The Doctor Who Pioneered Messenger RNA Technology Says The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Catastrophic
  • If you only watch one thing about this subject, I ask that you let it be the following video. This doctor — Dr. Mike Yeadeon — who worked many years for Pfizer, is a hero.

    Click the gear icon on the video player and speed up the video if you prefer, but listen to what he’s saying:

    Quoting this good doctor and drug-developer, who says at the 10:00 minute mark of the video:

    “So don’t anyone tell me that without actually studying it, you know what this vaccine is going to do to the developing embryo. You do not! You have no idea. You reckless idiots! All you physicians who are giving it to pregnant women, you are absolute reckless idiots! You need to be strung up by your thumbs and struck off. Any females who are thinking of having this vaccine, who might get pregnant around the same time or who are already pregnant, please don’t. It might be fine. But you don’t really want ‘might be fine’ as the assurance. I’m very worried. I’m going to go after that.”

    Now look at this, from CNN (NPR, The New York Times, Reuters, and numerous others also printed this false and potentially deadly propaganda):







    This, reader, is pure, unadulterated lunacy.

    It is unlike anything the world has ever experienced.

    They don’t know the hell they’re unleashing — and if they do, it is even worse than I think.

    And if you want a more in-depth explanation for why this Gene Therapy treatment is a veritable breeding ground for variants, I strongly recommend vaccine researcher Geert Vanden Bossche and his website.

    These are screenshots from papers he’s written. They specifically discuss why and how the vaccine selects — selects, I repeat — the variants and makes them more prevalent thereby:






    Dr. Robert Malone is one of the pioneers — some say the inventor — of messenger RNA biotechnology, which is the technology this vaccine uses.

    Recently the Atlantic Magazine ran a character-assassination piece on Robert Malone, but his logic and his work are immutable. See his response to the headline below:

    I want to also mention that many of the autopsy reports, just coming out, are shocking and unequivocal.

    Reader, this is not a partisan issue. I loathe partisan politics. Partisan politics are not only sheer nonsense: they drive such dogmatic fervor that no amount of evidence and no amount of factual happenings can penetrate the depth of the dogma. That, in turn, is what creates historical episodes like the holocaust.

    Injecting hundreds of millions of people with a Gene Transfer serum, before any long-term safety studies had even a fraction of the time required — it is not only unprecedented: it is unimaginable. To do it in the name of combatting a virus for which there is and has long been excellenteffective treatments is a crime against humanity and all human sense.

    If you’d like more proof, I ask you to go to the 21 minute mark of this podcast, and listen to these three very smart and very compassionate medical doctors talk about what’s happening, their sheer disbelief. One of these doctors is Dr. Hector Carvallo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a national hero and pioneer in the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, which is a safe and very effective treatment (ask yourself why you’ve heard next to nothing about it). Dr. Hector Carvallo outlines a similar suppression of early treatment from the government and academic stakeholders in order to promote mass vaccination. The other is Dr. Paul Corona, MD, of Glendale, California, who also works as a psychiatrist and is among the most sensible and compassionate-sounding doctors I’ve yet heard on this subject. They all three specifically discuss the mass indoctrination that has taken place especially, they agree, among doctors. Listen to it here. The best part starts at the 21 minute mark.

    This propaganda expert nails it, and watch the official state reports in the beginning of the video, when he’s discussing the explicit government directions and guidelines for communicating with the public. You can see with your own eyes, in no uncertain terms — a smoking gun if ever there was one — the direct, intentional, stated use of propaganda to scare people into accepting anything. It worked.



    And the methods are textbook:


    Finally, I’ve shown this video to several doctors, two of whom are infectious disease specialists, and they’ve all agreed that this video is a perfect illustration of why masks are useless for preventing the spread of any aerosol virus, which the Wuhan virus is. I know of no doctor who doesn’t know this, and yet so many go along with it in the name of … what? Conformity? Uniformity? Fear of speaking out against “the consensus”?

    As the doctor in the first video so perfectly put it: “This is not a conspiracy theory. It is an outright conspiracy.”

    Think of this next time you and your loved one and all the innocent children are forced to wear masks for eight hours straight:

    Remember also and don’t ever forget: “15 days to stop the spread” which turned into over a year and resulted in the greatest consolidation of state power in the shortest span of time that the world has ever seen.

    Reader, that power is now unchecked and can move in any direction.

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  • Leslie 08.14.2021

    …it is so critical that people start taking an evolutionary lens to understand vaccines, immunity, human behavior, and everything else under the sun. If we don’t, we just might weed ourselves right off the planet. Welcome to Nineteen Eighty-Four. What is ignorance and what is Macchiavellian? I am on the edge of my seat to see what next disasters are in store.

    Thanks for this great post.

  • Thank you. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment.

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