Pulp Paperback Redesigns of the Classics

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Ray Harvey

I was born and raised in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. I've worked as a short-order cook, construction laborer, crab fisherman, janitor, bartender, pedi-cab driver, copyeditor, and more. I've written and ghostwritten several published books and articles, but no matter where I've gone or what I've done to earn my living, there's always been literature and learning at the core of my life.

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  • Mr. Hevin Kaas 07.02.2013

    I cannot decide which is more peculiar, a “big boner” link, or the dear john it leads me to. “…an old German dictum…”? Poetic, it reminds me of an old Italian aphorism: Rectum? damn near killed’em.
    my name here.

  • Peculiar?

    Sir, there’s nothing at all peculiar about the big boner link or the Dear John letter it leads you to. As a matter of fact, if I’m not mistaken, you once told me that, and I quote: “Tall women give you a hard-on.”

    Thank you, whoever you are, for dropping by.

  • anonymity is bliss, unless of course one thinks that “Tall women give [me] a hard-on.”

  • I loved the big boner link and the Dear John letter…though I admit I am not a fan of Mr. Weed’s physical characteristics. I just don’t think the sage advice he was given would ever compensate for his big belly:) I personally really appreciate good packaging…oh, and the redesigned covers are nice too!

  • Thank you, SusanG! It’s good to hear from you. Thank you particularly for loving the big boner link.

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