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  • Five Insanely Interesting Facts About Dracula

    May 26th, 2014 | Dracula | journalpulp | No Comments

    On May 27, 1897, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, was first published. Here are five facts about Bram Stoker’s Dracula that you probably didn’t know: 5. Bram Stoker, who was Irish, originally titled his book The Dead Un-Dead, which he then later changed to The Undead. Stoker’s original manuscript was 541 pages and, until fairly recently, […]

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  • Writers Discussing Other Writers

    August 8th, 2011 | Literary trivia, Quotes | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    Charles Baudelaire spent two hours a day getting dressed. When Edgar Allen Poe married his cousin Virginia, he was twenty-seven, and she was thirteen. And consumptive. The genius poet-priest Gerard Manley Hopkins wanted to change his name to Pook Tunks. Robert Frost had only five poems accepted in his first seventeen years of writing and […]

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