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    I’ve pieced together three short video-clips — what I regard as the most important parts — from an hour-long interview, which was just recently given. I’ve done this to partially codify some of the many horrible things that happen when people dogmatically advocate a blanket policy for something which in actuality is complex — and something, as well, for which there have been no long-term studies conducted, and for one simple reason above all others: there has not been nearly enough time.

    Also, just as an aside, you could have no better illustration of philosophy’s vital and very real role in daily human life and matters of life-or-death than you have had these past 18 months:

    I mean specifically the world’s mass panic and the political forces driving that panic — these are among other things a textbook illustration of an utterly corrupt anti-reason epistemology — which is the interpretation and understanding of information and knowledge — as well as an unspeakably adversary ethic that would have the world believe that political elites are better suited than we ourselves, as individual human beings, to determine our lives.

    They are not.

    They never will be.

    If you need to shut-off and shutdown conversation, you’ve lost.

    Every time somebody — anybody — says that “the debate is over” or anything like this, they are on the losing side.

    It is axiomatic.

    It is an infallible method for knowing truth from falsehood.

    The human mind operates by means of reason.

    The structure of the human mind is conceptual.

    This means that information must be processed. It is not automatic or infallible.

    Anyone who attempts to subvert this process loses instantly. They can never be on the right side.


    Capturing the depth of this political-intellectual corruption is, I regret to say, beyond the scope of my current vocabulary.

    I want people only to know that these are not good people.

    Good people don’t act this way.

    Good people don’t behave as governments behave.

    Government — all government, no matter which side of the so-called aisle — government, I reiterate, is by definition an agency of force. That is what government is.

    This is how government is defined:

    “The body politic which has legal control over a specified geographic region of land and which possesses a legal monopoly on the use of force — force with impunity; force over the citizenry.”

    Which is to say, force over individual human lives.

    The following pieces of dialogue were conducted by a host whom I don’t know, who is speaking with Dr. Richard Urso, MD, with whom I am familiar, a fearless and independent-thinking fellow, who (unlike any of these political elites, no matter their credentials and supposed credential, who work for the CDC or WHO or any number of other agencies), has, unlike them, I say again for emphasis, successfully treated hundred and hundreds of Covid patients, and who, like me, has for over a year found criminally outrageous the deliberate suppression of successful early Covid treatments.

    Dr. Urso: “More kids in the last 3 months have died from the vaccine that from Covid itself, if they had no comorbidity.”

    Host: “Is there a source for that?”

    Dr. Urso: “The CDC’s own data and the VAERS data.”

    Host: “That more kids have died from the vaccine than from Covid in the last three months!?

    Dr. Urso: “Yes.”

    Host: “Wow. I didn’t know any kids had died from the vaccine.”

    Dr. Urso: “Don’t make laugh.”

    Host: “No, I’m serious. I didn’t know kids were dying from the vaccine.”

    Dr. Urso: “I have six kids and they have over 300 vaccines. I’ve never spoken out against vaccines, and I never even thought about speaking out against vaccines. I’m just going to give data again: this is the most deadly vaccine-rollout of all time. The facts are in the numbers — the VAERS’s (CDC’s) own numbers. Or it’s just 12,000 coincidences.”

    Dr. Urso: “This is the Achilles heel of the program: they’re actually vaccinating people who had Covid and recovered. The data from Israel is clear: if you’ve had Covid and you’ve recovered, you have a 0.0086 of getting Covid again. Basically, you have no chance of getting it again. Why are we vaccinating them again? So let me just say, I don’t want to know anything except this: I ask the World Health Organization and the CDC: Tell me why you want to vaccinate Covid-recovered people? Answer that and then we’ll move forward.”

    Host: “And what’s their answer?”

    Dr. Urso: “There is no answer. They just ignore it. And there’s people on the political left and the political right — Dr. Hooman Noorchashm¬†[politically left], big proponent of vaccines — BIG proponent and immunologist — he is screaming at the top of his voice to ‘screen before vaccine!’ We are killing people by giving people who are Covid-recovered these vaccines…. It boggles my mind that we’re vaccinating people who have no signal response … people who have the requisite immunity — they have all the antibodies, they have all the T-Cells, and now you inject 14 billion Messenger RNA’s into them, making who knows how many hundreds of billions more … and we’re talking about a young person with an intact immune system — it is going to create a war inside them, and that hyper-inflammatory response is going to lead to death, and that is exactly what we’re seeing in these kids…¬†Nobody dies from the virus. That’s why we don’t need a virologist. This is an inflamo-throbmotic mechanism [the body’s response to the virus]. We need people that are pulmonologists and cardiologists, because if someone dies from this disease it’s because of inflamo-thrombotic mechanisms, and that’s what they’re dying from. They’re not dying from the virus. Period.”

    I, Ray Harvey, also want for people to know that these Gene Transfer Covid vaccines are driving the variants — in a similar way to the way in which antibiotics drive antibiotic resistance. They are selecting for them. This outcry that “the unvaccinated are creating the variants” is the polar opposite of the actual facts of reality.

    These Gene Transfer vaccines are also creating surges in many other viral illnesses — everything from shingles and mono, to human papilloma, to herpes 1, 2, 3, et cetera.

    There is also more hard data that Gene Transfer therapy can integrate into our DNA. From a recent paper out of Harvard/MIT:

    Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues

    Finally, if you can stomach the postmodern doublespeak, look at the way the CDC is now trying to cover itself — by defining away vaccine safety signals by means of mathematical jargon and postmodern equivocation to the point of mental disintegration and mind-spinning absurdity:

    Defining Away Vaccine Safety Signals


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