Vaccine-Mandate Protests: Big-Rig Convoy To Ottawa Sets Guinness Book Of World Record For Longest Convoy Ever; Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau Abdicates, Goes Into Hiding
  • One of the first novels I ever conceived and attempted to write consisted of a story about a poet truckdriver who sparked a bloodless revolution by his words, and which, after his mysterious death united truck-drivers — first around the USA and then around the entire world — united truck-drivers in peaceful yet non-compliant protest, so that they refused to transport production until governments finally relented.

    My novel attempt was unquestionably young and amateurish, and yet to this day I’ve never abandoned the basic idea.

    This is why:

    Arial footage of Ottawa protests

    This Canada convoy, which broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest trucker convoy in history, has inspired and galvanized people all around the globe. As a result, truck-drivers in countless countries — including Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and America — are gathering and organizing more convoys, more protests. It is a breathtaking thing.

    The following video clip shows what’s happening in Saskatchewan, Canada, right now — January 30th, 2022: another huge truck-driver convoy headed to the Saskatchewan capital of Regina:

    If and when truck-drivers unite, they can shut down entire economies in less than one week’s time.

    Which is precisely what’s needed right now in the face of escalating medical tyranny and bioterrorism — medical tyranny and bioterrorism such as what you can witness in the following video clip, which shows an elderly East Indian man, terrified and being injected against his will by the Covid biosecurity police:

    What you see in that video and in the video directly below will only continue happening in more and more places around the globe, unless we stand in unification against it — just as these truck-drivers are so beautifully doing.

    The following is “fifteen days to flatten the curve” in Vienna, Austria — in late January of 2022 — a gang of police aggressively taking a lone woman down to the pavement and forcefully keeping her there — for the unthinkable crime of not wearing a cloth mask, which never in the history of humanity stopped or remotely slowed an aerosol virus nor ever could:

    It is the apparatus of pure force from the Covid biosecurity state which has precipitated and necessitated this level of pushback, protest, retaliation. The force was initiated and sustained by governments all around the world — government which in textbook bully fashion start crying immediately when pushed back again: crying that they’re the victims of “hate.”

    The pushback against initiated state-force must never — never — stop until the forceful apparatus instigating and propagating these unprecedented acts of medical tyranny and bioterror are brought to full justice.

    Now the strategy of all government propaganda will be to lie about, marginalize, and ridicule any and all protestors — pretending that the protesters are “hateful aggressors” — but this is purely a tactic:

    It is governments and governments only who have instigated these monstrous injustices. The protests are response and retaliation, and they must continue until these entities of state-power relent, which they will.

    These governments and their attendant army of bureaucrats have killed and harmed countless millions of people, worldwide, in their war of bioterrorism. And nobody knows how many more will die as a result of their bioterror:

    Please, reader, never forget this:

    No matter how fierce or powerful or unstoppable any totalitarian regime may seem, they are each and all completely at the mercy of the individual human beings who work and produce and who thus compose all economies.

    “Even the king is fed from the field.”

    Economics is production and exchange, and there is no type of freedom other than the type which voluntary exchange brings about.

    There is no type of freedom other than the type which voluntary exchange brings about.

    No state, no bureau, and no government — not of any kind — can exist without the work and production of the individual human beings who make up the populous.

    Government, which is by definition an apparatus of coercion and force, also by definition does not produce.

    No state can spend a single penny unless that state either taxes, borrows, or prints.

    The state is parasitic in the literal sense of the word: it is an apparatus which will quickly starve without individual human beings producing the wealth off of which all states must siphon and feed.

    The state, as Nietzsche well said, is the coldest of all cold monsters who bites with stolen teeth.

    One week ago, when I wrote that totalitarian elites in trying to repeatedly force an experimental genetic injection into children and adults are on the brink of witnessing something they did not anticipate, these convoys are partially what I was referring to. And so was this:

    Tireless Parisian protesters surround Pfizer building:

    And this, from January 30th, 2022:

    Massive protest against Covid tyranny in Victoria, British Colombia — a city that’s more than 80 percent left-wing by voter registration. British Columbia, like virtually all of Canada and the rest of the world, is inspired by the Truckers-For-Freedom protests in Ottawa.

    The Ottawa protests have sent aspiring autocrat Justin Trudeau — most famous, as you know, for all his racist black-face antics — into hiding like the pathetic CCP puppet that he is: the brainless brainwashed puppet who would repeatedly inject millions of children with a biologically active, experimental genetic injection never tested for longterm safety. These are war crimes of the most serious sort, and for these war crimes Justin Trudeau, like Jacinda Arden and so many others, will be brought to justice.

    The following video shows three exceptionally smart physicians — Dr. Christina Parks, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Richard Urso (who has successfully treated thousands of Covid patients, beginning in March of 2020: treated them with safe, abundant, inexpensive, out-patient early-treatment protocols) — testifying to Senator Ron Johnson about the possible and horrifying ramifications of these untested genetic platforms:

    That, reader, is where dogmatic adherence leads. It leads to unnecessary suffering and death.

    From Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty — the psychiatric MD and medical-ethics professor who was fired from UC Irvine for standing against forced genetic injections — in what may be the most sickening encapsulation I’ve recently seen of the destructive power of partisan political dogma:

    “Many children in states across America committed suicide [as a direct result of lockdowns], and yet the media refused to report on this because at that time Trump wanted to reopen the schools, and the media were afraid this would make Trump ‘look good.'”

    Dogma is deadly.

    Goodness is timeless.

    Human freedom is everything.

    Freedom is the absence of state coercion and governmental force — and there is no type of freedom other than the type which voluntary exchange brings about.

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