Pfizer Warning Label Acknowledges “Spongiform Encephalopathy Contamination”
  • The following screenshot, directly below, comes from Pfizer’s own report. Spongiform Encephalopathy, underlined in the screenshot, is a genus of disease classification which most famously includes “Mad Cow Disease,” also known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease is a neurological condition caused by misfolded proteins, which are known as prions. There is a growing body of data showing that these Gene Transfer vaccine platforms are causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, in numbers that many scientists and doctors are finding very alarming. Pfizer’s warning label acknowledges contamination:

    Click the pic to enlarge.

    For almost a year now, neuroscientist Dr. Kevin McCairn, who’s narrating the brief video below, has warned about an upsurge of neurological conditions — particularly Mad Cow Disease. Dr. McCairn says he’s seeing an increasing number of behaviors in the world, such as the behavior we see from the man in this video, which present as prion-like conditions. This video footage is real footage:

    Gene Transfer platforms were not tested a fraction of the time required for anyone to know their longterm consequences and effects. Not even close. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying.


    Do not be bullied or intimidated into believing that they were fully tested for safety. It is not true.

    Nobody knows the full longterm consequences or side-effects of these Gene Transfer platforms.

    I promise you I know whereof I speak.

    We must unify — all of us, no matter where on the political spectrum we are — and we must fight back against what’s happening.

    This is bioterrorism.

    This is real.

    What’s happening is real.

    Here’s one way you can know:

    You do not inject hundreds of millions of human beings around the globe with an experimental and biologically active genetic platform — for a virus, which we now know beyond any doubt (from the latest Judicial Watch 900-email dump) was bioengineered and which bioengineering was funded with taxpayer money by Anthony Fauci and his department, for a virus, I repeat, that is safely, inexpensively, and effectively treated with early-treatment protocols that have been deliberately suppressed, and which virus even when untreated has a 0.5% lethality for a very specific demographic, and that low lethality percentage would, moreover, be reduced to less than season flu were all doctors and medical personnel to incorporate safe and inexpensive and proper early treatments.

    You do not.

    That is one of the many means by which you can know that this is bioterror.

    The absolute and all-out push for more and more experimental genetic injections, making these genetic injections by law mandatory or you cannot work, even though these genetic injections have been conclusively demonstrated to harm in the highest numbers by far of any vaccine, ever, in all of human history, and the full consequences of which, according to the drug-manufacturer’s own warning labels, are unknown.

    You cannot morally or justly force any human being to be injected with a biologically active material that has not been properly tested, that may very well cause harm or death.

    You cannot.

    It is an outrageous and unequivocal crime.

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