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  • Breathing New Life into Dead Meat

    Breathing New Life into Dead Meat

    September 23rd, 2013 | Pale Criminal | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    [Download this book for free on Amazon Kindle now through Wednesday, September 25th.] Well, it took a lot more work than I’d anticipated, but I’ve finally revamped and completely rewritten the old book and given her a new face [note: the actual size was too big to upload here, so I had to truncate the […]

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  • Pale Criminal: Haters And Their Mail

    March 29th, 2012 | Pale Criminal | journalpulp | 11 Comments

    A reader writes: Dear Sir: We read your book for book-club and I found it boring and reprehensible by turns. Between your endless descriptions and your philosophizing, I caught myself wondering, who would write such things? Who would publish such things? And there should really be a warning of what is to come. The book, […]

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