“Stop Calling It Covid; Stop Calling Them Vaccines”
  • “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” — Confucius (551 BC to 479 BC)

    “First, confuse the vocabulary.” — Vladimir Lenin, mass murderer (1870 to 1924)

    It is not COVID or COVID-19 or even SARS-coV2.

    It is the Wuhan virus — Wuhan, China, of course, as you know, being the place where this American-taxpayer-funded, bioengineered virus originated and very shortly after which the communist party of China launched a global propaganda campaign to rename this virus: rename it by genus, rather than its place of origin, as has always been the lexical method (i.e. Hong Kong flu of 1968 which killed over a million people worldwide).

    Similarly the injections supposedly meant to inoculate against the Wuhan virus are not vaccines. Stop calling them “vaccines.” They are Gene Transfer platforms, which didn’t exist one year ago, and they contain a biologically active agent. As such these genetic injections hijack our body’s cellular apparatus and send spike proteins into our bloodstream, creating blood clots thereby, most dangerously in the human heart and brain, unleashing widespread damage all throughout the body. The full longterm consequences of these Gene Transfer injections are not known by anyone.

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the full longterm consequences of these Gene Transfer injections is either lying or totally ignorant or both.

    The beginning of wisdom, I repeat, is to call things by their proper name.

    Mr. Paul Offit is in general very pro-vaccine. If you’ve lost him, you’ve lost:

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the full longterm consequences of these Gene Transfer injections is either lying or totally ignorant or both.

    The creation and subsequent unleashing of the Wuhan virus, followed by unprecedented worldwide governmental coercion and state control over private lives, which resulted in incalculable death and destruction that’s still reverberating, was phase 1 in a premeditated, fully orchestrated act of bioterror war.

    Injecting hundreds of millions of people with an experimental, biologically active genetic material before that material had ever been tested for longterm consequences or side-effects was phase 2. Phase 2 also includes injecting and then re-injecting — with “booster” shots every few months for life — billions of people worldwide with a biologically active genetic material that’s never been tested for longterm consequences or side-effects.

    This, please remember, for a virus which can be easily, safely, inexpensively, and effectively treated with many, many different early-treatment protocols and which when treated with these safe, inexpensive, effective early-treatment protocols is far less lethal than the season flu.

    Phase 3 of this bioterror war will be a second pandemic — “get ready for a dark winter,” as Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the entire clownish White House bureaucrats keep admonishing — while at the same time, possibly, according to a number of military people, a physical attack on American soil.

    The Washington DC January 6th “attempted coup” was staged by America’s own governmental agencies.

    This was immediately obvious to many of us, and now, thanks to the indefatigable efforts of numerous investigators and lawyers (on both sides of the so-called aisle), the FBI has officially, as of today (September 25, 2021), been definitively caught in their involvement in this hoax, as even the FBI’s biggest cheerleader the New York Times — knowing that the story was about to break and so in full damage-control — today confessed:

    Briefly on the subject of the January 6th hoax: to me the most amazing thing about the entire set-up, without any question, was the sheer number of seemingly smart people who did not see through the absolutely stupid obviousness of it. To wit:

    Lights, camera, action.

    If you really want to watch something outlandish, watch this brief incredible video (directly below) made by Wooz News, who are non-partisan. I don’t agree with every single one of their interpretations, but I do agree with the majority of their interpretations — most significant of all: the actual video footage itself, which does not lie, and which these video-makers did a brilliant job of culling, editing, highlighting, stopping, starting, zooming in, panning out.

    As a good friend and former co-worker of mine, a man who was also a medic in the United States military and later an EMT, so aptly said it:

    “There is a zero percent chance that nobody would have even attempted to save her [Ashley Babbit]: with CPR or a pen in her throat to help her breathe. Zero percent. There is no way they’d all just be standing around screaming ‘We can’t save her! Get out! We can’t save her! She’s dead! She’s gone! Get out of here!’ — when she’s not dead or gone at all, as they and everyone else can see.”

    Watching the following video, which consists entire of actual video footage from January 6th, 2021, is like watching a far-fetched, fatuous farce even more clownish than the Keystone Cops:

    The reason I bring up January 6th in this context is that it’s a very important strategic piece in the war of bioterrorism being waged against us all: specifically, I mean, in politicians and the media manipulating people and branding anyone who fights back against corrupt governments waging war upon us all with their relentless worldwide push for repeated mandatory genetic injections — injections which have never been fully tested for longterm consequences and which in eight months time have killed and harmed more individual human-beings than all other vaccines in history combined — branding anyone, I repeat, who fights back against this war of bioterrorism and medical tyranny as “crazy Q-Anon MAGA types” (which is to say, “domestic terrorists,” via the Patriot Act instituted by George Bush Jr. and then drastically expanded by Barack Obama). The total goal here is to give politicians as much support as possible among as many private citizens as possible, when and if there’s a backlash against their tyranny, which there will and should be.

