Pfizer CEO: “You Will Require Three Booster Shots A Year” — And A Few More Urgent Things About Gene Transfer Injections
  • For conventional vaccines, reader, live attenuated viruses — or killed viruses and proteins, like tetanus shots and shingles shots, seasonal flu shots, dypyheria, et cetera — the minimum length of observational studies required by law is two years.

    For pregnant women, these same conventional vaccines require a minimum of five to twelve years of observational studies before they’re allowed.

    Gene Transfer Therapy is entirely experimental as a vaccine.

    Please let me say that again:

    Gene Transfer Therapy is entirely experimental as a vaccine.

    It is less than one year old altogether, and it has never been tested for longterm safety or side-effects.


    Gene Transfer comes from a failed biotechnology program begun in the early 1980s.

    In the two-month clinical trials allotted to these “warp speed” experimental genetic platforms — and this began less than a year ago — all three of these Gene-Transfer clinical-trials properly and correctly excluded pregnant women and children.

    This means that no pregnant women or children were tested a single time for safety precautions.

    When, after “warp speed” testing was completed, do you know, then, what political agencies around the world did?

    They injected them into pregnant women.

    For the first time in known medical history, experimental Gene Transfer platforms were immediately injected into thousand and thousands and thousands of pregnant women, as they are still being injected into pregnant women — all before a single observational study had ever been conducted.

    This is not merely the greatest act of medical malfeasance in all human history.

    It is something more.

    It is by definition bioterrorism. By definition.

    Under no circumstances prior to this would we ever have allowed a genetic product that’s not even achieved two years of standard vaccine observation, let alone the five years required for all genetic technologies, to be injected into the cells of any human being, least of all pregnant women.

    It is a fact also, reader, that this genetic material goes into the body’s reproductive organs and hyper-concentrates in the ovaries and the testes.

    In pregnant women, the lipid nanoparticles which package this genetic material are transferred through to the placenta.

    This means, among other things, that a fetus will have engraftment of the lysosomes and the installation of messenger RNA into that fetus’s primordial genital organs: the developing organs.

    It is also a fact that there occurs the production of the dangerous spike protein inside the cells, first expressed upon the cell surface. This creates an autoimmune attack against our own cells. The spike protein then breaks free and circulates throughout the bloodstream for a minimum of two weeks, inciting endothelial damage, inflammation, thrombosis, and other organ injury.

    We were told that after a second shot of messenger RNA, the circulating spike protein is then, in a sense, “mopped-up” by the antibodies.

    That is an absolutely unproven assertion — pure asseveration — without any observational data to support it. There are no assurances whatsoever that the messenger RNA is actually removed from the body.

    I say to you again and I implore you never to forget this: There are no assurances whatsoever that the messenger RNA is actually removed from the body.

    Anybody who tells you otherwise is either lying or totally ignorant — or both.

    I have spoken about this and even argued about this with many biochemical scientists and doctors, and not one — not a single one — has ever made anything remotely resembling a case. A few scientists and doctors, in fact, have come to agree with me. I am here to tell you: this is a shocking level of medical naïveté which borders on true and arrant brainwash.

    It gets even worse: because we know that the caps on these messenger RNA, which are human modified, they contain what are called “fortified nucleus caps.” What this means is that they’ve been deliberately modified to be durable and to be used over and over again. Unlike natural messenger RNA, which is used once and then metabolized — unlike this, I say again — these modified durable caps make the messenger RNA hyper-fortified, so that they can be used repeatedly. This is precisely why we are now hearing reports, months afterwards, of the signs that the messenger RNA is still active.

    A new and very scrupulous study you will soon see published has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that these messenger RNA products stay in the body for a very long time and can almost certainly be reverse-transcribed into the HERV region of our chromosomes.

    This means that because of these Gene Transfer injections, we may get a permanent installation of the genetic code for the Wuhan spike protein, which was developed in the Wuhan virology lab.

    We also know that the very first injection alone — forget the follow-ups — can create problems in P53 and BRCA, which means that these Gene Transfer vaccines could lead to cancer.

    Reader, this is not speculation on my part.

    It is not conjecture or fear-mongering or anything like that.

    That’s not my style, and anyone who knows me will testify to that.

    The seriousness of what’s happening cannot be exaggerated or ignored.

    In 1946, at the Nuremberg Trials, when mass murderer Hermann Goering, one of Adolph Hitler’s top henchmen, was asked how they got the German people to go along with the Nazi ideology, Goering replied:

    “It’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to pull people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”

    “We will continue to be your single source of truth,” New Zealand Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern has said recently, and admonished the New Zealand people to “disregard” any contrary information.

    Reader, this is real.

    What’s happening is real.

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