“Never before in United States history has a biologically active substance been injected, without any testing whatsoever, into pregnant women”
  • Never before in United States history has a biologically active substance been injected, without any testing whatsoever, into pregnant women — until this past year.

    Quoting Dr. Peter McCullough in the first of the two videos below:

    “People are being harmed in extraordinary fashion.”

    We are living in an era that has seen the most reprehensible and the most explicitly evil acts of medical malfeasance in American history.

    The scope of the crime that’s taking place is unutterable.

    I’ve excerpted these two clips from a long interview given in late May of this year (2021), and I’ve kept them deliberately short so that viewers don’t get overwhelmed.

    This is Dr. Peter McCullough, a physician who will be remembered by history as a doctor and independent-thinker so committed to the Hippocratic oath that the tidal wave of political-societal dogma didn’t knock him down or even faze him. And all the slander and libel leveled against him these past 18 months, for his standing against that colossal tide of propaganda, is an example to us all. He’s intransigently stood up for truth and he’s saved many lives, and he’s tirelessly fought the purveyors of force, who don’t even know the meaning of the words “do no harm.”

    It is not nor has it ever been the false alternative that you’ve been blasted with all these months: vaccination or nothing.

    It is, I repeat, NOT.

    It never was.

    That entire premise is pure irrationalism, antithetical to the very definition and the very foundations of medicine.

    When for the first time in all medical history pregnant women were injected by the thousands and even millions with a Gene Transfer platform that’s never been tested or used at all in pregnant women — not a single time prior to its rollout — and which Gene Transfer platform didn’t even exist one year ago, reader, please understand beyond any shadow of any inkling of any doubt that this not only goes so far beyond partisan politics that it’s absurd to even use that term in the same context — but also, and even more monstrous, that we are dealing here with something far beyond medical malpractice:

    We’re dealing with a horror-show. We’re dealing with attempted genocide.

    Anybody who tells you that anyone — and I mean anyone — knows the longterm consequences of these Gene Transfer injections is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil. These genetic injection were not given a fraction of enough time for anyone to properly vet, observe, and test, and nobody knows their longterm consequences. Nobody.

    Click the pic to enlarge.

    Let us also remember the actual lethality rates of the Wuhan virus when left untreated — i.e. not very lethal even when untreated:

    When treated, with safe, abundant, inexpensive, effective early-treatment protocols — protocols deliberately, criminally suppressed from the very beginning — the lethality rate of shrinks to far less than the seasonal flu.

    We must stand up against this now.

    No matter what side of the so-called political spectrum you place yourself upon and no matter how you feel about this entire deadly farce that’s come to be called “Covid-19,” I absolutely implore you to please stand up against this atrocity exhibition of human experimentation that’s going on right now.


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