Pulp Paperback Redesigns of the Classics

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  • Mr. Hevin Kaas 07.02.2013

    I cannot decide which is more peculiar, a “big boner” link, or the dear john it leads me to. “…an old German dictum…”? Poetic, it reminds me of an old Italian aphorism: Rectum? damn near killed’em.
    my name here.

  • Peculiar?

    Sir, there’s nothing at all peculiar about the big boner link or the Dear John letter it leads you to. As a matter of fact, if I’m not mistaken, you once told me that, and I quote: “Tall women give you a hard-on.”

    Thank you, whoever you are, for dropping by.

  • anonymity is bliss, unless of course one thinks that “Tall women give [me] a hard-on.”

  • I loved the big boner link and the Dear John letter…though I admit I am not a fan of Mr. Weed’s physical characteristics. I just don’t think the sage advice he was given would ever compensate for his big belly:) I personally really appreciate good packaging…oh, and the redesigned covers are nice too!

  • Thank you, SusanG! It’s good to hear from you. Thank you particularly for loving the big boner link.

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