[UPDATE] The Brainwashing of the World is Over 50 Percent Complete — Don’t Allow It To Happen Further
  • You must watch the brief video clips below.

    You have to see this to believe it.None of this is about Donald Trump, and I am not a Trump fan.

    If you can watch this incredible footage and not see that it’s obviously staged — reader, something is very, very wrong indeed.

    [UPDATE: You need only watch the following video, which is not mine and which was made shortly after I wrote and published this article]:

    The guy who shot one of the two main videos below is named John Sullivan (AKA Jayden X). His father is military. His brother is pro-Trump. He’s known ANTIFA. This is him:

    Lights, camera, action.

    [UPDATED: You need only watch the following video, which is not mine and which was made not long after I wrote and published this post]:






    I’m not a conspiracy person and I never have been, and I don’t endorse this guy (the video-maker, I mean, in the vid directly below), but watch this — because the video footage doesn’t lie. Watch the gun (he slows the video and plays it back and forth beginning at about the 4:40 mark, and it sure as hell looks to me as though he swings it away):

    Ask yourself: why is there no outcry over an unarmed woman being gunned-down by a mysterious gunman in black — about whom nobody in the press is talking — why the deafening silence surrounding the execution of an unarmed woman?


    Now watch ANTIFA and CNN reporter afterward: “We did it!”


    To be clear: I’m not saying Ashli Babbit isn’t dead, nor am I saying that there aren’t a lot of crazy Trump supporters out there. There are. But there are every bit as many crazy progressive-liberal democrats out there — ANTIFA the craziest of them all — and there is absolutely no question in my mind that train-loads of ANTIFA and #BLM drones infiltrated the January 6th Washington DC protest.

    What makes me so sure?

    Apart from all the video and photographic evidence — and there’s tons of it — I’ve read the progressive-liberal manifesto called Rules for Radicals, written by an American communist named Saul Alinksy. It is, as you know, a book which the Obamas, like the Clintons, like Anita Dunn, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, and all the others have, at one time or another, bragged about reading, and the “counter-intel” tactics are precisely what Alinksy taught. It’s like holy writ to the corrupt political machine he helped spawn, and that is not just speculation on my part. And yet there’s an even deeper reason for my certitude:

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes — and on several different occasions.

    In 2009, I peacefully protested — and I do mean out on the streets, in various cities — the trillion dollar “stimulus” package that Barack Obama and company rammed through legislation before anyone — ANYONE — had read this thousand-plus page “stimulus package” in full.

    Let me interrupt myself briefly and ask you to take a moment and think about that. Think about the monstrous inanity of passing trillion dollar legislation before a single person had read it all.

    Surely this is something upon which we can all agree. Surely this crosses all partisan lines: It is unequivocal lunacy.

    No sane human-being could in good faith not see the sheer insanity of such governance — including, while I’m thinking about it, a young senator named Barack Obama (circa 2001), who gave an interview with radio-show host Randi Rhodes, and in that interview talked about how crazy he thought it was when politicians pass legislation before anyone has read that legislation in full. Mind you, senator Obama in that interview was talking about small-potatoes-type legislation when compared with his nightmarish disastrous trillion-dollar porkulus package, the ramifications of which are still being felt. I wrote about that “stimulus” package here, and gave a semi-detailed listing of what was in it. I’d love for you to please take a look. I can guarantee you that you’re in for a surprise.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    That, reader, is why all governments are inherently dangerous and must unremittingly be kept in strict and rigorous check:

    A story that just broke, this month (Jan, 2021): American taxpayer dollars funding Alqaeda! This is more than an outrage. It’s a criminal act. These are the people who flew jets into the twin towers of New York City.

