the inherent truth of it, provide a different angle and perhaps a more clarifying perspective from which to regard all the stark-raving-madness of these last eighteen lockdown-covid months.

    What’s really happening is that we’re in a war of bioterrorism — not only America but the entire world.

    I’m not talking about a metaphorical war.

    And I’m not talking about a symbolic war or a cold war or a kind of war.

    I’m talking about an actual war conducted with weapons of bioterrorism and psychological manipulation.

    This war is what’s been happening for the last year-and-a-half, and it is still happening.

    A great many governments and countries around the world have been infiltrated from within, and that’s why from the beginning, right after the original Wuhan leak, this war has been largely conducted from the inside out.

    One of the first things to know about this particular war is that the massive bureaucracy called the World Health Organization (WHO) is an instrumental fomenter and aggressor, and the WHO has been so from the outset.

    The WHO is under the thumb of the CCP, which is also known as communist China, and this Chinese dominance of WHO took hold and gained a great deal of momentum when a physician named Margaret Chan Fung Fu-Chun, a devoted and life-long communist, who also botched the 2004 SARS outbreak, won the contest for General Directorship of WHO.

    Margaret Chan Fung Fu-Chun was in charge of WHO from 2006 to 2017.

    I’ll interrupt myself very briefly here to say this:

    If what I’m proposing already strikes you as in any way too conspiratorial or over-the-top to ever be true, I respectfully ask that you think back and reflect upon all that’s happened these past eighteen months — the unprecedented governmental takeover and the wholesale destruction of millions and millions and millions of small businesses and livelihoods across the entire world, the obliteration of the finances of countless individual human-beings and their life-savings for which these individual humans, like their friends and family members, worked so hard and so long, and remember also as you reflect upon this that the original Wuhan virus, which has been extinct for close to a year and which has been replaced by many variants selected for by the genetic injections masquerading as vaccines, remember also, I repeat, that this virus, including (so far) all the variants that the genetic injections have selected out, kills at most even when left totally untreated 0.5 percent of a very specific demographic, and that that demographic would be reduced to virtually nothing were it not for the deliberate suppression of numerous early-treatment protocols, like monoclonal antibody treatment, which the corrupt bureaucrat Anthony Fauci admitted, on August 23 of this year (2021) and I quote his exact words: “[Monoclonal antibody treatment] is 85 percent effective in preventing death and hospitalization from Covid-19.”

    Close quote.

    I politely insist that you reflect upon this fact, as well as this one:

    And this one:

    Did you know also that shortly after the first lockdowns, in late March of 2020, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine — a laboratory in Tai Pei which had for decades been making Hydroxychloroquine — mysteriously and suddenly burned to the ground? Yes. It happened, not coincidentally, right around the same time that the once-prestigious British medical journal The Lancet was caught in the largest act of medical fraud in all human history. The subject of The Lancet’s fraud: Hydroxychloroquine. After the damage was already done, The Lancet publicly admitted its fraud, and in so doing it instantaneously destroyed itself, losing overnight a century’s worth of scientific credibility, so that now The Lancet is accurately viewed by the world as exactly what it is: a worthless piece of propaganda, which can easily be bought and sold, without any trace of scientific integrity or concern for truth. I wrote about The Lancet scandal here.

    Ask yourself why life-saving medical treatments — plural — were not only not officially announced but deliberately suppressed.

    Ask yourself why there’s not been a single press-briefing about vaccine safety — the standard-protocol with any and all vaccines — for what’s been the largest and most lethal vaccine rollout in human history.

    Ask yourself why none of the other effective and numerous early-treatment protocols, with which countless excellent doctors, who took their Hippocratic oath seriously, have for a year-and-a-half been saving lives, all across the world — ask yourself, reader, why governments and governmental agencies have expended so much time and energy to suppress these safe, inexpensive, life-saving, early-treatment protocols.


    In its elaboration, the answers to those questions — apart from everything else you’ll read below — divulges everything.

    Quoting PubMed, which is a publication from America’s National Institute of Health (or NIH):

    Margaret Chan Fung Fu-Chun, former Director of Health of the Hong Kong government, was criticized for her unsatisfactory performance in handling the SARS outbreak. But three years later, she was celebrated for her success in the contest for the WHO director-generalship. How was she transformed from an incompetent official into an “honor winner” for China and Hong Kong? In what context was this made possible? How was the collective memory about Chan recalled and reconstructed? This article tackles these questions by reviewing relevant reportage and commentary in major local (Hong Kong), national (China), and international media. It maps the political context of the media discourse and explores the construction of a collective past to foster national cohesion in postcolonial Hong Kong. (Source)

    I also recommend the following article, which details one of the more recent acts of corruption within WHO:

    BLOWING A WHISTLE AT THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION — LESSONS FOR ITALY AND BEYOND: Francesco Zambon suffered retaliation for reporting wrongdoing at the WHO; now there’s a civil society coalition behind him

    I can absolutely assure you that I know as well or better than anyone how cloak-and-dagger — how hard-to-believe this all sounds.

