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About The Author

Ray Harvey

I was born and raised in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. I've worked as a short-order cook, construction laborer, crab fisherman, janitor, bartender, pedi-cab driver, copyeditor, and more. I've written and ghostwritten several published books and articles, but no matter where I've gone or what I've done to earn my living, there's always been literature and learning at the core of my life.

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  • David Santo 01.10.2013

    I stood before a small group as my first true believer was naked and kissing my feet as I had instructed and I knew it was right.

  • Too bad “Crazy Miranda lives on propaganda” was used over 40 years ago. It could fit right in.

  • The point at which the worlds of Because-of and In-Spite-of intersected, somewhere within the innermost realm of passion and possibility, is where she grew into existence and thrived beyond her wildest dreams.

  • Hey I’m submitting for the “best sentence”.

    — god who? I cannot see god, I cannot hear god.—–

  • I always thought that God had created Man, but in fact, Man had created God.

  • Barbara glanced at her band of sycophants huddling outside Staples as she tried to decide whether to order business cards that read “Aetheist” or “Pragmatist.”

  • The charisma of fanaticism digs its insidious roots into all things — whether they be religious or scientific — and firmly sits there, eating away at the natural surroundings, leaving them barren of any other apparent existence.

  • Athena finally sensed the power of her beliefs when the wide eyed delivery man who brought her falafel pointed and said, “La Una” before collapsing in herdoorway.

  • While she had no fondness for any particular political party or ideology, former Democrat President Harry Truman’s words, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” came to mind as she stared out at the massive throng of people (her people) who waited anxiously to hear her ‘words’ and to see for themselves whether she’d finally declare what she would have them do; wondering anxiously herself if she had any idea what she would say.

  • This cathedral is the one place my secrets are revealed.

  • “Funny thing about salvation. It’s a mighty slippery slope. You realize pretty quickly that even the most hopeless whores, criminals and miscreants you passed along the way down would willingly grab that last chance for it even as they reek of lost cause.”

  • There is no God tonight, not with His holy, logical fallacies–there is only the gift of my soul to the salvation of these pathetic souls.

  • The last time that she attempted to pray to God, she realized there was an echo in her chest.

  • These lonely souls have come for savior and it is within the duty of my sacrilegious soul to show them the honesty of condemnation and that the potential for eternity lies dormant in their petty hearts.

  • She muddled the idea of Christ as though he would become an afterthought after the celebration for her genius.

  • B.

    She spoke with steady grey eyes, her words solid as objects and clear as math, never saying an untrue thing, never once asking for our faith, and she was as cold and thrilling as God.

  • Believers or not, god or not, listeners or not, followers or not, unfortunately, I was and I am.

  • I am the prophet you have been waiting for: God is nothing to me and I derive my power solely from my conviction that I am to be the next Jesus Christ, and though I have yet to perform any miracles, I have baptized over two hundred congregants in the slop of the river Charles, mothers and brothers and children and whores, all blessed by polluted water and yet cleansed spiritually forevermore.

  • He was the first to name me prophet before I, myself, believed.

  • She had it by the throat, maniacally hacking, slashing and ripping apart the body of belief until the soul of it bled dry- justified dogmacide.

  • I do not believe,yet I see beyond the threshold of the teraplane and bring you enlightenment.

  • The greatest irony of belief, even when grounded in solid fact, is that it requires a degree of openness and faith, no matter how small, before it can form something solid and tangible for others to relate to.

  • Three shots ring out.

  • Active anguish in the context of flux

  • “Then, this, is how you should pray-” on her fingers she tabs the words, begrudging the fluency, sweetly and in her breath- she mouths “for” then all that she still has to “give.”

  • ‘If ever a man loved to cause a sensation, or better still be the center of one, it was Mr.X the prophet, whose prophesy was never falsifiable nor deniable’.

  • There is no reason in chaos.

  • And on the eighth day, there was me

  • “Heed my words, for they are lovelier than I”

  • As if there was no warning.

  • Welcome to Heaven on Earth….we in our study of Inner Practisum,refuse to exist in a world being rushed along in the darkness of a fairytale God.