    So, yes: I protested many times and was even interviewed by a few radio and television stations and also a few newspapers — partly because I’d also written a book about laissez-faire and individual rights, and certain media outlets were interested in this. But here’s my main point:

    I watched the counter-protestors infiltrate every significant protest I attended. And one of them — in Denver, when Nancy Pelosi came to town to give obscene amounts of taxpayer money to a failed enterprise — was so blatantly astro-turfed that it would have been comical were it not so disgusting. I watched it in front of me, right before my eyes, fifteen feet away from me, as I also watched Obama’s Organizing-For-America people become unhinged and dangerously deceptive: one clownish charlatan in particular named Peter Fisk, who had a team of lackeys and who thought he could dupe me — failing pathetically — who then became my serial harasser. I have a good deal of experience with the indoctrinated left, their love of violence and force and their tactics of harassment, and I can assure you that they need “deprogramming” every bit as much as the hardcore Trumpers, and in many cases even more so. Their theme is hatred and violence. Their theme is nihilism. I saw firsthand the Alinsky tactics of the American left, and I experienced their sloppy polemics.

    And something else I saw after a little time had passed: I saw crazy people from the right and virtually all parts of the political spectrum come out of the woodwork — and that is precisely when and why I left.

    When you have close to one million people gathered in Washington DC — after four years of Donald Trump, and after nearly one full year of being locked-down, after all the violence and the riots of this past year — I can assure you that among these hundreds of thousands of people, you’re going to get a multitude of different groups and types — like Jake Angeli, the infamous viking guy, picture below at a 2019 climate-change protest, just one of the many bad eclectics:

    The video clips I posted above (and the one below, the interview with the observant Japanese woman) don’t make sense. It’s all so bizarre. And yet it is as clear as gin that something deeper is going on. The National-Review-type conservatives and the “measured libertarians” — as well as any number of people on the left (not just the far left, I mean) — all of them, in short, who would have you believe that the January 6th violence was solely or even primarily the product MAGA extremists, they are wrong. In fact, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ve never been to any protest like this, and they simply don’t know. These people all exist in a bubble. A vast array of different groups were there — including ANTIFA, Proud Boys, #BLM groups and their many subsets, et cetera — all of them were among those hundreds of thousands of people, and they would not have missed it for anything in the world. You can be certain of that. And you know who else was there? Plenty of peaceful protesters.

    The last ten months have seen the fastest worldwide aggregation and consolidation of state power, across a greater population span, than any other in human history. That is the power of propaganda when combined with a widespread unwillingness to think for oneself and instead conform to what one hears from the groups and people with whom one most closely associates.

    The level of lies, manipulation, and propaganda, circulating across the world at breakneck speed, is absolutely horrifying.

    The depth of the corruption is staggering.

    These natives, whom I do not know, say it best, and I love them for it. I love them:

    This government will make dependents out of every single citizen if they can: people for whom self-reliance is unthinkable, since the big benevolent government provides everything and grants all permissions and privileges to exist. Or not.

    Except for one problem: government is a literal parasite off the wealth that free-exchange (and free-exchange alone) creates. Government cannot spend a single penny unless it first either taxes, borrows, or prints. Government is an agency of force. Free people and voluntary exchange is the driver of all production and all innovation and all advances in standards-of-living and civilization. Voluntary exchange of goods and services are the locus and the foundation of all innovation, ingenuity, and wealth-creation. Government — any and all government — cannot exist without the wealth and production that freedom creates. Government without it will starve. That mindless leviathan called the state, who exists solely to gorge itself and grow fat on things which others produce, and who grows hungrier and hungrier the more it eats, would starve without freedom and the corollary freedom to exchange. The state is helpless and completely feckless without individual initiative and ingenuity among individual human beings interacting and cooperating voluntarily and to their mutual benefit.

    Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, I implore you: do not let them have control over your independent thought. Do not.

    I beseech you: don’t just believe what you’re told.

    Weigh the data yourself.

    Think for yourself.

    Your individualized brain is so powerful — more than you can imagine.

    Unleash it: unleash your independent beautiful brilliant brain — unleash its full power.

