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  • The Rituals And Routines of Famous Writers

    The Rituals And Routines of Famous Writers

    December 4th, 2014 | Writers | journalpulp | No Comments

    Writers, as you know, are a strange and superstitious lot. Here’s Jack Kerouac: I had a ritual once of lighting a candle and writing by its light and blowing it out when I was done for the night … also kneeling and praying before starting (I got that from a French movie about George Frideric […]

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  • Bucket of Black Snakes

    Bucket of Black Snakes

    May 21st, 2014 | Writers | journalpulp | 4 Comments

    The extraordinarily prolific and witty French writer-and-philosopher Voltaire — whose real name was François-Marie Arouet — drank up to 100 cups of coffee a day! Voltaire called coffee “the bucket of black snakes” and said it was the closest thing he had to a religion. He did most of his imbibing at the Café de […]

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  • Habits Of Highly Effective Writers: Balzac

    Habits Of Highly Effective Writers: Balzac

    August 7th, 2012 | Writers | journalpulp | 9 Comments

    Honore de Balzac (1799-1850) wrote eighty-five novels in twenty years and made innumerable corrections and revisions in the proof sheets of each. This opus he called La Comedie Humaine — or The Human Comedy. Concerning his countless revisions, his first publisher — one Henri Latouche — said to Balzac, none too politely: “What the devil […]

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