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  • Tiffany Buczek 05.21.2014

    I’m a major procrastinator, which came in real handy while trying to get through college, so I’d leave papers and studying for the night before. My fuel was a full carafe of brewed espresso along with a pound of chocolate-covered espresso beans. How my gut survived is beyond me.

    I’d be lost and horribly unmotivated without coffee. I started drinking it before most Americans even knew what a cappuccino was. If only I had opened a coffee shop back in the 80s like I wanted (or bought Starbucks stock way back when), sigh…

  • Tiffany, what a pleasant surprise to see you here!

    Thank you for your coffee-fueled comment, and thank you for dropping by.

  • I’d follow your blog, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. And, yes, I have had my coffee, and yet, am still completely clueless.

  • Unless I install a widget, I’m not sure there’s a one-click way, as there is with wordpress.com.

    As for being “completely clueless,” as you say, I was born that way.

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