    I invite you to listen to this interview with Astrid Stuckelburger.

    Astrid Stuckelburger is a PhD and a former ethics researcher at the WHO.

    Speed up the video, if you like, and watch it in double-time, but I ask you to please give her a fair listen.

    I’ve done an extraordinarily large amount of research on this subject and on a great many of these people — I can’t even tell you how much — and I’ve even interviewed some of them, and while I do not agree with every aspect of Astrid Stuckelburger’s belief system, I do also know from a great deal of corroborating evidence and testimony, as well as from her data and her consistency, that Astrid Stuckelburger is real and she’s speaking from her heart and for the sake of exposing crimes against humanity. She has done this at tremendous risk to herself, her family, her friends, her loved ones.

    One must not take lightly either the fact that  reputable and brilliant scientists and doctors have signed sworn affidavits alleging genocide and bioterror crimes against humanity.

    When a Nobel-Prize-winning virologist signs a sworn affidavit alleging genocide and bioterrorism, the world should, in my opinion, at the very minimum stand up and take notice.

    When an impeccably credentialed immuno-response chemist, Dr. Ann-Marie Yim, warns the world that these Gene Therapy platforms “are not vaccines: they are genetic injections,” the world should at minimum stand up and take notice.

    When for the first time in world history hundreds of millions of individual human beings, all races, all colors, all sexes, all genders, are injected with an experimental genetic material that’s never been fully tested for longterm safety measures — and when among these hundreds of millions are pregnant women and children, neither of which demographic was involved in any of the preliminary two-month clinical safety trials — the world should most definitely stand up and take notice.

    This, you may be sure, was no oversight.

    This was calculated and very deliberate, and one of the many ways to validate this is by observing, first of all, that it is still going on. And, second of all, after the admitted harm and death caused by this experimental genetic injection — the most lethal and destructive “vaccine” rollout in all of human history — it is still, even after all this, being pushed for and being advertised by almost all major mainstream media outlets.

    When, in addition to this, virtually all major mainstream media outlets have on their platforms shut-off open inquiry and the questioning of these genetic injections, the entire world should at minimum stand up and take notice.

    It’s very difficult to fully convey to people who were born and raised in basically free societies how much a part of daily life propaganda is under any authoritarian regime.

    This is especially true in the case of communistic regimes.

    Under such regimes, propaganda is as much a part of governmental and also civilian life as, for example, in the free world books are a part of our lives. It’s just something that’s always there, everywhere — something taken-for-granted.

    In fact, “propaganda” is too light of a word for it. Yet the roots of the word “propaganda” — i.e. to propagate — do indeed capture something of its essence.

    Propaganda is indoctrination.

    Propaganda is the mass dissemination of faulty information, almost always ideological, the ultimate purpose of which is the inculcation of minds.

    This is why the erosion of independent thinking and the withering of the critical sense is always among the greatest threats to free and healthy societies.

    Independent thought and the exercise of the critical faculty are supreme virtues.

    This is also why tyrants and despots when they gain dominance and power seize first and foremost total control of all information-platforms and information-flows: because despots and tyrants know that the free flow of information and knowledge is the greatest threat to their regimes of force.

    The concerted and persistent shutdown of open inquiry, in any form and by any method, is a foolproof way of gauging who is politically wrong and corrupt. The shutdown of open inquiry is wrong.

    Good and healthy leadership doesn’t shutdown open inquiry: it doesn’t need to. There is nothing to fear in the act of open inquiry and the act of thought.

    Humans are by right free to inquire openly.

    Humans are by right free to inquire openly.

    Authoritarianism requires obedience.

    Dissidents are for this reason a dangerous threat to all authoritarians and to authoritarianism.

    A full commitment to independent thinking and to the paramount virtue of the critical faculty — which is the exercise of the human faculty of reason — is impervious to propaganda. Propaganda cannot penetrate it or defeat it.

    Truth is the accurate recognition of reality.

    Propaganda hides and obfuscates the truth. Propaganda does so specifically by seizing control of information-platforms and information-flows.

    What the world has experienced the past eighteen months is a concerted and all-out propaganda campaign, conducted planet-wide, the aim and goal of which was and is to propagate a specific politico-economic-ethical ideology across the globe.

    Its most fundamental weapon — even more fundamental than the virus or the vaccine — is fear: it is specifically the act of terrorizing the public with fear.

