Yes Or No?
  • Do you support or in any way sanction government — any government, American or any other — injecting thousands upon thousands of pregnant women with an experimental and biologically active material, a genetic material, before that material has ever been tested, even a single time, for any safety precautions in pregnant women?

    Yes or no?

    Do you or do you not?

    That question is the entire question. It is all one needs to know or say.

    It is everything about this whole sickening, tragic, reprehensible, murderous, propagandistic affair.

    It is the only thing that anyone now need answer about this entire crime against humanity.

    And that question is, when you boil it down, the same as this one:

    Would you right now hide Anne Frank in your attic from the German government?

    If like me you do not support or in any way sanction any government injecting thousands upon thousands of pregnant women with an experimental and biologically active material, a genetic material, before that material has ever been tested, even a single time, for any safety precautions at all, you should then be absolutely appalled and outraged and up in arms right now, because that is exactly what has been done:

    For the first time in the known history of American medicine, an untested and experimental Gene Transfer injection was administered to thousands and thousand of pregnant women, without any longterm scientific testing for safety risks — just as this very same Gene Transfer Therapy was also injected into hundreds of millions of individual human beings across the globe — before these same Gene Transfer platforms had been properly observed, studied, tested, measured, assessed, and evaluated for longterm safety precautions.


    That has happened these past several months, in the modern-day world.

    Even more shockingly, it is still happening.

    Even more shockingly, it is being cheered on by approximately one-third the world’s population, many of whom are so consumed with their zealous blind-belief in governmental bureaucrats and politicians that they would murder anyone who does not share their same zealous devotion to these same governmental bureaucrats and politicians.

    Even more shockingly, this has all come about because of a coronavirus which if left untreated kills approximately 0.5 percent of a very specific demographic of the population, and if properly treated, with treatment protocols that have existed from the very beginning of this and have been criminally suppressed and are still being criminally suppressed right into the present moment, kills far, far less — less, even, when properly treated than the regular seasonal flu. In fact, if bureaucrats and government officials stayed the hell out of medicine completely, this same coronavirus would have been defeated long ago.

    On a related note, just incidentally, if anyone is still keeping score — and I am — Sweden with its (astronomically) more sane and laissez-faire approach won by a landslide. And that landslide margin keeps growing:

    Did you know that George Floyd died of Covid? Most people don’t realize that it wasn’t police brutality that killed him. Here’s a little more information and context on that — information and context concerning those death-count numbers in America. This is information that many rational people have been trying to point out for a long time — only to be mocked and marginalized for daring to question orthodox dogma. Now the mockers and marginalizers are hearing the same thing from their beloved bureaucrats, and suddenly there is no response to this from the mockers and marginalizers, except deafening silence — a sickening silence:

    On April 28 of last year (2020), in response to the jaw-droppingly reckless lockdown policies that were enacted by governments overnight, I wrote the following:

    Freedom once gone is gone forever. This is why you MUSTMUSTMUST stand up against this unprecedented power-grab, and the propaganda campaign that largely fueled it. This is now an unchecked power-source. Even if you’re perfectly okay with the state now having this kind of power over this particular thing, realize there is no longer any check on it: it was decreed by executive order, and that power is automatically unchecked, and horribly dangerous. Think of that unchecked power turning, for no reason or just cause, against something (or someone) you hold dear — because I promise you that it is only a matter of time before this unleashed power-source spreads into other areas. Power and bureaucracy once established are impossible to retrogress away from.

    I do not bring this up now as an I-told-you-so — not remotely. On the contrary, what’s happened the past few months has happened with a speed that’s astonished even me, and I quote my article from over a year ago as an absolutely heartbroken plea and a call for everyone to stand up now and fight this monumental worldwide power-source moving unchecked all over the place, stomping upon individual lives as if these individual lives were nothing.

    I promise you that this virus would be defeated in rapid fashion if medicine were simply left free to practice as it should and properly would if only it were allowed to.

    This virus would be obliterated if governments all across the globe were not prolonging it with their insanity and their unspeakably destructive policies which consist of poison and death.

    Once-free countries right now are turning into police states before our very eyes. It is not too late to fight back.

    Stand up now.

    Passive resistance is enough.

    It will break the backs of these governments run amok.

    Government cannot spend a single penny unless it first either taxes, borrows, or prints.

    Economics is the life-blood of any and all societies.

    Economics is production and exchange.

    Production is the work of individual people.

    Governments do not produce.

    Government siphons off of production.

    The state cannot exist without the work of the individual people it lords over. But the total power resides in the individual people.

    Work takes many, many forms. Work is good. Work is healthy. Work is production. Work is life. Production is life, and it creates exchange and the freedom to exchange, which creates more abundance and gives life more abundantly. Government cannot exist without the people who work and who freely, voluntarily exchange goods and services.

    There is no type of freedom other than the type brought about by free and voluntary association and exchange.

    Stand up now to these power-mad bureaucrats and politicians who are shutting off all free exchange and free association. Stand up to them now because these people in power will stop at nothing — nothing — unless individual citizens stand up to them and force them stop. Go on strike against them. I repeat: passive resistance is enough. For over a year and half, these governments have been given too much reign — too much reign for too long — so that on their own they will never go back at this point, not unless individual citizens gather together and take an uncompromising stand against them. Tell them that your individual freedom is a birthright; it is not a privilege granted (or not) by the state. You are a free and individuated human being with an individualized mind that possesses the power of reason, and you are free to associate and to exchange with any other person who voluntarily agrees. You are not the property of the state, nor are you the property of any other person. You are your own person.

    I assure you that I am in no way overstating the urgency and importance of this, and my message is in no way melodramatic. What is happening is real, and it is deadly serious. I offer these headlines by way of an example. I could provide many, many more such:

    This is a real and recent headline.

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