  • K

    I was never a believer.

  • I can’t see myself in the mirror.

  • Standing on the corner of 4th Ave and S. Main with umbrella in hand, the graying clouds, the look of intensity on people’s faces, and the tangible impatience of the growing traffic before her were all the motivation she needed to once again continue her daily mission; the sole intendment of which was the culmination of peace and prosperity for all mankind even if she had to do it all by herself.

  • Dogs could be heard weeping in the distance.
    What say you to the world a new.
    Imagine awaking to a world laying ashen over, know this is where it began.

  • Who do I speak for?

  • Teatering on the presuppose of duality.

  • Logic prevailed in my conscience, and I found no reason guilt or remorse for my actions, after all, I was helping people to understand.

  • Logic prevailed in my conscience, and I found no reason for guilt or remorse for my actions, after all, I was helping people to understand.

  • I didn’t believe–not now, not ever–but the crowd in front of me swayed with my movements across the stage, followed my gaze as I caught the eyes of my father, and murmured quietly as I stood before them contemplating how to convince these people when I couldn’t even convince myself.

  • I chose to follow no one, yet they chose to follow me.

  • Sometimes, small people prefer to stand on large boxes in order to better be seen as well as heard: Janie is no exception.

  • People only rarely require a god to preach, and only rarely does that god consider the preacher blessed in his eyes – for a red-eyed and red-haired follower of Confusius, neither of these things were considerations.

  • The innocense within

  • Choose your battles wisely, or they will choose you and haunt you for the rest of your days.

  • I am Mona, that is a name you will never-more forget for my words shall be a comfort to your soul.

  • I brought me the silence of darkness, as God whispered “let there be light” and I whispered, “no”.

  • I have walked this earth for years, followed by the men and woman who’s fiery eyes burn like mine, walking in the frost of the shadows.

  • The rain came down in sheets; I clutched my iPhone to my chest trying to angle it out of the downpour as I stumbled towards the little coffee shop, barely noticed because it lacked the god-like mermaid sitting atop its door.

  • I am the prophet for a God I do not believe in; I am the lie that speaks the truth.

  • The most frustrating aspect of her preaching was the brutal, unrelenting reason of it all; audiences found little reason to get angry and it confused them.

  • They think me great…a mind beyond time, but I don’t have the heart to tell them the truth–that if it wasn’t me, they’d have invented someone else.

  • And once the fires were out, the synagogue would need meticulously stripped -picked and licked to the clean, raw bone- but yes, this felt like home.

  • We conceived on Snoopy LSD in a boutique downtown hotel.

  • Perhaps the madness and flashes of light that overtake her mind in the sleepless nights are the inevitable reincarnation of the great minds of the ages merging into one in her head, sending forth a message only she can give.

  • god or not god there is a answer

  • As a Child I often sought of eternity, now my concern is our present

  • As sure as the sunrises and sets, so many accept, often because of the fear to question.

  • Her 300 lb disabled, Haitian lesbian lover finally cut her off, saying “Don’t go all Ayn Rand on me!”

  • I remember the very first time, just lying there in silence and awe, while visions began dancing their truth over my blood soaked, heathen, body.

  • She told me she didn’t believe in God, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t wear too much eye make-up, but that was one dame I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crackers.

  • :P

    Never again.

  • As I knelt there on bloody knees, my head rocking back and forth, I realized the tongue of the Almighty was not suited for my current work.

  • As the blood poured down here leg she knew she was not pregnant.

  • A spirit flocks to its own likeness, for every spirit needs a shepherd to tend to it, even if that shepherd is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a non-believer in the garments of prophecy and the holy.

  • The truth can be like the twisting of a knife, agonizing to all who feel the reality of its sting, but exhilarating to those who have learned to wield it.

  • Of all the things she ever said, I think my favorite is, “Too bad compassion isn’t an STD.”

  • They worship me…the sheep who try and understand that which is incomprehensible; from God they think I am…God…there is no God to save us from ourselves.

  • …Her face contorted in that of a silent scream, as the Exalted Godless massed before her danced in the streets….