    I believe and am prepared to demonstrate that eugenics and population control are a large part of this war — one of its primary goals — just as eugenics have always been a part of communist China, and just as eugenics have long been in-vogue among elites in the first-world.

    This is one reason that minority communities in America right now are beautifully and unshakably standing largely opposed to Gene Transfer Therapy and all proposed Gene Transfer vaccine mandates: many, many, many people understand that an experimental genetic injection is in its full elaboration an act of racial discrimination and segregation: another mutation of racism and state-force playing out all over again.

    In America, any mandating of Gene Transfer injections will necessarily discriminate against the vast majority of minorities because the vast majority of these minority groups have not been vaccinated and do not ever want to be.

    This, in turn, is why minority groups of all backgrounds are standing up and heroically, brilliantly, powerfully fighting against this war of bioterrorism that’s being conducted from the inside out upon its own citizenry.

    Black people in particular were the subjects of bioterrorism in different wars conducted from the inside out — the Tuskegee experiment, for example, which lasted decades and which did not end until 1970. Even more recently, there was this one, which 2012 whistleblower William Thompson revealed (and I quote): “We lied. We shredded all the documents and we lied.”

    Do you know what the CDC did in response to this admission?

    They did the following:

    “CDC Blocks Testimony of Vaccine Whistleblower”

    Please click the link and read through that. It was written by Robert Kennedy Jr.

    I ask also that you please be under absolutely no illusions or misimpressions that our own governments — wherever in the world one lives — as well as the bureaus and all the bureaucrats and politicians inside these governments, please, reader, be under absolutely no illusions or misimpressions that these agencies aren’t capable of the most reprehensible, criminal, evil acts of war upon their own people.

    They are and they do, and human history, right up to the present, is sickeningly glutted with examples.

    Bureaucratic corruption at the highest levels — government corruption, colossal and incessant propaganda-campaigns, and acts of bioterrorism — this is what you’ve been living through for the past eighteen months, and so have I.

    This is also why you’ve watched the most prestigious, scrupulous, venerable publications and medical-journals in the world commit jaw-dropping, outright, proven acts of fraud and medical malfeasance.

    This is why as a direct and demonstrable result of that fraud and malfeasance, untold thousands and thousands and thousands of people have died.

    It is why in the last ten days alone, you’ve watched another explicit act of medical malfeasance and suppression — an act in which virtually all major mainstream media outlets were and are complicit, and for which a few of these mainstream media outlets have been publicly lambasted and as a result of this lambasting have issued formal “corrections,” albeit half-assed and equivocal corrections, a la Rolling Stone, which evidently learned nothing from being successfully sued for big money over their totally fraudulent and fabricated Duke University lacrosse hoax, as well as propagandist Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, under very serious fire right now for their most recent lies, which went too far even for a number of her fans.

    I do actually understand how this all comes across: almost too science-fictional — too dystopic — to be real.

    It doesn’t matter.

    The truth is, it’s not a theory.

    It’s what is actually happening.

    The crazy implausibility of all this — that we’ve been attacked and are in a war of bioterrorism — this is among the biggest advantages that the aggressors have working in their favor: because they know that such subterfuge will not be easily believed and that it can even more easily be mocked and ridiculed.

    I don’t expect or ask readers to take me upon faith or believe me blindly. That’s not what I want.

    I want only to introduce the idea to readers, so that readers might perhaps start thinking about the last eighteen months of stark-raving lucency from a different perspective, and so I’ll say it again:

    We’re in the middle of a war.

    It’s not a metaphorical war.

    It’s not a symbolic war.

    It’s an actual war of bioterrorism.

    It’s a war in which the deepest parts of the American government, like many other governments and bureaus across the world, have been infiltrated.

    This is why very recently in North Carolina, for example, the age of consent for vaccination suddenly, via a brand-new law just passed, dropped to age twelve. If this law stands, which it sure as hell should not, it means that parents will no longer have any say or part in the decision-making process over whether their twelve-year-old children get vaccinated with an experimental genetic injection that’s never been tested for full longterm safety measures.

    This bioterror war is also why in Toronto parents were physically kept at bay by authorities when medical personnel injected the children of these parents with an experimental Gene Transfer material.

    This is why there’s a rapid move across the planet to mass vaccinate, over and over, before more of the truth about these Gene Transfer platforms comes higher into the light.


    I reiterate: I do not ask or expect anyone to take what I’m saying here upon faith. Neither do I ask or expect anyone to just believe me.

    I ask only that you consider it hypothetically, for a moment, through the lens of what such a war of bioterror might look like and how it might play out in the present day.

    Ask yourself: what if, hypothetically, such a war were raging right now?

