“Please be critical and do your own research and don’t let the media or politicians manipulate you” — Dr. Anne Fierlafijn, MD, Belgium
  • It is an inexpressibly tragic time when humans are slandered and reviled for speaking out because they have loved ones who’ve been badly harmed by an experimental genetic injection — an injection rushed through at “warp speed” in order to combat a bioengineered coronavirus which, when treated with safe, inexpensive, effective early-treatment protocols that governments across the globe have deliberately suppressed, is less lethal than the seasonal flu; an injection never fully tested for longterm safety.

    It is a tragic time of indescribable proportions when the people who’ve been injured by these experimental genetic injections are told by doctors and scientists that these same people who’ve been injured have actually not been injured by these experimental genetic injections — that the injured ones are imagining it all, and the reason the doctors and scientists know this for a fact is quite simple: these experimental genetic injections, which were tested for all of two months before being injected into hundreds of millions of human beings, do not cause harm or death. It is, in my opinion, even more tragic when the revilers and the slanderers, who know nothing about your loved ones or you, tell those who’ve been injured by these experimental genetic injections, which didn’t exist one year ago, to “just leave science to the scientists.”

    This translates to: “Keep your mouth shut, and don’t even try to think for yourself. You’re not an authority; therefore you have no brain. Simply listen and obey.”

    The tragedy of this is beyond the scope of my vocabulary.

    The popular logical fallacy being used in the attempt to gaslight here is known as argumentum ad verecundiam.

    Argumentum ad verecundiam is the argument from authority.

    The fallacy of the argument from authority is the political leader or the religious leader telling you that you must not think for yourself but must rather accept the decrees laid down by those in positions of authority. This implies, of course, by logical elaboration, that the authorities can never be wrong to the extent that a non-authority can grasp reality better than these authorities.

    This ideology when followed through to its conclusion is monstrous and criminal.

    It is also flatly, provably false.

    Your brain and the critical faculty your brain contains are, no matter how vehemently the gaslighters seek to convince you otherwise, every bit as powerful as any “authority” or so-called authority.

    Humans have at their disposal only one fundamental method and means for determining truth from falsehood, accurate from inaccurate, and that method and means is not exclusive to any one particular group or profession, no matter how “authoritative” they are, no matter how authoritative they would have anyone believe. It is universal among all human beings, no matter the race, sex, gender, sexual-orientation, color, class, or creed. It is the human faculty of reason, which is the critical faculty.

    In fact, your critical faculty is far more powerful than any “authority” who’s under the spell and destructive force of dogma — any dogma.

    Dogma is the antithesis of reason.

    Dogma loathes open inquiry.

    By defnintion — by virtue of what it is — all dogma loathes open inquiry.

    An infallible hallmark of truth is that it represents reality accurately, and an infallible hallmark of goodness is in the encouragement of open inquiry, such as what you see in the words of the good doctor whom I quoted in the title of this article. That doctrine is the doctrine of a sound and healthy human epistemology.

    Anyone who tries to shut-off open inquiry — for any reason — is in the wrong. Every time. It is a giveaway. It is an axiom. It is a corrupt and adversary epistemology being propounded.

    Truth is untroubled in defending itself.

    A lie always resents questioning.

    Dogma resents questioning.

    Healthy inquiry and healthy thought is actively encouraged by people who are rational — like the good doctor quoted in my title — as good teachers encourage open inquiry and active thought in children.

    Dogma is the diametric opposite of this. Dogma actively seeks to shut down this entire process: the process of human apprehension and learning.

    Maybe if the slanderers themselves had loved ones harmed by these experimental genetic injections and maybe if they’d heard with their own ears the outrageous lies told by the authorities to these injured loved ones, they might better understand.

    Perhaps if they had an inkling that science is grounded in something much more fundamental — something which most scientists, like most non-scientists, have no awareness of whatsoever, let alone any sort of grasp on — they would better understand.

    But I’m not overly optimistic about this.

    This is how dangerously powerful dogma is.

    You will never past a certain point overcome dogma.

    The only hope is to show people the facts of reality before the dogma has fully solidified.

    Once it’s hardened, you will not only not be able to reason or ratiocinate with the person in whom dogma has solidified: you will be targeted and harassed by these dogmatic true-believers.

    The following doctors and scientists know this — they are thinking humans, with active, vigorous, reasoning minds — and that’s why for nearly a full year they’ve been screaming about it at the top of their lungs:

    Gene Transfer platforms are harming children in sickening numbers.