  • So simple, yet with roots knotted in ancient human understanding, her message threatens to wipe away the antique stonework of religion and government across the globe, like the power of a sea-borne storm reclaiming the shore.

  • As the crowd stands transfixed somewhere between awe and enlightenment, she realizes she now knows how Jesus felt just before changing the world – if Jesus had been a real dude, that is.

  • “Do I exist?”

  • The mirror reflected the real truth, that believing in ones self is the portal to selflessness.

  • I am damned.

  • My father was an angel and my mother was a monkey.

  • Jounal Pulp.. she mused.. I’m going to breathe new life into dead meat.

  • I inhaled deeply as I walked up to the microphone, “Fear nothing, man or myth,” the arena erupted wildly.

  • Irony, the keystone of life, it so often happens that those who rebel become the thing they rebelled against.

  • If bliss is found in forgetting, then I’m not quite sure what to call whiskey anymore.

  • After all, right is right, in terms of direction, but right can also be wrong and making that choice is the best feeling, she explained to her newest lover as she lay on her back anticipating the moment humans craves most.

  • He saw her across the smoky room with the same entourage in tow as she lit another cigarette and then extinguished it on the young man’s forehead.

  • The world is my playground and I am the King.

  • The world is my playground and I am the Queen.

  • He Stood unchallenged, to a laid waste cross, broken and bound by the blood of a liar.

  • Her hair blew in the stale wind, his smell drinched her,the suffering in his eyes consumed,as she knew he was no son of god,her hands lanced the spear into his marrow.

  • They talk in tongues, and speak with venom; I talk of truth, so Arise! Thus see, as they fall before me.

  • If idle minds are the devils playground, then she was the whole Park.

  • 7 is divinity, In which we destroy, 8 is a new beggining for and age played as toys, 9 is all that’s left,it took over her mind, enigma’s casting shadow as her flock all watched them die. 1…1….1 it repeated as she muttered there can only be……..

  • Selling religion has become the latest craze – fifty dollar last-minute baptisms, hell, that’s was cheaper than a blowjob; Pastor Rick stares up at me from a centrefold with his staged and desperate eyes, begging me to save my own soul – save my own soul?

  • They thought I was the doorway to God, and I didn’t have the heart to tell them the doorway lead only to the dark finality of death.

  • Like the “Savior” she decries, she too is a rebel prophet, with a message pure and simple and powerful enough to dismantle the bulwark of the ages.

  • Her 300 lb disabled, disabled, Haitian lesbian lover, thrice blest as a standpoint epistemologist, finally cut her off, saying “Don’t go all Ayn Rand on me!”

  • She stared into the aeon night, face covered in blood,arms carved in numbers, she was counting stars and she knew it was coming to a close.

  • joan no arc 1st commandment. there are no commandnents only feelings. touch what you know feels good.

  • ye who fartteth in church shall stew in thyn own pew

  • really? if god was real we wouldnt need to hire a drunk santa claus just so i could get laid on chrismas!

  • the only truth is weather or not you belive in it

  • devoulge your intellect into the unknow. open mind for a intence twist on mondern spirtualism

  • how to negoiate hells loop holes. dont burn in the lake of fire. own realistate. read, belive, live next store to satan

  • do we change science? or will the science change us? where to draw the line

  • R

    “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Said Marcia.

  • Blood sprayed across her face and chest as she muttered the words, “God is dead”.

  • As a non-partisan atheist and modern-day prophet whose almost psychopathic devotion to reason had attracted a growing legion of followers despite the terrifying enigma she presented, Sara Teasdale was not surprised to learn that Oprah wanted an interview.

  • The roaring crowd of ragged WWIII veterans, many who had just trashed their crosses and burned their flags in rallying support, almost drowned out her words, “Reason and learning will set you free,” she yelled, knowing her ministries would guide them to the right truths, the only truths, her heart now pounded as she crushed a mouse scurrying beneath the pulpit, and thought of the absolute power she would wield.

  • Our spirituality and politics spent on WWIII, my generation threw away our humanity to hail empirical dogma as a new God, the crowds cheering this new world Ruler, who espoused reason and learning while taking it away with modern warfare, as she molded our minds to her will.