    A major strategical component of this war might be psychological manipulation first and, second, the physical injection, into living human bodies, a biologically active agent containing an experimental Gene Transfer material — and I do mean in that order: phase one and phase two.

    I regard COVID-19 and the vaccine as a litmus-test — a litmus-test for how individual human beings across the globe respond to this latest version and the latest rise of tyranny and despotism.

    How did you do?

    How many parents will actually stand-by and allow government officials to inject their children with an experimental genetic material?

    How many people will allow themselves to be injected with more “boosters” of this same experimental genetic material?

    How many people will believe, months and even years into the future, that Covid-19 and the governmental response to it was as we’ve all been told?

    How many people will continue to support experimental genetic injections for a virus which when left untreated kills only about 0.5 percent of a very specific demographic, and which is safely, inexpensively, and successfully treated with early-treatment protocols that have been deliberately suppressed and which, were these early-treatment protocols not deliberately suppressed, would have saved many thousands if not millions of lives; that this virus, when treated properly by medical personnel exchanging ideas and knowledge in the full spirit of open inquiry and doing no harm, was and is, with safe and inexpensive treatment, less lethal than the regular seasonal flu?

    One final thing I want readers to know:

    My thesis here is not mine only — not even close — and this is not merely unfounded, ungrounded speculation.

    There is and for over a year has been a very real and very strong underground counterforce in this bioterror war — people who have been aware of it from nearly the beginning and who have quietly organized.

    I’m speaking seriously and literally.

    This counterforce doesn’t consist of politicians or military personnel — at least, not primarily — but is made up mostly of scientists and medical professionals, who understood early-on what was happening: that this is a real act of bioterrorism and war: an act begun with a genetically engineered virus, which predominantly killed the elderly (often, as in the case of New York, with appalling acts of crime committed by inept politicians and covered up for a long time by a complicit media), and then, in the second phase, carried out with an untested weapon: experimental Gene Transfer injections, which target most importantly pregnant women and children and the reproductive organs in both male and female human beings.

    That is my paraphrase, but those actually aren’t my words. They were spoken to me.

    This counterforce of doctors and scientists is strong and smart, and it is growing, and on many fronts it’s winning. This is another reason you’re seeing such an all-out and wild and even sloppy push for more state controls and more injections, faster, as well as even more outlandish misinformation in the daily propaganda hit-pieces.

    Many among the scientists and doctors who’ve mobilized against these act of bioterror have also now, in the last week, taken the offensive — partly because they’ve won several smaller victories. The propaganda has in many ways gone too far (see the photo directly below), and because of the fact that it’s gone so far, not all of it has been well-received, even among those aligned with the lockdown-and-inject cause.

    The following headline represents a major component of communist ideology — most famously and emphatically propounded by Trotsky, though all communistic ideologies that I know of advocate for children to be regarded as “wards of the state,” part of the “organic whole,” as distinguished from individual human beings who have parents and families. Or, to put that more precisely, according to mainstream communistic ideology, the state is the family. (I semi-recently discussed one of the most blood-soaked and horrific examples of how this ideology once actually played out in real life):

    In addition to all this, the fact that a Gene Transfer platform — a genetic injection — has been administered to hundreds of millions of people before that Gene Transfer platform was ever fully tested for longterm safety measures and yet which is now being seriously proposed, all across the planet, as obligatory — this is too terrifyingly outlandish for even some of the most devotedly aligned.

    A great many people have been killed and injured by this experimental vaccine.

    That, too, is something which no government agency or bureau is seriously and openly discussing with us.

    Why so much deception and hiding of data?


    If there remains any question about these adverse vaccine “events,” watch and listen to the good lady doctor — an obstetrician — in the short first video down below. Also, never forget this:

    The scientists and doctors who, for over a year, have been quietly and brilliantly fighting this bioterror war are heroes, and it is my sincere conviction that through their efforts, the hydra-like enemy in this war of terror and psychological manipulation will be overthrown.

    The more people who begin to understand explicitly what’s happening all around us, the more disadvantaged will grow the perpetrators of bioterrorism: because their greatest advantage so far has been that many people have not the slightest idea or suspicion.

    The following email is a photo of a missive Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla wrote,  his 2020 “Earnings Call.” Here’s the highlight of it:

    “The dynamics in the Covid more and more indicate a potential that we will have a clearly repeated business… the people that have the disease… after several months, the immune response goes down. So there is a need to boost.”

    Click the pic to see it in full.


    The following is the most heartening thing I’ve seen all day. And it’s absolutely true — the headline is true: These acts of outright bioterrorism and psychological manipulation can and should and I believe will unite us all as human beings — because we’ve all been targeted and terrorized:

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