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  • Prosody

    July 8th, 2024 | Poetry | journalpulp | No Comments

      What is prosody? Prosody studies the music of language. Prosody studies sounds moving through time. Prosody is separate from semantics. It’s distinct from the meaning of the words that the sounds compose. Prosody isn’t the sound of language organized in lines, as is now sometimes supposed. The reason this definitional fallacy is important to […]

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  • What Is Poetry?

    What Is Poetry?

    September 10th, 2011 | Poetry | journalpulp | 3 Comments

    Poetry is a subset of literature, the art form of language, but it also legitimately belongs to another art: music. Poetry is rhyme and rhythm. It is cadence and count, meter and metric. Poetry is prosody. It is scansion. It is versification. And those are the elements of poetry that make it a part of […]

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