  • In the beginning there was Debbie.

  • As I look out across a populated landscape, I see very few who can even consider the truth, and even fewer who will accept it.

  • I am The One because I chose to be, and now others see themselves in me.

  • As a child she frightened her handlers, her visions and writings were prophetic yet she was not a child of god but a heroine of man.

  • She walks in her aura of faith, not in God but in herself.

  • Good/evil , right/wrong, there was neither for she was guided ny the numbers in her vison’s.

  • She laughed at the sheep hearded to their pews, there hands dropping Into the offering pans, “Saints and sinners alike” she thought smirking.

  • She crumbled the cross in her hands knelt at the altar “That bastard son,takes after his father; both fake and full of tales” how many more will buy into salvation?

  • She looked upon the holy one,nailed and crucified before her on the hill of Bethlehem. “Nothing under the linen of the Christ king, just like his mother, I thank Judas for this offering.”

  • Neither heaven nor hell shall claim this prophet, but you will know my name.

  • *It always comes back to three questions, how the fuck did I get here; what is my sorry existance of a life destined to be and how will I reach my happiness?

  • “Did you not know that the Heavens sing?!”, she screamed into the crowd, and they roared and rumbled as they launched the ‘mother ship’.

  • It was no big deal, plenty of people have heard voices they knew didn’t exist–the only problem with mine was that it was claiming to be God.

  • Plenty of people had claimed to me they were God: my parents, late night informercial miracle products for only three easy payments of $19.99, the homeless Bohemian I pass on 9th street every morning–but when the claims came from within my own head, I began to pay attention.

  • At first I just thought my subconscious picked up the habit of speaking in antiquated English on a bit of a soapbox, then I thought one of my fillings may have picked up some religious AM radio, but it wasn’t until I was being issued prophecies that I realized the voice in my head was none other than the Lord.

  • I had spoken to fictional characters my entire life: I used to yell to Steve and tell him where Blue’s next clue was, I used to tell sorority girls not enter rooms where the killer was hiding during awful horror movie sequels, I would even through in the occasional zinger while watching Seinfeld reruns alone in my apartment, but God was the first fictional character to speak to me.

  • A lot of people claim to believe in God despite long chunks of His absence from their lives as though it were some kind of achievement–well, I don’t believe in God despite knowing Him personally for the better part of a year; which is more impressive?

  • AJ

    She always found it both fascinating and terrifying how they begged to be led.

  • I saw him, walking down the middle of the sidewalk, my next inductee – ignorance clutching his fat hand, hoping he would be strong like it someday.

  • I met Jesus once; he was a Hispanic guy from Harlem, and he was trying to sell me some coke and steal my bottle of gin.

  • RW

    It is these words that began her worldwide favorability: “god is opposite of reason and learning.”

  • As they widened their mouths to take in the daily nectar, all she could think was, “I am the coming of all things good and necessary… I… I am the coming…”, as she released her sweet nectar over her sinners.

  • By sunrise, the hum of the gas-driven generators had resumed.

  • Despite the fact that I don’t belive that he exists, God is standing in front of me, amongst the crowd, wearing orange Nike sneakers and a jester’s cap.

  • And when you awake in the morning, heart heavy, body aching, do you feel God? Do you see him?

  • God is not in the air you breathe, the joy in your heart or the pain in your soul, and when you figure this and stop listening to the word of Man, you have become one of the following.

  • When I stand out here looking up at the stars all I see are imperfections on what could have been a perfect darkness.

  • Since there is no god, there should be no devil, so why is he looking at me?

  • Jen

    At this point in my life I’m very sure that I’m the only thing that’s real.

  • Jen

    The rough city skyline reminds me that there’s no point explaining the universe to an ant colony.

  • Jen

    Whenever someone asks me where my visions come from I wonder why it will never be good enough to simply say they come from me.

  • jen

    Hope is a dead bird in my hands.

  • Jen

    Her words struck them like thunder, chilling and wonder struck to the last syllable.

