The Will Is Eternal

    The will is eternal.

    Goodness is timeless.

    Nothing is more important than freedom.

    Freedom is the absence of state-coercion.

    Freedom is the omission of governmental force.

    Freedom is a birthright.

    Freedom is the natural-born liberty we all have to move about, to associate and to exchange with those who voluntarily and consensually agree to exchange and associate with us.

    There is no type of freedom other than the type that voluntary exchange brings about.

    A right is that which can be exercised without anyone’s permission.

    Freedom is each individual’s natural-born liberty to exist not by permission but by right.

    The only alternative to acting by right is acting by permission.

    The only alternative to acting by right is acting by permission.

    The only alternative to acting by right is acting by permission.

    Ask yourself: whose permission? And who gives permission to those whose permission the rest of us are acting under? And who gives permission to the people above them and so on?

    Answering that is where you’ll see the true and fundamental nature of rights, which by definition — i.e. by virtue of what rights actually are — always and only belong to individuals: there are no such things as “group rights” or “collective rights” or “men’s rights” or “women’s rights” or “straight people’s rights” or “gay rights” or anything of this nature. There are only rights. And by virtue of what rights are — i.e. that which can be exercised without another’s permission — rights can only apply to individual human beings, whether the individual human being is straight, gay, trans, male, female, brown, black, white, yellow, all of the above, none of the above, or any other non-definitional characteristic: it doesn’t matter. The individual is the smallest minority there is.

    The term “individual rights,” like the term “human rights,” is in fact a redundancy — a tautology, as the philosophers like say — though it is a redundancy of great necessity, now more than ever before, because the actual meaning of the term “rights” is understood by only the slimmest fraction of the world’s population.

    The answer to my question above — who gives permission to those whose permission the rest of us are acting under? And who gives permission to the people above them and so on? — is this: no one and nothing, because humans do exist by right. Any policy or person denying this is in the wrong. They are engaged in an act of injustice.

    Politicians and bureaucrats all across the globe are fully aware that they’re involved in something unutterably vile, something evil.

    They are scared silly — and they are right to be.

    Their authoritarian pose is precisely that and nothing else: a pose.

    The moment someone stands up to them and confronts them, when these sub-humans are unable to hide, they quake: Anthony Fauci’s uncontrollable shaking hands when Rand Paul is questioning him; Bill Gates’s unbearable body contortions and painfully obvious physical tells when he’s asked about his friendship with Jeffery Epstein.

    And, of course, Jacinda Ardern — New Zealand Prime Minister and aspiring autocrat — who one year ago said (and I quote) “Not only will there be no forced vaccinations, but those who choose to opt-out won’t face any penalties at all” (unquote), and who last night experienced a catastrophic backfire: a sledgehammer-blow to her utterly phony facade of brittle plaster.

    Jacinda posted on her Facebook page an open invitation to “talk about your fear of vaccine side-effects” — almost all of which, Jacinda said, “are mild … gone after a couple of days.”

    You can, I’m sure, guess what happened almost immediately after that: hundreds and then thousands of people began commenting with truthful accounts, telling their real-life experiences of how these Gene Transfer injections, rushed through at “warp speed” before any longterm testing was done, are harming people in extraordinary fashion.

    This, make no mistake, is the deadliest “vaccine” rollout in all human history — by far — and anyone who tells you that anybody knows the longterm consequences of these Gene Transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant or both.


    Here is Jacinda Ardern’s post from last night, Sunday, September 26th, 2021:

    Can you next guess what Prime Minister Arden and her wise governing bureaucrats began doing as soon as they saw this flood — this deluge — of real-life testimonies?

    You’re right: they began deleting these comments.

    Unfortunately for them, people were screenshotting and saving these comments.

    I strongly encourage you to read through some of them. Here’s the link again.

    Here’s another link with even more of the thousands and thousands of testimonies from individual human-beings — individual human-beings the words of whom Jacinda Ardern and her bureaucratic lackeys have been working overtime to expunge.

    Jacinda is right to be frightened.

    Jacinda should be terrified.

    Jacinda is terrified: because what’s she’s engaged in is a crime of the utmost gravity — a war crime, a crime of inexpressible proportions, a crime against all humanity.

    It is the same sort of crime for which many NAZI’s were at last brought to justice.

    In fact, this Jacinda Ardern scandal caught fire and spread so rapidly that you can now watch her lie and you can see the terror in her eyes set inside her phony plaster facade: in this press conference she just gave — a further attempt at damage-control.

    Her attempt failed pathetically.


    These people know they’re on the brink of total exposure: total exposure for crimes every bit as serious as Nazi war-crimes.

    They know it and they know the unspeakable magnitude of their crimes:

    They know that the billions of dollars they accepted from genocidal tyrants came at a steep cost: the cost of their souls, in exchange for the natural-born freedom of millions of individual human-beings. These people therefore know that the depth of the corruption and the scope of their lies will come back to haunt them. It’s already begun.

    Billions of people across the world sense that something vile, ghastly, unprecedented is happening.

    People know that children across the planet are being deliberately harmed.

    This is why people are rising up: because we must.

    The will is eternal.

    Goodness is timeless.

    Nothing is more important than human freedom.



    From today — September 27, 2021 — when there were huge protests all across Italy, including a nationwide truckdriver strike, Italian police, disgusted with their corrupt politicians pitting them against their fellow human-beings over corrupt, unethical forced Gene-Transfer injections, were captured on camera standing down.

    This same thing has happened in England and Greece.

    Protests in Greece have grown huge.

    The following video footage from the incomparable country of Greece — the locus and the symbol, for me, of all that is good and true and beautiful about the entirety of western civilization — is recent.

    Look and listen — listen to these phenomenal crowds composed of individual human-beings, who know that something very wrong is happening all across the world and we must unify:

    Milan, Italy, today, in the middle of the day today, a Monday:

    New York City today: “F*ck Bide and De Blasio!”:

    New York City from a different angle today:

    New York City passerby shows his support: “F*ck the vaccines!”

    Today also Joe Biden lied again, saying “Seventy percent of Americans are vaccinated.”

    Trust no politician, reader, nor bureaucrat, nor media lackey — least of all the sock-puppet Joe Biden and the clownish administration pulling his strings. As this shrewd commentator correctly noted:


    Today as well over 3,000 doctors signed a formal declaration against the utterly unjust move to mandate an experimental genetic injection which is known to be the deadliest and most harmful rollout of any “vaccine” in human history, without comparison:

    New York’s new governor, meanwhile, confirms what many have suspected: she is clinically certifiable. She really said this today:

    And this:

    These people in positions of power reek of desperation — all of them. Everything is “Covid” now, unless the powers-that-be say it isn’t:

    From today’s propaganda files — and this is pure theater, as phony as Luntz’s hair:

    From yesterday’s New York Times Sunday paper propaganda files:

    The crony corruption continues:

    Australian police stomp a man’s head while he’s down (graphic):

    The will is eternal.

    Goodness is timeless.

    Nothing is more important than human freedom.

    Force is the antithesis of freedom.

    Freedom is non-coerced human action.

    We will win.

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