This Is The Entire World Standing Up To Bioterrorism, Psychological Manipulation, & Medical Tyranny
  • The following are all screenshots; you can watch the actual video-clips and many more here.

    This is but a glimpse of what is happening right now all across planet earth. It will continue. It will continue because it must — because this is the most serious threat humanity has ever faced.

    If ever there was something to fight and even die for, it is this.

    If there’s within you still doubts about this orchestrated war of bioterror, please remember the following and please never forget it:

    The virus doesn’t kill anyone. Period.

    It’s the body’s inflammo-thrombotic response to the virus that kills people, and the inflammo-thrombotic response is easy to treat, with over twenty different early-treatment protocols, all of which — all without exception — are far more effective than any of these experimental, biologically active genetic injections, which require perpetual, never-ending boosters the longterm consequences of which are completely unknown. Completely, What I’m saying is not speculative. Watch this. And here’s something else that politicians, bureaucrats, news-media, social-media et alia have deliberately kept from you: Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated places on the planet, has maintained a low flat curve from the beginning, and the following is primarily how:

    A method so inexpensive and safe and simple that everyone in the world could do it at home. It’s also extraordinarily effective — over 90 percent effective in preventing hospitalization and death, which is higher than any of the so-called vaccines. This one thing alone would have eradicated the Wuhan virus in less than a year. Please note also that this study was done in people who’d already contracted the virus. Three to four nasal sprays (or mouth gargles) each day has also been shown to drastically PREVENT coronavirus and rhinovirus. Why have you not been told this? Why do almost no doctors in America know about this? The reasons would stupefy you as much as they enrage me.



    ANTIFA — which as you know stands for “anti-fascism” — is also in Brussels:



    Look at this:

    And this:


    And still they learn nothing:

    Spoken January 23rd, 2022.

    Scott Gottlieb, who used to work for Donald Trump, sits on the board of Pfizer. Scott has raked in many, many millions of dollars this past year by promoting fear, by engaging in relentless psychological manipulation, and by lying shamelessly to the entire world.

    His statement on the left — a rare moment of honestly from Scott Gottlieb — was spoken on January 2, 2022, a mere three weeks before the pure propaganda and psychological manipulation you see on your right.


    One other very crucial thing I want to point out here because in all this we are provided a rare and real-time learning experience:

    The world these past eighteen months has witnessed in real-time what fascism actually is: a leftist-socialist doctrine by design.

    Yes: fascism is a leftist-socialist doctrine — as it always was, as it still is, as it always will be. Even Wikipedia admits this.

    Benito Mussolini, the first official fascist and also, not coincidentally, a lifelong socialist, summed this up perfectly a century ago, but the world has completely forgotten:

    If the above reminds you of (for instance) the collusion between Pfizer, AstroZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson with the United States government, or of Barack Obama’s takeover of General Motors, that’s because it’s exactly the same thing.

    As is the current Surgeon General’s horrifying call and desire for government to take control of Joe Rogan’s podcast:

    Since March of 2020, in the nefarious and completely illegal collusion of business with government — when millions and millions and millions of non-colluding businesses, which governments by executive decree deemed “non-essential,” were wiped out of existence overnight — we have watched play out precisely what Mussolini and Hitler both did and fully desired to do. This is what Ludwig von Mises and Frederich Hayek accurately termed “socialism on the NAZI pattern” (as against socialism on the Bolshevik pattern). Both are identical in their results: the state takeover of private transactions and voluntary exchange.

    Laissez-faire is that ideology which keeps government completely out of business, just as it keeps government completely out of churches and bedrooms, and all for the exact same reasons: none of these places or institutions fall within the proper jurisdiction of government.

    Fundamentally there are only two types of government: the government that protects the inalienable rights of each and every individual — protects against the initiation of force and coercion — and the government that initiates force and coercion against any individual.


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