Another Doctor Discloses How Truth Is Being Hidden: “Why Can’t People Take Ownership? Why Can’t People Understand That There’s Something Going On With This Vaccine?”
  • Good doctor, more and more people are beginning to understand it — all across the world. People are starting to grasp that we’ve all been targeted in a globally orchestrated war of psychological manipulation and bioterrorism.

    More and more people are waking up and standing up.

    Healthcare workers from Northwell Staten Island University Hospital burn their scrubs in protest of the mandatory genetic injections, which are masquerading as “vaccines” — harmful injections that have killed and harmed more humans than all other vaccines in history combined.

    Australians erupt in wild cheers and applause when aspiring tyrant Gladys Berejiklian, erstwhile Premiere of New South Wales, abruptly resigned yesterday (October 1, 2021), after a watchdog exposed her corruption before all the world:

    Protests against mandates in Luxembourg today:

    Protests against mandates in South Africa today:

    For the 12th consecutive week, the good people of France protest tirelessly and inspirationally:

    Et tu, Romania?

    Just a few short weeks ago, Romania stood so beautifully, so monumentally non-conformist, non-compliant, defiant — one of the few countries in the entire world. What happened? I do not know for certain, but I have a pretty good idea. And yet even if corruption claimed Romanian politicians and bureaucrats, it did not touch the individual human beings — the wonderful people of Romania who have not allowed themselves to be brainwashed or corrupted, and who are standing up to this outrageous injustice:

    Even New Zealand is a last waking up and standing up:

    Huge protests continue in Trieste, Italy, with dockworkers and unions all across the country threatening to shut everything down:

    LEAKED ZOOM MEETING WITH SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: “We want to find a way of ramping this up even beyond the end of it…. I don’t know when the lockdown will end. I’ve heard April 16th. I didn’t say what year, hahaha.”

    Everyone of these people will be brought to justice.

    Every last one of them.

    Yet be aware of the colossal economic chain-reaction that’s already begun:

    This is huge and not to be underestimated.

    Economics is the science of production and exchange.

    Economics is trade.

    Like knowledge itself, economies are completely interwoven and enmeshed.

    The spontaneous order of free-exchange cannot be disrupted with impunity. To disrupt a multi-trillion-dollar economy in the way that these psychopathic, power-lusting politicians and bureaucrats have, it unleashes inevitably a global reverberation.

    As stupidly foolish as these power-crazed people are — and they are — they’ve nonetheless managed, after a century of cataclysmic results in countless countries across the world, to learn from a few mistake made by their power-crazed predecessors: the past economic catastrophes created by frozen marxist dogma.

    Thus these current power-lusting dogmatists think they’ll get it right this time. They will not — it’s mathematically impossible — but, being true-believers in a deadly cult, they imagine themselves above philosophical-mathematical law. They ultimately fail in full. Yet before they sink to the bottom, they can create even more destruction than they already have, and we must all be prepared:

    Cultic dogma:

    More cultic dogma:

    Think for yourself.

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