“People all across the political spectrum are waking up to the fact that we have a group of corporate elites and elite politicians running countries under the guise of “liberal” or “progressive” when they are the exact opposite. Their authoritarian drive towards mandated vaccine passports has umasked who they really are, and what’s truly happening.” — Attorney Michael P Senger
  • Psychological manipulation, fueled by virtually all major mainstream media outlets worldwide, is why and how this bioterror campaign, in which we are all now inescapably enmeshed, was initially supported by so many people across the entire globe.

    We were all fed a steady endless diet of misinformation.

    It is because of misinformation and the widespread acceptance of this misinformation that the purveyors of force were enabled:


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    Please be aware that the propaganda can now only increase. It’s gone too far to ever go back.

    The overt push, by governments all across the world, for vaccine mandates (or nothing) has irreversibly escalated: this worldwide war of bioterrorism, in which all of us, no matter our politics, race, color, class, creed, sex, sexual-orientation, age, or gender, have been targeted and terrorized.

    From here on, everything you now read or hear about this subject — and many if not most other subjects as well, no matter how seemingly disparate or unrelated — from all major mainstream media outlets and from all government-officials and agencies propounding any and all types of compulsory measures mandated by the state (including but not limited to no effective early-treatment protocols) will for certain be deeper misinformation, manipulation, outright prevarication.

    Everything you read or hear, most especially from any government or government official, should be treated with extreme suspicion. Extreme and undiluted.

    They are all guilty until proven innocent — all, without a single exception — just as most governments now regard anyone skeptical of “COVID” propaganda as guilty until “proven” innocent.

    This not cynicism on my part. It is simple statement a fact. They cannot do otherwise now that they’ve committed themselves to this level — this degree of pro-force, pro-coercion, command-and-control ideology.

    The propaganda will only intensify.

    I reiterate and emphasize: the propaganda will only intensify.

    The shut-down of open inquiry is always and everywhere a foolproof giveaway that those propounding this shut-down are in the wrong. One hundred percent of the time.

    Ministers of propaganda and those officials in charge of this department have refined propaganda to a science. They’ve had decades and decades to perfect it. This is as true of media lapdogs as it is of government officials. It is also true of media lapdogs even if they’re not directly under state edict.

    They’ve all become masters of mass manipulation.

    Never doubt this.

    But there’s one thing that no amount of misinformation, manipulation, and prevarication can ever touch, and that is this: the independent thinking critical mind and the human power of reason.

    There are axioms, reader, which you can know are always infallible unfailing guides and gauges, and by means of which you’ll be able to spot and discern what’s true and what’s not.

    The shut-down of open inquiry is one such axiom.

    Any time any person or any institution, no matter how venerable or well-respected — even if it’s religious — calls for the shut-down of open inquiry, either explicitly or implicitly (i.e. in the act of shutting it down one way or another, even indirectly, such as by threatening or fining someone for printing a story), that person or institution is in the wrong.

    They are engaged in a campaign of misinformation and psychological manipulation.

    “A lie resents questioning; but truth is untroubled in defending itself.”

    Another such axiom is the espousal of the instigation of force and coercion.

    Any person or any institution, no matter how venerable or well-respected, even religious institutions, which call for the instigation of force or coercion leveled upon individual human-beings, no matter the stated ends or goals, is always and unequivocally in the wrong.


    If you keep those two axioms fixed steadfastly in your mind, you will forever be impervious to even the most subtle and manipulative propaganda tactics.

    And those tactics, please note — this is critical — are always gradual and cumulative and seek over a long span of time to introduce irrational ideas and unjust notions incrementally. I ask you to please never forget this point. Thus:

    That article is textbook propaganda, in the true and, I would say, typical communistic style. Here you have a mainstream and well-respected newspaper, nothing on the lunatic fringe, running a seemingly innocuous article, with normal-looking people pictured, the writer of the article a smiling face you’ve perhaps seen countless times before, though even if you haven’t seen it countless times before, it’s still a smiling friendly face; and yet the headline is announcing something very controversial and even shocking, certainly not something universally believed by most humans on planet earth, no matter their particular political affiliation. But that is precisely the point — that is the propaganda:

    It is meant to just introduce something here. Nothing more. It’s not trying to win any converts immediately — not at all. Then, in a week or two or maybe a month later, another similar article will run. And then again later. And then again. So that after a year or two goes by, what was once controversial and even shocking is now something people are used to: no big deal. It’s a type of desensitizing and indoctrinating thereby.

    I have recently seen an astounding number of exactly such articles and tactics — specifically, on the principle of free-speech: mainstream outlets with well-respected writers, including Pulitzer-Prize winning writers, suddenly coming out with quasi-sophisticated articles “discussing” why “we may need to rethink” the “virtue of free speech.” This is a slow, gradual introduction of a historically proven tyrannical viewpoint, and the entire goal of these slow, gradual accretions, even with all their jargon and their pseudo-intellectual equivocations and circumlocutions that come off so transparently and pathetically lame, is to normalize irrational ideas in the minds of many, especially young people who are still learning and forming their ideas and their convictions: their worldview. The young people are the primary target. The young have been relentlessly targeted for decades in state-run institutions of education all across the world.

    Another similar example is the shutting down of millions and millions and millions of small business overnight, ruining countless individual human lives forever, and simultaneously making cloth masks (which have never and can never stop an aerosol virus, which is like smoke, which you can smell through your cloth mask and for a very specific reason) mandatory — but, of course, just for “two weeks to flatten the curve.” This is how two weeks turned into months, which turned into more months. This is how and why a year-and-a-half later governments all across the world are able to lockdown ostensibly free people at any time, and the majority of people will not only not object: they’ll support it with a passion perfervid enough to make them murder their fellows.

    This has all been a process of psychological manipulation conducted on a widespread scale.

    Propaganda is always incremental.

    I say to you again: Propaganda is always incremental.

    Do not get used to it.

    How do you ensure that you don’t?

    Like this:

    You keep the truth steadfastly fixed in your beautiful, brilliant, thinking, independent, critical, reasoning mind, which is so strong and so bloody fucking powerful that if you could actually see your mind’s awesome power and its strength charted-out and measured in some cosmic absolute terms, on some vast incomprehensible grid of human excellence and human efficacy, you might not even believe how strong and powerful it is.

    Yet it’s absolutely true.

    Your independent, thinking, critical, reasoning brain is unconquerable.

    It is insurmountable and unvanquishable.

    It can only be defeated if one willfully relinquishes its mighty power.

    Human freedom is right and true. The instigation of government coercion and state force is an injustice, and as such it is unequivocally wrong. Open inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge is right and true. The attempt to shut-down open inquiry is an injustice and it is wrong. Human freedom and the corollary freedom to consensually associate and to exchange with anyone who consensually agrees, is right and true, and there is no type of freedom other than the type which voluntary exchange brings about.

    These are all truths — truth being the accurate identification of reality — that we must keep steadfastly fixed inside our brains.

    Any person or any institution who proposes otherwise is wrong. That is also a truth. It is the accurate recognition of reality.

    The characteristic mark of truth is that it represents reality correctly.

    If you never relinquish your independent, thinking, critical, reasoning brain, I promise you that it will remain always yours — in your full and entire possession, with its full and awesome power always at your disposal.


    “People all across the political spectrum are waking up to the fact that we have a group of corporate elites and elite politicians running countries under the guise of ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ when they are the exact opposite. Their authoritarian drive towards mandated vaccine passports has umasked who they really are, and what’s truly happening.”

    — Attorney Michael P Senger

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