Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor: “This Is What They Don’t Want You To Think About — That, Yes, It Can Happen Again, And I’m Trying My Utmost To Alert People” [UPDATED: VIMEO DELETES MY VIDS]
  • Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and medical-ethics expert, is absolutely, heartbreakingly correct:

    It’s happening again — right now, before our very eyes — except this time it’s happening on a greater scale than at any other point in human history.

    Ms. Sharav’s talk here is from yesterday (January 26th, 2022), on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Please listen closely to what she’s saying:


    No matter what you may or may not think of me and my laissez-faire convictions — and I’m fully aware of how I’m now regarded by my former friends and loved ones — I implore you to hear me in this moment:

    Children are being deliberately harmed.

    Children are being deliberately harmed.

    Children are for a fact being deliberately and with malice aforethought harmed and killed by these experimental gene-transfer injections, the longterm consequences of which nobody knows.

    Do you know how I know for a fact that nobody knows the longterm consequences of these gene-transfer injections?

    Because they were only tested for two months — two months — before being injected into hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

    Prior to the mass-formation lunacy under which we’ve been living since March of 2020, the minimum observational time required for any genetic platform was five years. These genetic injections were tested for two months, and they are still not FDA approved. The only reason this madness has been allowed is an outrageous loophole called Emergency Authorization.

    This must be stopped now.


    I promise you I am not wrong about this.

    Children do not get sick from this virus.


    “With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any benefit in vaccinating them for COVID.” — Swedish Health Agency , January 28th, 2022

    Sweden never closed their schools, and do you know how many children died from Covid in Sweden?


    I repeat: Zero.

    And yet:

    This murderous excuse for a vaccine is harming and killing people in genocidal fashion.

    Please take special note of the date here: November 12, 2021. The Covid-19 “vaccines” have at this point existed for less than a year. VigiBase is entirely medical-personnel reported.

    From the CDC’s own database:

    I pulled this graph in late August, 2021, a mere eight months after the gene-transfer injections had been pushed through at “warp speed” before any longterm testing for side-effects had been conducted. It, too, is from the CDC’s own database — their Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). In 2018, which was a particularly bad seasonal flu year, fully fifty percent of the American population received the seasonal flu shot. In late July of 2021, when this graph was posted on the CDC website, that exact same amount of the American population had received the experimental Covid-19 vaccine: i.e. fifty percent of the American population.

    Leave the children alone!

    I beseech you, reader, stand up and fight this atrocity exhibition taking place right before our eyes.

    This is genocide.

    If, like the majority of people I once called friends, you think that what I’m saying is “too crazy and conspiratorial” to be possible, I urge you to rewatch the video at the top of this post from Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, who completely agrees with everything I’m saying here.

    Listen also to the following doctors, scientists, priests, lawyers, economists, and other thinkers who also understand what’s happening:

    “This is a very, very serious matter. It has nothing to do with hygiene. It has to do with criminology.” — Wolfgan Wodarg, MD, former Public Health Official and member of German Parliament


    “It was clear to me from the very beginning that lockdowns were completely unconstitutional. It’s completely illegal.” — Alessandro Fusillo, Attorney, Rome Italy


    Watch Anthony Fauci attempt to gaslight the world in real time:

    Watch the most important film yet made about this unspeakable, unprecedented crime against humanity:

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