    The entire world should be up in arms about this right now.

    Children do not get sick and die from the Wuhan virus.

    Well over a year ago, the fascinating DECODE study in Iceland used viral sequencing to determine SARS-CoV-2 transmission patterns, even within families. An investigator in the study said in an interview that “children under 10 are far less likely to get infected than adults and even if they get infected, they are less likely to get seriously ill. What is interesting is that even if children do get infected, they appear not to transmit the disease to others. We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.” (My emphasis.)

    Sweden never closed its schools and had not a single child die from the Wuhan virus. Not one.

    Yet I — I — am the one reviled and my family is harassed because I care deeply about each and every individual child’s life?


    It has come to this.

    It is inexpressibly tragic when such a moment in history happens, as it is happening right now.

    The dogmatists will at this point stop at nothing to defend whichever side of the political spectrum they place themselves upon. Nothing.

    There is an unspeakable crime taking place before our very eyes, and those who are up in arms over this crime against children are not — no matter what you’re told by any equivocator or slanderer — the cruel, pitiless, heartless ones. We are the opposite.

    I’ve fought all my adult life for the inviolate sanctity and sovereignty of each and every individual human being, regardless of race, gender, sex, sexual-orientation, color, class, creed, or any other non-definition human characteristic, and my record is absolutely unequivocal on this point, and I have done so because I know its absolute sanctity and I believe in it  with every part of my heart and soul. I will continue to do so, and I will make no apologies to anyone for not blindly accepting any dogmatic assertions made by any bureaucrat, politician, or any other dogmatist, secular or non, as I will make no apologies either for categorically condemning and fighting against the utter madness and immorality of this spectacle of human experimentation taking place before us. And for what? For what is this ghastly global act of human experimentation being done?

    For a bioengineered virus which is safely, effectively, inexpensively, easily treated with any number of different early-treatment protocols, which governments all across the world are deliberately suppressing so that humans will be injected repeatedly with an experimental biologically active genetic material.

    This is a screenshot of the raw data from the Medicare servers:

    Raw data, I repeat.

    It represents known deaths — as distinguished from suspected deaths and as distinguished from harm or injury.

    In addition to this raw data, lawyers also now have the algorithm used to analyze the raw data — and what’s emerging from that raw data is appalling:

    If you or a loved one dies or is injured within 14 days of being “vaccinated,” this is not considered vaccinated.

    Never in history has this been the case — until these past nine months.

    It doesn’t matter how many injections you’ve had: if you die or are injured within 14 days of being “vaccinated,” you’re not considered vaccinated.

    Eighty percent of “vaccine” death occur within 48 hours.

    Please take a moment and consider that.

    Also consider the fact that, for precisely this reason as well, thousands and thousands and thousands of people in hospitals right now are listed as “unvaccinated,” despite having had two and even three injections. Thus if any of those humans die, they’re listed as “unvaccinated” Covid deaths.

    The CDC officially announced yesterday that Gene Transfer injections cannot prevent transmission:

    Gene Transfer does not limit transmission.

    Gene Transfer also does not confer immunity: it only purportedly reduces symptoms somewhat, yet fully “vaccinated” people can and are dying:

    750,000 VAERS injuries reported, 16,000 deaths (and, incidentally, it is a federal offense to falsify a VAERS report).

    Gene Transfer was created by known criminal companies who are not liable for injury or death.

    Yet it is me and others like me who are the heartless ones, because we care what these genetic injections are doing to people and will do to people, and because we’re outraged over the deliberate global suppression of effective early-treatment protocols for a bioengineered virus funded with American taxpayer money, and because we’re outraged at this global campaign of psychological manipulation and terror. For our outrage at being manipulated, terrorized, and lied to and for our simultaneous concern about the horrifying swaths of death and harm, created both by deliberate suppression of safe, effective treatments and also an untested genetic injections, we are the heartless, soulless, pitiless ones.

    Up is down. Black is white.

    Twenty five years ago, Pfizer sent a team to Kano, Nigeria during a meningococcal meningitis outbreak. They conducted an “open label” (unblinded) clinical trial involving 200 children, half of whom were given Pfizer’s new antibiotic Trovan and half of whom received the gold standard treatment, ceftriaxone. Watchdogs noted that Pfizer used substantially lower doses of ceftriaxone to rig the trials in favor of Trovan.

