“Pandemic Of Blood Clots”
  • All gene-transfer platforms, now being fraudulently marketed as “covid vaccines,” produce within the human body a multitude of the dangerous spike proteins, which Anthony Fauci helped bioengineer with American taxpayer money.

    This murderous excuse for a vaccine is the first vaccine in all of human history delivered by means lipid nanoparticles.

    Lipid nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier and the placenta, as they also collect in the reproductive organs of both women and men — specifically, the ovaries and the testes — and these facts about lipid nanoparticles have been well-known for over a decade by medical science: well-known, well-documented, well-published.

    It’s also well-known and well-documented that when lipid nanoparticles collect in the reproductive organs of human-beings sterility and infertility often results.

    Lipid nanoparticles, the delivery mechanism for these biologically active experimental genetic-platforms, are their most singular feature.

    Lipid nanoparticles, I repeat, are the most singular feature  of this murderous excuse for a vaccine.

    Lipid nanoparticles are the only thing about which you to need know to grasp the atrocity exhibition that’s been unleashed upon humankind.

    Following any gene-transfer injection — which, I say again, causes the human body to produce an army of the dangerous spike proteins bioengineered with American taxpayer money — these same spike proteins do not stay localized at the site of the injection, as the drug manufacturers all initially told the world these dangerous spike proteins would.

    Rather than staying localized at the site of the genetic injection, as the world was initially told, these dangerous spike proteins break free and circulate throughout the human body, via the human bloodstream, very often creating blood clots in the circulatory process.

    When these American-taxpayer-funded bioengineered spike proteins enter the heart, the clots can cause heart-attacks.

    When these American-taxpayer-funded bioengineered spike proteins enter the brain, the clots can cause strokes.

    This is the main reason that thousands and thousands and thousands of scientists and doctors all around the world have for nine months been screaming at the top of their unclotted lungs that these experimental genetic injections be halted immediately: because these experimental genetic injections are creating “a pandemic of blood clots.”

    The following photo shows an individual human being — a young boy no longer alive to be able to be a boy, whose life was senselessly snuffed out by genocidal tyrants who would have the world believe that the American-taxpayer-funded bioengineered Wuhan virus justifies injecting billions of such individual human children with an experimental genetic platform, delivered for the first time in human history by means of lipid nanoparticles, which cross the blood-brain barrier and the placenta and collect in the ovaries and testes of women and men, and which is vastly more likely than the virus to kill and harm.

    But, of course, there is no such thing as individual young people because there is no such thing individuality since there is no such things as human individuation and individual autonomy, because humanity is nothing more than a cog in an “organic whole,” as Karl Marx famously phrased it, “a greater collective.”

    It only follows, therefore, that this “greater collective” and “organic whole” is overseen and ruled by an elite bureau of planners who are the only humans properly suited to make decisions about the “organic whole” known as humanity, which is the rest of us who are not, contrary to what we may think, individual human beings at all but merely cogs in a bigger, greater organic whole.

    This medically graphic video clip shows a surgical procedure removing blood clots from a man’s brain. This man might have been your brother or uncle.

    This is how the Israeli Ministry of Health deleted thousands and thousands of personal adverse-event testimonies — or, as the narrator of this video puts it, “What happened is shocking … over 25,000 …”:

    The following eight photos show us what it looks like when we have aggregates forming:

    These are two sensible questions:

    This is lunacy:

    This is humanity sinking deeper into sickening malevolence and hatred sown by a global campaign of psychological manipulation, which is still going on:

    This is for their health:

    This is “confusing the vocabulary,” as Lenin put it, in order to confuse and psychologically manipulate people, in order to cause mental disintegration, against which accurate definitions carefully and successfully guard:

    This is a real and serious headlines from today (October 11, 2021):

    This is Chris Hayes spreading more outright propaganda and being articulately called out on his stupidly obvious propaganda:

    This is the truth about socialism which, as I have many, many times been reviled and criticized for pointing out, is by definition an ideology of force:

    Socialism, I reiterate, is inescapably and by definition an ideology of force.

    ACAB is a century-old slogan that stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.” As I have said so many times over the course of my adult life and as I have been recently reviled for saying this past year-and-a-half, in the wake of #BLM violence and their explicitly Marxist ideology, the massive police-state and gargantuan coercive apparatus required BY DEFINITION among any socialist society dwarfs anything ever seen in American society, before now — now that it’s become a near-socialist regime of the so-called progressive left.

    This is a very popular mainstream magazine — the Atlantic, progressive-left by their own description — beginning only now, too late, to glimpse the unavoidably authoritarian nature of all leftist politico-economic ideology, which by definition must instigate and continually employ force upon the citizenry in order to achieve even a fraction of their stated aims:

    The above and the below are textbook examples of too-little-too-late. What you see below is also an outrage and an injustice of the highest order, and it’s a perfect illustration of what the word “privilege” actually means — and I emphasize the word actually here because I’m distinguishing its usage and meaning from the corrupted, nonsensical usage and meaning with which Critical Race Theory (CRT) has tried to infuse it when maligning success, accomplishment, and achievement in order to have the State force equality upon all human beings:

    The following is another outrage and an absolute injustice — an injustice of the highest order, for which these corrupt humans will, you may depend upon it, be brought to full justice — and it, too, is another perfect illustration of what the word “privilege” actually means:

    This is a world-renowned vaccine expert pleading for governments around the globe to immediately stop mass vaccination because these Gene Transfer “vaccines” are driving variants by selecting for them, in the same sort of way that antibiotics drive antibiotic resistance:

    Click the pic to read the full article.

    This is a strong and inspiring young girl:

    This, from yesterday (October 10, 2021), is “fifteen days to flatten the curve” in Italy:

    Italian police assault numerous peaceful protesters.

    This, from yesterday (October 10, 2021), is “fifteen days to flatten the curve” in Italy:

    These are beautiful independent individuated human beings standing together against tyranny, force, coercion, and authoritarianism:

    Click the pic to play video.

    Click the pic to play the video.

    Click the pic to play the video.

    This is another northern Baltic country finally understanding that these genetic injections, masquerading as vaccines, are harming children sickeningly and in a fashion absolutely unnecessary since children do not get sick from this virus, nor pass it along to adults:

    This is a tragic truth:

    This is another tragic truth:

    This is more of the overwhelming evidence that Gene Transfer platforms, repurposed as “vaccines” and rushed through at “warp speed” — i.e. two months — before full longterm safety studies were given a fraction of the time required, are killing and harming individual human beings in appalling, shocking, genocidal numbers.

    Can you see it yet?

    This is additional proof that it’s not nor has ever been about “Covid-19.” It’s about command-and-control, conformity, blind obedience:

    This is a fact:

    Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the full longterm consequences or side-effects of these Gene Transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

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  • Jamie 10.12.2021

    Hi Ray, really interesting read here. Ignorance is the biggest killer of all.

  • Hi Jamie. I appreciate your readership very much, and I couldn’t agree more:

    Ignorance is the biggest killer of all.

    Thank you for dropping by.

  • Hey bro you still out there? Keep up the good fight.

  • Yes. Yes, I am. I am still here.

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