  • Jen

    You can call it narcissism if you wish.

  • Jen

    Beautiful are the creatures who need no one else to lead them but themselves.

  • She drove with a hurricane in place of where her mind might be, she lit a cigarette, and exhaling sweet temporary relief she told herself “everyone feels this way.”

  • Stealing a glance in the mirror, she realized it did look like she was praying – even if she was just trying to hold her head up despite a slicing migraine.

  • Fifty stainless steel seats, beige and dull lined the gym—the smell of sweat was overwhelmed by the air of salvation— her message waned as she saw fifty eager faces through the ruby red curtains.

  • Perhaps the sirens were righteous, drowning the sailors; perhaps there is only darkness ahead.

  • Most days the horizon is the foot of my bed.

  • 1

    In the beginning it was just a huge, open space. The room stood formless and empty, darkness shrouding raw potential, and [She] was hovering over the sink.

    And [She] said, “Let there be light,” and there was…darkness. [She] figured that the fuse was blown again, and she fumbled for her lighter. Flicking it, she separated the light from the darkness. [She] called the fuse “fucking worthless” and threw it into the darkness she called “bullshit”. And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. It took her all goddamn week to get the place in order and finally, on the seventh day, she rested.

  • With every breath, the One offered a silent prayer of reality – at once both total repose and all encompassing terror.

  • Hurricanes weep just as slaves cry upon the mountain.

  • He followed her into the kitchen, hesitantly, 4 paces behind her. She turned, her blue eyes flickered flames.

  • The woman latched the buckle around her neck, then zipped up her coat. “Darkness is a storm you can weather? Then tell that to the people who will freeze to death tonight under this damn frigid night”

  • E.

    Without benefit of parting seas, parlor tricks, or pie-in-the-sky promises, the mysterious messiah managed to compel the crowds with a controversial new catechism: the truth.

  • There she was, in the steel cold black, lying in the middle of the icy mountain road. The headlights were gone, she had noticed, and no sooner than she realized the snow on her nose did she feel the warmth of the blood dripping from her lips.

  • Heaving the crumbling cement and splintered wood from his head and theirs, he hugged and comforted a tear-stained Adolph Hitler and weeping Ava Braun, promising him that all of Hitler’s atrocities would be forgiven one the world understood.

  • One letter from the correspondence she received that month stayed in the back of her mind, though she could not fathom why.

  • Although she mostly followed a carefully crafted script, each time she told her story, her emphasis was slightly different, and she used her improvisational asides to stress whatever strand of her philosophy felt most vivid or urgent on that day.

  • The shadows danced and breathed through the blinds, displaying a horrible kaleidoscope of light and the lack thereof on the wall before her… ushering in her mind the words of one of her favorite writers, “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.”

  • She strolled past the group that was silent in prayer, joined at the hands, and a chill of wanton wastefulness grounded her where she stood.

  • There where non-tangible happenings in the ether of humanity at this moment, happenings reminiscent of the Toynbee idea and the resurrection of its dead on the planet Jupiter.

  • There was a gray slush accumulating on the sidewalks along West Broad Street; it splattered wildly from the wheels of city buses as they trundled downtown.

  • The cottonwoods and the aspens along the trickling Laramie River spell their leaves in a single event–one day they are suddenly bare, and people begin to get antsy about what’s next.

  • If you combine all of earth’s sounds at any particular moment–laughter swatting the ocean, the pealing of a billion wheels, battle cries, crunching gears and breakfasts–you are left with pure silence.

  • Embarrassed, I pulled my pants up and told myself it would be the last time I’d ever showcase my beliefs by exposing myself to any unaware children in a public park.

  • Christine ran as fast as she could into the stormy night knowing that if the desparate throng caught her and learned her true beliefs they would crucify her.

  • It a cold world out there without something to believe in.

  • “No, you cannot have me God.”

  • I watched my mother burn at seven years old…the flesh slipped slowly off the sides of her outstretched arms, perched almost zombie like, as if she was reaching for the god that was never there. That was the day that I was left alone to fend for myself..fend from the wolves, the thieves, bums, from the psychos who ruled the streets with bruised fist and dead arm…junkies living only for instant gratification.

