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  • Best Christmas Song Evuh (Two Versions)

    Best Christmas Song Evuh (Two Versions)

    December 25th, 2012 | Christmas | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    I do celebrate Christmas, but I don’t particularly care for Christmas music. And yet there are a few Christmas songs that are good. Here’s my favorite: Where Irish folk tunes meets punk rock– the aural antidote to sleigh bells and carols: And:

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  • Christmas And Its Origins

    Christmas And Its Origins

    December 25th, 2011 | Christmas | journalpulp | No Comments

    Syncretism is a term that means the combining or reconciling of opposing practices and principles. It’s most commonly used in a religious or philosophical context, and as with Easter, Christmas too is syncretic in its origins: a pagan celebration whose provenance long predates Christ’s birth but which eventually made its way into the Christian mainstream. […]

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