    At the time of the Kano trial, Pfizer was pushing for FDA approval of their latest potential billion-dollar cash cow for pediatric use. Eleven Nigerian children died: five after receiving Pfizer’s product and six after receiving lower-than-normal doses of the older drug.

    Pay close attention, parents. A Washington Post investigation reported that one 10-year-old girl suffering from meningitis was not taken off experimental Trovan and given standard, proven treatments by Pfizer’s clinical trial operators–when it was clear that her condition was deteriorating. One of her eyes froze. She lost strength, then died. A Nigerian doctor who supervised the studies for Pfizer admitted that his office had “backdated an approval letter” for the human trials, which “may have been written a year after the study had taken place.” Informed consent was undermined by language and education barriers.

    One outraged African newspaper demanded that the government “tell us whether our children were used as guinea pigs and, if so, who committed such criminality and who is liable.” After years of protracted litigation with the pharmaceutical behemoth, Nigerian families reached a $75 million out-of-court settlement sealed with a confidentiality clause.

    A separate whistleblower lawsuit filed by Pfizer’s former associate medical director for central research and Yale pediatric infectious disease specialist, Juan Walterspiel, alleged that the company fired him in retaliation for warning before and after the deadly Kano fiasco that the study methods were “improper and unsafe.” Walterspiel further claimed that Pfizer had bribed Nigerian officials to continue the study and cut safety corners because “stock options and bonuses were at stake.”

    Pfizer tried to suppress Walterspiel’s allegations, but was forced into a settlement after Wikileaks published diplomatic cables showing that Pfizer had attempted to dig up dirt on a Nigerian prosecutor to bully him into dropping lawsuits by state and federal authorities in Africa.

    A secret internal Nigerian government report, leaked years after it had been written, concluded that Pfizer violated international law by conducting an “illegal trial of an unregistered drug” and failing to inform children’s parents that the meningitis treatment was experimental. The government panel called the Trovan tragedy a “clear case of exploitation of the ignorant.”

    If you think this corruption was all an anomaly, or misunderstood altriuism, or “misinformation,” I encourage you to start doing your own homework before your child’s health and life become just another cost of doing Big Pharma Business.

    Search the Internet and PubMed (while you still can) for “Pfizer,” “Celebrex,” “Bextra,” “Geodon,” “Zyvox,” “Lyrica,” and “Neurontin.”

    Find out more about why Pfizer paid the largest fine for health care fraud in American history ($2.3 billion) in 2009 to resolve allegations that it illegally caused false claims to be submitted to the government and paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe their products.

    Learn more about the nearly 3,000 people who developed suicidal thoughts and severe psychological disorders after taking Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug, Chantix. Pfizer paid out nearly $300 million to settle those cases. Or the nearly 10,000 women who won claims of nearly $1 billion after developing breast cancer linked to Pfizer’s Prempro hormone replacement therapy.


    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the longterm consequences or side-effects of these Gene Transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant and totally evil.


    Not even three weeks protection from this genetic booster injection the longterm consequences of which are not known to anyone.

    The Wuhan virus untreated has 99.8% survival rate. When treated, with safe, inexpensive, abundant early-treatment protocols, it is far less lethal than the season flu.

    The Wuhan virus does not kill anyone. Period.

    It’s the body’s inflammo-thrombotic response to the virus that kills people. Treat the inflammo-thrombotic response, as many, many, many good doctors have been doing from the beginning, and you will save lives.

    Also according to the CDC’s own data, 95% of COVID deaths have an average of 4 comorbidities — most being lifestyle or nutrition related, 78% of COVID hospitalizations are in overweight or obese people.

    Can you see it yet?

    These “vaccines” are killing and harming people in extraordinary fashion.

    Thousand and thousands of doctors and scientists all across the globe are screaming this at the top of their lungs — over 10,000 of them and growing every day. Please hear them.

    No matter what you think of me, listen to these thousands and thousands and thousands of experts — not the bureaucrats and corruptocrats and the politicians, one of whom, aspiring autocrat and corrupt politician Jacinda Ardern, of New Zealand, just learned today that viruses do not, after all, get bored and move onto another planet. It only took her a year-and-a-half to learn this.


    Can you guess what Jacinda Ardern will do next?

    Like her corrupt criminal counterparts in Australia, all of whom are on the brink of total exposure for their crimes against humanity, she will make mandatory for the individual people of New Zealand an experimental, biologically active genetic injection, which has never been tested for longterm safety.

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the longterm consequences or side-effects of these Gene Transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant and totally evil.

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