  • She was everything I was after.

  • Please stop, Tyler!

  • Although she walks with grace and confidence, Serena is best described as a clairvoyant atheistic learned nutcase.

  • People have always feared the unknown, making euphemisms and silly traditions out of ignorance, creating a world filled with hate and void of any truth.

  • A shark, tearing emotions, inciting a polluted river of fear, her speech, mellifluous and cunning, washed over their brains like a false-prophet advocating the devil himself.

  • I’m gonna swallow the horde, by the mouths of leviathan, and pull their tongues out like splinters of a withered cross, who’s your king now? dreadnaught I am here.

  • The homeless man and self-proclaimed time traveler I used to try to ignore every morning once told me something wise beyond his sanity: never trust anyone who won’t tell you where (or when) they’re from.

  • Did you know that “panini” is a plural term?

  • It is not the best of times; nor is it the worst.

  • I awoke drenched in sweat, again – it was still dark out.

  • The day’s sun burned oppressive, sweltered body fetid, packed riven sand, through whom’s parched fissures climbed the angled cacti and horned reptiles, while sight sought peripherally white with white-noised paper-winged ephemerals.

  • Upon receiving the question – when did you first realize you were history’s first great rationalist-prophetess? – her eyes rolled up and to the right, she inhaled slowly and deeply, and then, like shot, began recounting, in her now-famous rapid-staccato and mellifluous speech delivery style, multisyllabic sentences laden with mathematical metaphors, the day, after school, aged seven, when she happened upon a used copy of Atlas Shrugged on sale for a quarter in a sidewalk stall outside an old book shop.

  • “I took their original topic of mazeway synthesis to a level they admitted utterly astonished them, not the least because I was a mere eleven year old ‘girl’ at the time.”

  • Cassandra of Troy, due to a few poor choices concerning the denial of amorous advances by certain heliocentric gods, descended into madness as the events she foresaw came true and nobody believed her; I had the opposite problem: all the rational truth in the universe could not quell the frenzy of my disciples.

  • I only reported the information given to me; what others chose to do with it was not my fault.

  • As she sat quietly, leaning back in the plush comforts of her big fancy house, she reflected on how far she had come in such a short time, logically knowing that even in her unbelief of a power that is non-existent to her mind, the increasing knowledge of her heart continued to gnaw something different into that very logic….like an animal caught in a trap, chewing off its own foot to be set free.

  • “Thank God for atheist cops,” she said with a wink to the cross-wearing parking attendant who had, quite reasonably, been persuaded to spare her.

  • When she saw that looking into her father’s face did not mean she saw the face of God, and when she saw no God on Earth that could adequately explain the whys of the world–death or genocide, hunger or disease, unhappiness or despondence–from then on she resolved to be everything the world wasn’t, to be everything it lacked.

  • She charged ahead — “Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results…so I must ask you, when have your prayers brought you what you needed when you needed it?” — and knew she had them.

  • It was one of those clarifying moments, where the world crystallizes and it all seems to fit together so perfectly you can almost feel the Universe nodding at you, smiling, encouraging you to go on–so she did, and never looked back.

  • While loving or revering God is ultimately selfish or egotistical, carrying out our divine will, our highest calling or true purpose in life, is the ultimate sacrifice, a committing to our self-development as we know it to be, and rippling out over the waters of existence before dissipating back into the depths.

  • She just couldn’t take it anymore.

  • “If it were done, it were best it be done sensibly, don’t you think?”

  • 84, older than Jesus, wiser each day, I proclaim 90% sure, “Write what you know, not what you read,” and swarms of young hearts globally, gleefully, snatch up my full-baked existential nonsense, raise me up trembling soulfully as I godfully suppress the universal giggle.

  • Whenever anyone asked her, “Aren’t you worried what you’re doing could have consequences?” she simply smiled at them.

  • Fuck yes, hail Mary, but she got a raw deal.

  • I believe in dogs, not gods.

  • Ae

    With a homemade IED in one hand and a sweaty wad of rent money in the other, he crossed the yard to see his landlord.

