Washington v. Harper, a 1990 U.S. Supreme Court case: The Court found that a “forcible injection … into a nonconsenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty”
  • Washington v. Harper, a 1990 U.S. Supreme Court case, the Court found that a “forcible injection … into a nonconsenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty[.]” 494 U.S. 210, 229 (1990). 

    The common law baseline from which this right developed was that “even the touching of one person by another without consent and without legal justification was a battery” 497 U.S. at 278.

    “The Ninth Circuit has reaffirmed the Court’s recognition of fundamental right to determine one’s own medical treatment, to refuse unwanted medical treatment, and a fundamental liberty interest in medical autonomy.”


    Governments, media, social-media, and all other antagonists will now seek to sow much deeper division and strife among us all.

    This will next be the main strategy and the main methodology employed in the worldwide push for repeated and mandatory booster-shot vaccinations.

    This campaign will become relentless and it will grow absolutely gigantic.

    The people behind this campaign will use every tactic of fear and psychological manipulation they can conceive — all the shaming and ridicule imaginable — and, exactly as the Nazis did with typhus and the branding of fellow humans as “dirty and unclean,” the powers-that-be will, with this inevitable coming push for more and ever-more vaccinations, do absolutely everything in their power, with all the reach of Google, YouTube, and virtually every other major mainstream media and social-media outlet, to pit humans against one another.

    The total goal will now be to turn us all into the-vaxxed-versus-the-unvaxxed — and I ask you as your fellow human being to always remember the following, because it is crucial:

    “Unvaxxed” will mean frequency of repeated booster injections. Always remember this: you and I and every person will be considered “unvaxxed” who has not had her or his booster in a given time-frame.

    Be prepared for this coming tsunami, reader, the entire goal and focus of which will be to sow strife and create deeper division among humans.

    This will be an immense onslaught — the pressure indescribable — and the resources fueling this onslaught are almost beyond comprehension.

    But none of that can overcome human goodness and human unification — good-will and benevolence among us all.

    Goodness is timeless.

    I want to say that again: Goodness is timeless.

    Always remember as well, no matter where you are on this issue, no matter how you feel about Covid, no matter what you think of the recent emails that prove this virus was bioengineered and the Wuhan Laboratory funded with American taxpayer money, no matter what you think of me and my laissez-faire dithyrambics — please, reader, always-always-always remember the following fundamental fact:

    We’ve all been targeted and terrorized here.

    Humans must unify.

    All of us.

    The greatest danger of all right now is not in the virus but in deeper division among us — deeper factionalizing.

    We are all individuated human beings. We are not the property of any government or any other person.

    You are your own person, as I am my own person.

    Quoting the incomparable Geert Vanden Bossche, Independent Vaccine Research Consultant (whom Bill Gates once hired, incidentally, for Geert Vanden Bossche’s incomparable brilliance, though Geert Vanden Bossche quit that job some time ago): 

    All vaccines contribute the ongoing explosive expansion of more infectious and increasingly anti-spike-Ab-resistant immune escape variants. However, all of the unvaccinated but not vaccinated (= still predominantly asymptomatically infected) contribute to herd immunity, either by virtue of naturally acquired immunity (i.e. those who were susceptible and recovered from C-19 disease) or by preventing or abrogating infection by any Sars-CoV-2 variant (i.e. all the unvaccinated who are not susceptible to C-19 disease or lack of immune suppression of their multispecific innate immune effectors).
    We, therefore, have to rely on the unvaccinated to prevent dominant, highly infectious variants from rapidly evolving towards full resistance to the vaccines. We need, therefore, more unvaccinated people to protect the vaccinees. [My emphasis]
    Hence, it’s imperative that we make love (=> baby boom to replenish reservoir of unvaccinated!) and not war (=> STOP mass vaccination).
    When presenting with first signs & symptoms, all humans must have access to immune-strengthening supplements (mostly sufficient for the young & previously healthy) and early multidrug treatment (mostly required for the vulnerable & elderly).
    We’re in this together and, once again, I am BEGGING the WHO to give me a chance to explain all of the above.

    It can neither be stated too emphatically nor too frequently that nobody knows the full longterm consequences and side-effects of these Gene Transfer platforms. Nobody.

    Never forget: these genetic platforms were pushed through at “warp speed” and were approved in two months time. Never before in human history has a vaccine with such a paucity of longterm safety testing been injected into so many people. Never.

    Prior to this, the minimum observational time by law for any biologically active genetic material was five years.

    These experimental vaccines were approved after two months.

    Two months for an experimental Gene Transfer platform, which has been injected into countless thousands of pregnant women before a single observational study had been conducted, and which are poised to be injected into millions of children as young as five-years-old.

    We must all unify.

    We are not in this way at all dangerous to each other, and I promise you that.


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