This Is The New York Times Complicit In The Worldwide Atrocity Exhibition Of Injecting Children With A Genetic Platform Never Tested For Longterm Consequences Or Side-Effects — A Genetic Injection Children Do Not Under Any Circumstances Need
  • This is the New York Times unsuccessfully, pathetically lying and trying to cover its outrageous and unequivocal complicity in the mass injection of children with an experimental biologically active genetic platform never tested for longterm consequences or side-effects:

    The clear-cut lies and complicity you see directly above from the New York Times — like countless other mainstream media and social-medial outlets all across the world — in their very deliberate attempt to harm or kill children with a biologically active genetic material, never tested for full longterm consequences or side-effects, will not by me or others ever be forgotten: these crimes against humanity in which so many people and institutions are unapologetically complicit will be brought to full justice. They will be hunted down and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for war crimes of the most heinous sort.

    The following is a good compassionate doctor, true to his sacred oath, saving an individual human life, with a safe, inexpensive, and effective early-treatment protocol with a medication that virtually all major mainstream media outlets, along with the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO, have fraudulently and criminally suppressed:

    This is a very densely populated country using the same safe, inexpensive, effective early-treatment protocol for a bioengineered virus funded by a criminal named Anthony Fauci, who, according to his own emails, used American taxpayer money to help bioengineer:

    This is another example of the same:

    This is a real-life healthcare worker discussing blood tests from individual human beings injected with a biologically active gene-transfer material never tested for longterm consequences or side-effects — an experimental genetic injection that governments all around the world will make mandatory or die in their trying: a genetic injection driving variants that grow increasingly resistant to the same genetic material these despots are pushing to make mandatory; a genetic injection the slightest questioning of which will make seemingly sane people slander you and not only you but possibly even family members who don’t even agree with or share your “radicalized” views — your views that dare to question this totally unnecessary biologically active genetic material never tested for longterm consequences:

    This is the world in which we now live: when people who believe in and fight for the sovereignty of each and every individual human life, no matter the race, sex, sexual-orientation, gender, color, class, country, creed, age, beauty, brawn, or any other non-definitional human characteristic, are maligned and reviled, and corrupt lying bureaucrats and politicians are held up has saviors and heroes.

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