  • Turning on her – mirror in one hand, gun in the other – trembling with shame and rage for her having seen past all my innermost secrets and lies I demanded, “Who are You?”

  • A deep longing within penetrates her being, the outcast out there, acceptance within.

  • Standing upon the altar of her followers, soul of her survival, she glares upon the sight before and within.

  • If only they knew how difficult this was, this crown of thorns embedded within.

  • It begins at my feet, the ground that I stand, lessons in nature that I now understand; wisdom found on the earth that humans don’t recognize can truthfully, without interference, teach man to live wise.

  • It was as natural as breathing; they asked her questions and she answered.

  • Though she did not dream, she woke with clarity and purpose and the knowledge that the universe would keep moving no matter what.

  • Her shadow was longer now, not because of some holy light, but because it was noon.

  • Foolishly, they fool her; she does not understand why they do not fear her truths instead.

  • Foolishly, they feared her; she does not understand why they do not fear her truths instead.

  • Her mind that controls thy circumstance with character shall rewrite destiny itself, for even she was created from the mind.

  • That’s exactly what I said, I meant it, and you can put that on paper if you’d like.

  • There’s no shame in my game, I’m just a dame, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • He asked me what I wanted and if he could help me, so I told him I wanted to change the world and he could.

  • The most beautiful dreams can’t be realized through words alone; they have to be felt deeply and experienced fully.

  • I closed my eyes, held my heart by the hand, and followed it to all of the places I belong.

  • To be compassionate I had to first become passionate about all that would fascinate my innate temptation for sweet sensations.

  • I sat by her bedside and held her hand and while we both knew that she was dying I just couldn’t bring myself to comfort her by saying that she was going to a better place which in my way of thinking doesn’t exist..

  • She would never again know the putrid taste of truth untold.

  • E.

    On the seventh day he rested, and that’s when the new messiah decided to make her move.

  • Cassidy created her own category on craigslist’s “missed connections”, instead of man searching for woman, or woman for man, she was a woman searching for salvation and spoke firmly on her godless findings.

  • Among the perverts, fiends and friendless on craigslist there was one post who no one could resist reading; Cassidy Boyle’s declaration, “there is no God and I know why”.

  • Jim

    As I sit and gaze over the horizon, I am left wondering how this majestic sight has come to be yet my followers fail to contemplate the same.

  • Jim

    I preach what I know and not what I’ve been told.

  • I’m like a match trying to avoid fire in a furnace.

  • Like an infant at the mothers breast, they suckle at my ideals, taking everything until I am a hollow representation of myself, preaching the emptiness they forced upon me.

  • They wanted someone to follow, they would have chosen anyone, but I stumble into their hands, the perfect mess of a woman, selling my soul to prove we don’t have one.

  • Belief can be like a flame, weak and quick to burn out if not continually fed fuel for sustenance, but reason and knowledge are alike to a spider’s web, woven carefully and deliberately, each strand falling because of where the last one lies.

  • Farrah knew it was tragic, that she was supposed to feel bad, but she didn’t.

  • Not quite the prophet others believed, Simone stopped to buy some cookies for the flash mob she had declared, oblivious to the cars abandoned in the streets, the mobbed subway trains below her, and the two million people converging that moment on Central Park.

  • While it had been said about her that a prophet without faith is like a boat without a rudder, Anna usually just felt like a hooker in a clown suit.

  • So they say your father fell from grace, their father still reigns the throne, my father was of flesh not a fairy tale to give false ideals to a last breath, there is no father, only truth logic and reson and death just called out your number..So the next in line please step forward.

  • She and the stones that prattled under her worn heels were bound, travelers, impelled upon this unrelenting journey of dust.

  • If you’re looking for a terrifying enigma, look no futher.

  • Her heels clapped against the tiled floor with a rigidity suiting her erect shoulders, delivering her from the event that had been an absurd waste of energy—her energy; she seethed beneath an imperturbable exterior, wondering why the hell those idiots had come to her in search of God.

  • E.

    Labeled as the prophet without parables, her message was both seductive and destructive, as the truth often is.