Primum Non Nocere
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    “Vaccine policy must be based on basic risk-benefit and ethics principles of public health. In abandoning these through COVID-19 vaccination, we risk undermining the effectiveness of vaccination programs generally.” — Dr. David Bell

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the full longterm consequences or side-effects of Gene Transfer Therapy is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.


    And any government that’s psychotic enough to try mandating an experimental genetic injection which has not been tested for full longterm side-effects and consequences, and which genetic injection has in six months time killed and harmed more human beings than all other vaccines in human history combined, is in arrant violation of all known human rights and every sound principle undergirding the concept of justice.¬†Where, then, are all the Human Rights groups? Amnesty International: where are you? Did the world elite puppets at Davos bribe you into silence too, as they did the ACLU and so many thousands and thousands of others?

    Make no mistake: What’s taking place is an absolutely monstrous act of criminal injustice — a war crime of the highest order — which cannot under any circumstances be defended or justified by any reasonable standard imaginable.

    It’s a crime against all humanity, and it must immediately be stopped and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    I am, therefore, happy to report that one country so far — the beautiful country of Romania — has taken steps to do precisely that. This is big:

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    It’s imperative, reader, that you not let the overwhelming societal-governmental pressure and the relentless, feel-good, nothing-negative-to-see-here-move-along mainstream narrative either distract you or diminish the extreme gravity of what’s happening or in any make it feel normalized.

    It is not normal.

    It is an atrocity exhibition.

    An uncompromising stand must be taken against it. These “vaccines” did not exist even one year ago, and they are genetic injections never fully tested for longterm consequences or side-effects.

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the full longterm consequences or side-effects of Gene Transfer Therapy is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    These injections are worldwide harming and killing people in extraordinary fashion. That is a fact:

    Click the pic to visit the website and read patient testimonials.

    Watch the video. Hear their own words.






    Do you know what else?

    This virus was bioengineered and financed with American taxpayer money, through Anthony Stephen Fauci’s bureaucratic department, and this same Anthony Stephen Fauci unequivocally perjured himself in July of this year, when he was questioned by Senator Rand Paul. Perjury carries a minimum five-year prison sentence.

    Click the pic to read the latest from Judicial Watch about Anthony Fauci, who will be brought to justice.

    Listen to Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp, MD, take a brilliantly uncompromising stand against injecting children with these experimental Gene Transfer platforms:

    Click the pic to watch the video.

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