    Yet the orchestrated set-up and hoax of January 6th is truly crumbling — aided in no small measure by the recent court-ordered release of previously unreleased video footage from that day, which the FBI and the Biden administration kept carefully suppressed and did not under any circumstances want released.

    The New York Times writing their article today is a monumentally significant turn of events.

    Election fraud has also come leaping back into the light, after yesterday evening (September 24, 2021), when Maricopa County, Arizona, revealed astonishing data. As lawyer Matthew S. DePerno put it:

    But most of all, reader, most of all I want you to see this, which is of immense importance:

    The following, in quotation marks, are her words:

    Click the pic to watch this video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    (Link to PezantJouranlist, who did a phenomenal amount of work culling and compiling this video footage.)

    We’re being lied to, all of us, on an unprecedented scale — across the entire world — and these sub-humans have been lying to us for over a year-and-a-half. This is a global transhumanist cabal.

    I promise you I am not wrong about this.

    One other very urgent thing I must call your attention to — something crucial among all totalitarian governments across the globe, in any era, in any culture, but happening at breakneck speed right now: it is a tactic upon which they all rely, and the crucial part I wish to highlight here is the fact that this tactic is a carefully cultivated and deliberate one. It’s a complete put-on — as phony as a fifty-two-dollar bill:

    Their primary intent is to instill terror and to intimidate with fear: the fear of authoritarian power.

    This is what they’re now completely cultivating.

    In this regard, they’re exactly like the bullies we all knew in grade school and junior high. It is the same psychology.

    This is why we’re suddenly seeing world leaders everywhere, female and male alike, striking what they think are menacing, intimidating poses, such as this:

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    And this:

    And this:

    You know how you appropriately respond to such pathetic bullying tactics?

    Exactly as you properly respond to bullies all throughout life: by standing up to them.

    We stand up to them all and we tell them that neither they nor any other institution or person has legitimate authority over any individual human life or her property. Human beings are individuated and autonomous, we say to them, and so go fuck yourselves, and leave us all the hell alone.

    Do not let them intimidate you, reader — at all costs. Do not. Every single one of these people is on the brink of total exposure and prosecution for war crimes that warrant the penalty of execution, and every single one of them knows, deep down, how corrupt and truly ineffectual and weak they are. I’m speaking seriously.

    What they’re doing, I promise you, is pure theater, pure bluster, pure tactic, and intimidating you is exactly what they seek to do. But they’re trying way too hard. In reality, they’re absolutely terrified — terrified of you and me — and they should be terrified: the things they’ve done are unspeakably serious crimes against humanity, as they well know, and they will at all costs now do and say anything to avoid being caught and brought to justice. But I can tell you for an absolute fact that every single one of them is scared silly right now. This is why Anthony Fauci’s hands shake uncontrollably when Rand Paul is questioning him. It is also why Bill Gates stammers so awkwardly while his body language goes apoplectic when Gates was recently asked about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his many meetings with Epstein.

    So that when Joe Biden says to American people “I understand your anger toward the unvaccinated” know, first of all, that his speech-writers are deliberately attempting to instigate internecine strife and even warfare. They’re attempting more psychological manipulation: a tactic of pitting humans against their fellow humans.

    Know second of all that what Biden means by “unvaccinated” no longer means those who’ve gotten one or even two injections — just as hospitals, along with the CDC, from whom these hospitals receive their orders and guidelines, no longer consider people “vaccinated” who have not had enough injections within a certain time frame.

    Please never forget that. It is everything.

    These injections will not stop — not until we all as individual human beings unify and make them stop.

    It will all be a question of frequency and amount.

    As the pathetic Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, recently put it:

    “You will require three booster shots a year.”

    This, mind you, with a biologically active genetic injection that’s never been fully tested for longterm consequences or side-effects, and which in eight months time has killed and harmed more human-beings than all other vaccines in history combined — to combat a bioengineered virus, illegally funded by Anthony Fauci (who recently perjured himself before congress) with American taxpayer money: a virus which untreated has a lethality of 0.15% to 0.5% and which when treated with safe, abundant, inexpensively, effective early-treatment protocols kills far less than the seasonal flu.

    That is why people all around the world are rightly, beautifully, bravely standing up together and protesting.

    Notice the date: it is today (September 25, 2021).


    Fifteen days to “flatten the curve”:

    Click the pic to watch the video.

    I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: state-mandated injections of a biologically active genetic material the longterm consequences of which are unknown — and who has any idea what else is in these shots? (read this doctor’s thorough article, complete with photos from electron microscopes) — affect us all forevermore whether we’ve been “vaccinated” already or not.

    The repeated booster injections will not end — ever — in no small measure because these Gene Transfer platforms are driving variants in the same sort of way that antibiotics drive antibiotic resistance.

    This is why we must all stand up together — across the globe — and fight this worldwide war of medical tyranny and bioterror: because we are all being targeted and terrorized. Every one of us.

    And it won’t end until we make it end.

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