Huge New Sero-prevalence Findings Out Of Iran & Japan, Fatality-Rate Continues To Plummet; Swiss Public-Health Expert: “Lockdows An Imbecile & Lethal Policy”
  • These are huge new findings — the first one out of Iran (click the image to read the report):

    “A true random antibody sample of households finds that 21-33% of people [in Iran] have been infected and the true infection fatality rate is roughly 1 in 1,000 — among the lowest figures yet published.”

    This study is just out of Japan (click the image to read more):

    “Study out of Japan suggests the real infection rate there is 400 to 800 times(!) the reported rate. They excluded people who went to the ED or the “fever consultation service” [my italics].

    For those who think that mainstream media outlets would not resort to manipulation and propaganda, I call your attention to this recent headline from the New York Times. The news is actually good news — which they eventually say, deep into the article — but you would never know it from the headline:

    Swiss Public-Health Expert: “Lockdows An Imbecile & Lethal Policy”

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