“The most disgusting episode in medical history; I am absolutely appalled by it” — Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist
  • Nobody knows the longterm side-effects of these gene transfer injections, and anybody who says he or she does know the longterm effects is either lying or totally ignorant or both.

    The reason nobody yet knows their longterm side-effects is that nobody could know them yet.

    There has not been nearly enough time to test for consequences and the effects of gene transfer, nor for the fat particles — the lipid nanoparticles — in which these gene-transfer platforms are encapsulated:

    The long-term consequences and side-effects are, I repeat, unknown.

    This is a fact.

    Anybody who tells you that anyone — and I mean anyone — knows the longterm consequences or side-effects of gene transfer is either lying or totally ignorant or both.

    As the enraged pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson says it in the third video below:

    “The big point here is: we just don’t know — because the studies have not been done. The last time I checked, pregnancy lasts 9 months. If you only do a test that lasts 4 to 5 months and you intentionally exclude pregnant woman, how in God’s name do you know what the effects are going to be on the pregnancy and on the baby? This is the most outrageous attack on humanity — knowing that there could be these consequences, and yet they are still doing it today. It must stop immediately. I am viscerally outraged at how this could be continuing despite the scientific evidence of risk.”

    These three vids are excerpts I culled from a much longer video that was made (not by me) August 18, 2021.

    I’m sharing with all readers the following three presentations because these three were from my perspective the most powerful, important, and articulate.

    Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer:

    Dr. Richard Blumrick, MD, maternal-fetal specialist:

    The most passionate of them all — which is saying a lot — Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist:

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