Higher Education: Institutions of Staggering Debt and Indoctrination
  • Why is college so expensive?

    For the exact same reason that healthcare has become so expensive.

    Which is the same reason rents in San Francisco and Boulder have become so expensive.

    Economist Daniel Lin, professor of economics at American University, explains this basic and well-known principle, in three short minutes:

    Even worse than the monetary cost of college, however, is the intellectual and psychological toll:

    Every year millions of teenagers — approximately 20 million in America alone this fall — will attend college. For those who finish, only the slimmest minority will emerge unscathed: i.e with their independent mind and their capacity for independent thought undamaged and intact.

    For most, in my observation, this damage will not be reversed — though it CAN be, always — but will persist and deepen through life. College is not only a maze of debt: it is without question the largest secular church in the world, indoctrinating impressionable minds with its frozen Neo-Marxist dogma as thoroughly as any non-secular church I’ve ever personally seen.

    Camille Paglia — an independent thinker (if ever there was one), a college professor and a brilliant writer and leftist whom I’ve always admired — and Jordan Peterson, whom I’m not a big fan of, talk about this “feel-good indoctrination,” as she puts it, the “cafeteria curriculum,” the “laziness of Neo-Marxism,” and “the primacy of the individual.” Their conversation is over-intentional, but it’s also interesting and rather refreshing:

    The upshot: stay out of school, kids.

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