    Groupthink is the polar opposite of that.

    Groupthink is the disintegration of the individual mind.

    Groupthink is conformity, blind belief, non-thought.

    Always check the endgame and the proposed solutions of any and every policy put forth by any administration in any era or place.

    Take the time to sincerely and deeply educate yourself.

    Because I promise you that you’re being manipulated and lied to on a stupefying scale. Remember back in March of 2020, when the lockdowns were “for two weeks?” They would keep you locked down and in masks for life, if they could, and once bureaucracy takes hold and entrenchment sets in, it is impossible to retrogress away from.

    The state-mandated power to lock people in and shutdown businesses at will is an unchecked power-source, and it can now move in any direction.


    Even if you’re okay with these particular state-mandated policies, I promise that this power-source will not stay confined to that.

    “Emergencies” have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have eroded, as Hayek said, and during seasons of great pestilence men have often believed the prophecies of crazed fanatics, that the end of the world was coming. Credulity is always greatest in times of calamity.

    The forces that work tirelessly against individual rights are legion and multiplex, and they are constant because, like virus, they can’t survive exposure to light, and they thus mutate from year-to-year, decade-to-decade, generation-to-generation: God-or-Devil-appointed kings and queens one generation, Monarchy the next; Marxism one generation, Socialism on the NAZI pattern next; Neo-Marxism one generation, environmentalism the decade following (right after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent implosion of the Soviet Union); deep ecology one decade, inequality the next; privilege one year and then the year following, democratic socialism is all the rage. And so it goes. One generation plagiarizes another. The only thing different about them are the concretes: the principles remain precisely the same.

    Don’t let any other person or institution — even if you agree with their policies and politics — have control over your property, your person, or your mind.

    Read widely. Think carefully. Educate yourself.

    Your mind is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, and politicians know that in order to have command-and-control over people, the first requirement is that they control the minds of the people they govern; so that people and press alike enthusiastically welcome the controls and commands.

    Don’t relinquish the awesome power of your independent thought — your reasoning brain — your individual mind.

    No one can ever take away the awesome power of your brain unless you allow it — by not assuming the responsibility of independent thought and independent judgement.

    The cost of conformity is colossal.

    Don’t allow it to happen. Please.

    Don’t relinquish your independent reasoning brain.

    Voluntary human cooperation is always the answer. Always. Force is not the answer. Voluntary consensual human action is the solution. Not force. Never.

    The alternative you’re being presented with, through #BLM and the progressive left, cannot work.

    It can only result in command-and-control.

    Watch these police do and say nothing:


    Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can’t happen here. It’s already happening. We’re talking about police-state governance in the land of the free, the home of the brave. But it can only happen if enough people allow it.


    These politicians want to keep you in the dark. They want you to be assimilated, Borg-like. They’re politicians. They want to make dependent drones out of the population — because people who think for themselves are unruly and cannot be ruled.

    Knowledge is power. Learning is light. Independent thought is a virtue. Educating yourself is healthy. It is good.

    Read and weigh the data yourself — all of it.

    Visit this website — it’s open source, for independent journalists: Here’s the evidence.

    Watch this footage most of all. It’s an observant Japanese woman analyzing the “storming.”

    Politicians and bureaucrats — in the present day most especially — are liars of the most sociopathological sort. It doesn’t matter how much you agree with them or like them: they would cut you and your loved ones off at the knees at the first opportunity. They lust after command-and-control, and their lust knows no bounds.

    Human freedom is a birthright, and there is no type of freedom other than the type that free-exchange and voluntary human cooperation brings about.

    Watch the press-corp propaganda now. They think humans are so stupid that they can’t see how bloody fucking obvious all this is.

    Do not worship at the shrine of government. It is the greatest superstition there is.

    Do not allow yourself to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

    You are a free person.

    Freedom is your birthright.

    Don’t let it go.


    Freedom once gone is gone forever.

    Think for yourself.

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