BREAKING: Lockdowns Kill, Sunlight Promotes Health
  • Light is life.

    Light is light.

    This fellow has been indefatigable.

    The real scandal and outrage in this whole ghastly spectacle has been the criminal policies enacted anent nursing homes and the elderly. Remember that. It is not going away, and I, for one, will make sure that this bureaucratic abomination be exposed.

    Assuming 10:1 infection-to-PCR ratio, IFR by age group:


    30-39: 0.01%
    40-49: 0.03%
    50-59: 0.04%
    60-69: 0.19%

    More here from none other than the CDC on the questionable science of masks.

    It’s important to note also that it’s been over two weeks since the state of Georgia opened up. Fear-mongers told us Georgia would by now be overrun with Covid-19 sickness and death. Georgia has not been overrun — not remotely — and this is great news. Yet it’s not being treated as great news. On the contrary, in fact, the fear-mongers, in a warped way, want the sickness and death because anything less is an attack on the worldview they’ve built-up in two-months time: Covid-19 is not a virus to vanquish but an ideology by which to live.

    Here as well is the Covid-19 story that “public health experts,” like this guy below, don’t want to discuss:

    Obesity Rates

    Japan: 4.3%
    China: 6.2%
    S Korea: 4.7%
    Singapore: 6.1%
    USA: 36%
    Spain: 24%
    Belgium: 22%
    France: 22%
    Sweden: 21%
    Italy: 20%
    Ireland: 25%
    UK: 28%

    Do you know the real reason that pointing out the good news that #SARSCoV2 is not overly dangerous to most people who contract it comes across as “offensive” to these people?

    The answer is the exact same as the answer above: this has become an ideology into which people have invested their entire lives — their entire sense of self.

    Even the New York Times is beginning to back-pedal a little — and they should be: this whole thing has been a fiasco of unspeakable proportions.

    The following excerpt, from WJAC News, gives more evidence that Covid-19 was in America in December of 2019. It also hints at more bureaucratic corruption:

    Those with COVID-19 antibodies, who’ve recovered, added to counties’ total case count

    JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WJAC) — A Johnstown-area couple says they tested positive for having coronavirus antibodies and that they were counted with current cases.

    The couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, says they fell ill in December and the husband was hospitalized.

    Both went through several tests like influenza A and B and strep throat.

    Those tests came back negative.

    The two had antibody testing recently completed at I-Care and found out last week that they tested positive for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, meaning they had the virus but have since recovered.

    The Department of Health told them that they would be counted as Cambria County’s positive cases 34 and 35.

    “It brought up a concern for us because we are antibody positive, we’ve already had this, we are past the infectious stage. And we are being counted with the current case counts for Cambria County, it doesn’t seem right,” said the local woman. “They should be able to separate that out some way, but at this point in time I was told they are not doing that and our numbers are, or were, counted and they are being counted in the current case count.”

    The Department of Health told 6 News Friday that positive antibody cases fell under probable cases and therefore were not counted.

    “At this time, people with positive antibody tests are not being added to our case counts,” Department of Health press secretary Nate Wardle said in an email exchange with 6 News. “For those individuals who have a positive antibody test and showed signs and symptoms over the last few months, they would be considered a probable case.”

    However, the coronavirus case count on their website lumps confirmed and probable cases into one total.

    Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine was asked Monday about antibody testing counts.

    Here’s what Levine had to say:

    “We have been getting that data, and no, we’re not reporting it in a separate or different count.”


    This is how irrational the world has become. It is no joke:

    Somebody must tell Greta the sheer amount of mining — rare-earth minerals included — as well as the fossil-fuel energy that were required in order to produce her laptop and those earphones.

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