Anthony Fauci: “That’s a really good point. I don’t really have a firm answer for you on that”
  • Anthony Fauci on CNN yesterday was asked why people who’ve had Covid already are being required to vaccinate, even though they’re likely more protected than vaccinated people. Fauci’s response (and I quote):

    “That’s a really good point…. I don’t really have a firm answer for you on that.”

    Of course you don’t, Anthony Stephen Fauci: because your brains, if you can even call them that, are rotted and laced with parasites, and because you’re incorrigibly corrupt, corrupted to the core, we now know from your own words — complicit, I do firmly agree with Professor Luc A Montagnier, virologist and winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his life-saving work on HIV, “in high crimes against humanity and attempted genocide.”


    You do not need to be a conspiracy theorist, reader, to grasp what is now happening across the entire globe — and happening, moreover, at what has turned into terrifying speed.

    The attempt to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated is nothing more or less than increased psychological manipulation, meant to polarize us all against our fellows.

    These Gene Transfer platforms are dangerous, and in selecting for variants while simultaneously weakening our intact natural immunities, these Gene Transfer platforms are prolonging the pandemic.

    We are all in danger.

    We are all being targeted and terrorized.

    Everything else is a politically-orchestrated distraction.

    We must all come together. Everyone on the planet.

    I would not have undertaken the equivalent of a doctoral thesis of research and writing, in so short a time, if I was not certain that something colossal is happening. Nor would I be so frantically and frequently writing about this and talking about it with everybody I know, were there not cause. I promise you I would not.

    In the video directly below, an independent German journalist named Ernst Wolff, whom I had never heard of until very recently, delivers an excellent talk, given less than three weeks ago, and he offers a profound analysis in which he posits, among other things, that the past eighteen months have been, to some extent at least, intentionally destructive, with a premeditated aim. This video is subtitled. I strongly encourage you to watch it to the very end, even if you fast-forward to the last five minutes, because as bleak as it is in the beginning, his ending is not only uplifting and inspiring — though it is certainly that: it so precisely because what he understands and explicitly articulates at the end is accurate. It is absolutely true:

    Please talk to everyone you know about these experimental genetic injections, which were not fully tested for safety and which are nothing like the traditional vaccines, and which are harming people in astronomical numbers. Talk to your friends and acquaintances and relatives and your loved ones — not argumentatively but sincerely and in the spirit of benevolence and good will, which I believe and have always believed is what does and what properly should unite us all.

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