“This is a vaccine-induced autoimmune attack, and you can only expect that this is happening in every woman of child-bearing potential ” — Dr. Mike Yeadon, Former VP of Pfizer
  • Tomorrow — Thursday, September 9th, 2021 — Joe Biden is going to announce America’s so-called “new six-pronged” Covid-19 guidelines. It is widely expected that this will include mandatory experimental gene-transfer vaccine travel passports for all future air-travel.

    This will mean that unless you agree to being injected with an experimental genetic platform, the longterm side-effects of which are not fully known and could never yet be fully known because these genetic platforms were rushed through at “warp speed,” via the “Emergency Authorization Act,” and so have not been fully tested for longterm safety, you will not be able to travel by air.

    If this is indeed made into law (whether tomorrow or at any time), the mind-spinning coercion involved here, the sheer injustice of it, as well as the medical-moral horror of it, will among future generations elicit the same sort of gasps that the holocaust has rightly elicited in us for the past 80 years — if, that is, humanity survives this current crisis and then manages to rebuild just societies again.

    Concerning these experimental genetic injections, which are masquerading as “vaccines,” there’s already an overwhelming corpus of data that the injections are in alarming numbers harming pregnant women and affecting fertility, as Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer, discusses here:

    These experimental gene-transfer platforms are known to have killed and harmed, in less than one year’s time, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe — this according to the European Union’s data, the CDC’s data, and the raw data, obtained by lawyers, from Medicare’s database, which is entirely doctor reported.

    Here are some of the reports from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS):


    In 2009, a CDC study found that “only 1-to-5 percent of adverse vaccine events are actually reported.” In 2014, an even more exhaustive study by Harvard University, concluded the same thing: only 1-to-5 percent of all adverse vaccine events are actually reported. This means that what you see in the data above represents only a fraction of actual adverse events that have happened to actual individual human beings.

    Also, it is a poorly known fact that over eighty-five percent of adverse events reported to the VAERS database are doctor reported.

    I ask you to please take a moment and consider that and remember it.

    Consider it and remember it, I respectfully ask, because, as you may or may not be aware, it has become very vogue now — now that these gene-transfer platforms which are masquerading as vaccines ostensibly meant to combat the Wuhan virus, which Anthony Fauci, according to his own emails, illegally helped fund with American taxpayer money, have killed and harmed more individual human beings than all vaccines in world history combined — very vogue now to try and discredit the validity of VAERS, which up until the past few months has always been upheld as a reliable adverse-events reporting system: a system which, with the CDC’s own knowledge and ratification, is under-reported precisely because it is rigorous. Better to under-report than over-report.

    The recent attempt to discredit VAERS is pure deflection, pure misdirection, pure propaganda, pure equivocation, and pure prevarication.

    The VAERS system, invented in the late 1980’s, is intensive. Anyone who’s ever tried submitting a report to VAERS knows this.

    The VAERS system is also onerous. In addition to that, it is a federal offense to submit a false report to VAERS, punishable by prison time. You will not hear any among the current army of discreditors discuss that fact: the fact that it is a crime to submit a false report to VAERS.

    You will also not hear the current army of would-be discreditors discuss the fact that after you click “SUBMIT REPORT,” the CDC will call you on the telephone — usually more than once — and you will be taken through a series of very specific questions to substantiate your report.

    VAERS, I say again, is rigorous.

    Which is the primary reason that over 85 percent of adverse vaccine events reported to VAERS are doctor reported: because the CDC requires a great deal of specific and technical medical information — a gamut of test results, blood tests and otherwise, their exact numbers, the patient’s medical history, the patient’s charts, the patient’s medications and supplements (if any), and much more. This is technical information that the overwhelming number of patients don’t know or even know how to interpret. Anyone who’s ever tried submitting a report to VAERS will testify to all of this.

    Medicare’s database, which is entirely doctor reported, has the death-rate for these experimental gene-transfer platforms, which are masquerading as “vaccines” meant to combat the bioengineered Wuhan virus, at far higher than VAERS.

    There’s also this recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) — specifically, their VigiBase system, which is a global database containing the medical-personnel-reported side-effects of medicinal products:

    Allow me to call your attention to the date listed for the Covid-19 vaccine: November 12, 2021. This date is significant because at this point, the experimental Covid-19 vaccines have existed for less than a year. And yet in less than ten months, there have been reported twenty times more adverse side-effects for the Covid-19 vaccine than for the second most reported therapy, which is the influenza vaccine, which has existed for several decades. VigiBase is entirely medical-personnel reported.

    What all this means, among many other maleficent things, is that according the CDC’s own data and according to medicare’s own data and according to the WHO’s own data and according the the European Union’s own data, the actual number of people harmed and killed by these experimental genetic injections which are masquerading as “vaccines” — “vaccines” ostensibly designed to protect us against the bioengineered Wuhan virus (which virus when treated with any number of safe, inexpensive, abundant early-treatment protocols is less lethal than the regular seasonal flu) — is as much as 99 times the number you see at the top of the red spike in the following graph, which I pulled from the CDC’s website:

    What this furthermore means is that in a mere six month’s time — by July 1 of 2021 — these experimental genetic injections have killed as many as 200,000 humans in the United States alone.

    It means also that these experimental genetic injections have harmed hundreds of thousands — if not millions — more human beings: untold numbers of individual people who’ve been the victims of human experimentation, which is a war crime: a crime against humanity.

    It means as well that this atrocity exhibition is being deliberately hidden, which increases the degree of the crime.

    But perhaps the most ghastly and terrifying thing of all in this is the following:

    Nobody knows the longterm consequences of these gene-transfer platforms. Nobody.

    If you only hear one thing I say about this entire covid horror-story, I respectfully ask that it be this:

    Anyone who tells you that anybody — and I mean anybody — knows the longterm consequences of these genetic injections is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    I repeat:

    Anyone who tells you that anybody — and I mean anybody — knows the longterm consequences of these genetic injections is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    These experimental genetic injections were never tested for longterm safety. Never. That is a fact.

    They are a biologically active genetic material packaged in lipid nanoparticles which cross the blood-brain barrier and which hijack our body’s cellular apparatus. That is also a fact.

    These biologically active genetic injections were approved at “warp speed,” in two month’s time.

    Two months.

    In six month’s time, they’ve harmed and killed more human beings than all other vaccines in world history combined.

    The final and most devastating fact about all of this:

    Early treatment works.

    In the words of ICU physician and lung specialist Dr. Pierre Kory (MD):

    “Covid-19 is actually highly treatable and easy to treat.”

    Early treatment works.

    Early treatment works.

    This virus doesn’t kill anybody. Period. It’s the body’s inflammo-thrombotic response to the virus that kills people, and the inflammo-thromobotic response is easy to treat.

    Did you know that there are over twenty different early-treatment protocols?

    These protocols have existed from the beginning, and many, many good doctors have from the beginning been saving lives with them.

    These early-treatment protocols are safe, inexpensive, abundant and, most important of all, they are far more effective than any and all of the gene-transfer platforms masquerading as vaccines — gene-transfer platforms the longterm consequences of which nobody (and I mean nobody) knows because these experimental genetic platforms were never tested for longterm safety.

    Thursday, September 9th, 2021, is expected to be a day when an unprecedented act, an act totally illegal by any rational standard imaginable, an act of moral outrage and political injustice, is handed down from the United States government, via a racist and corrupt government official who is in clear cognitive decline: it is expected to be a state-issued mandate that tells individual human beings that by law they may no longer travel by flight unless they first agree to being injected with an experimental genetic platform which is known to damage fertility, cause miscarriages, severely harm individual humans of all ages, and to kill people:

    It is crucial not to let any of these illegal actions — none, including any possible future actions that may also come, even if they’re sworn into law — it is absolutely crucial that you not let them demoralize you or cause you to acquiesce and give in. That’s exactly what they expect, and it’s exactly what they’re going for: they will try through these injustices to demoralize humanity into a state of complete obedience and subservience and compliance.

    It is equally crucial, therefore, that these acts of outright crime and bioterrorism, which are being leveled against all of us, all across the world, be protested relentlessly and without any compromise for as long as it takes.

    Forcing and coercing human beings to be injected with something to which no human can give “full and informed consent,” because no one knows the longterm consequences or side-effects of a not-fully-tested genetic platform, this can only ever be described as one thing:


    You must stand up with me and protest this monstrous injustice, no matter how long it takes and no matter anything else.

    We are all being targeted and terrorized, all of us, every human being, every side of the political spectrum, and this terrorism will not stop until we all take an immovable stand against it.

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