“Australians Could Soon Need FIVE Double Doses of the Covid Vaccine to be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated'”

    Why is it that when a country — any country — makes available clean data highlighting worrying patterns, we invariably see something like the Disclose.tv headline at the bottom of the chart directly below:

    I’d like for all readers to pause for a moment and consider the caption directly above and the easy-to-read pie chart above the caption.

    Heart specialist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MD, is correct here, and so is the nurse he cites:

    Please, wake up! Please, reader. I am fucking begging you. 

    Pay attention to the following as you read through it. I ask you to read it closely. It sounds technical at first, and it is, but it is not difficult to understand. Your life and lives of your loved ones and everyone else you know depends on it:

    It’s very well-known that Circulating Immune Complexes (CICs) can lead to tissue damage, platelet activation, inflammation of blood vessels, thrombosis, and much more.

    From Stanford University — which is among the best (if not the very best) epidemiological-and-infectious-disease research center in the world:

    Click the pic to read the full article.

    These mRNA vaccines introduce genetic material (mRNA) into your cells that hijack your cells and make them produce spike protein, which is toxic.

    The manufacturers of these genetic platforms never specified exactly how long the mRNA and spike protein would stay in the body, but they did say it was “a short period of time,” and that it would “remain localized.”

    Close quote.

    Another official statement was “approximately 2 weeks for the fortified mRNA to degrade.”

    Many of us knew immediately that this was false — flatly false.

    Many of us were reviled, hounded, and harassed for pointing out the purely obvious — the purely obvious and outright lie that the fortified mRNA contained in this murderous excuse for a vaccine would “degrade” in “approximately 2 weeks” — which many of us immediately spotted for the unmitigated lie that it is precisely because nobody could possibly know that. Nobody.

    Many of us have unfortunately been vindicated. Unfortunately and tragically.

    How did we immediately know?

    Because there was not a shred of supporting clinical data to make such an absurd claim.

    It was an epistemological violation of the most blatant sort: a claim arbitrary and baseless in its entirety — a claim of pure authoritarian decree — and the most shocking and tragic aspect of it all was not that the majority of the world accepted it and went along with it silently, like sheep to slaughter, which would have been one thing, but that the majority of the world accepted it and went along with it and then grew an unquestioning sanctimoniousness and rage-of-hostility homicidal in its all-consuming depth.

    So that this same majority, who accepted without any shred of actual scientific evidence — without any vestige of critical-thinking that “fortified mRNA would degrade in approximately 2 weeks” — demand in turn that any and all human-beings who did not likewise accept this arbitrary, baseless authoritarian decree be relegated to the status of second-class citizens, at best.


    All this has happened on present-day planet earth in the year 2022.

    It is still happening.

    It is the greatest mass indoctrination in the known universe.

    It is as primitive a superstition as the most primitive beliefs in history.

    It is all the more staggering to contemplate in light of the sheer stupidity of the decrees being passed down as “scientific.” For instance:

    An aerosol virus can be stopped or slowed by the use of an earloop cloth mask, but only when you’re standing and walking through a crowded room. When you’re sitting in that same crowded room, you don’t need the same earloop mask, even though the same room is filled with a diverse mixture of people who are all sitting, standing, or walking among this same aerosol virus, and so the earloop cloth masks are continually on and off.

    We’re supposed to actually believe, in other words, that this aerosol virus, which is smaller than smoke, is stopped our slowed for the people sitting.

    That, reader, is what passes for science in our present-day world. This is what bureaucratic authorities have brainwashed the world into believing.

    No primitive tribe or gang or group in human history, no matter how primitive and superstitious, had or has any superstitious dogma more ridiculous and wrongheaded than this.

    I repeat: All this has happened on present-day planet earth in the year 2022.

    The mRNA in these so-called vaccines were hyper-stabilized by synthetic engineering.

    Since the tragic release of the murderous excuse for a vaccine, more and more studies have come out after that official release (and the subsequent injections of hundreds of millions all across the globe) showing unambiguously that circulating spike protein remains in plasma at one-to-four months post-injection.

    Please reread that.

    For this to occur, either the spike protein itself needs to be stable in the human body or the mRNA has to be stable (or both).

    Stanford University has clearly demonstrated that the mRNA is much more persistent than the bureaucratic elites, with their authoritarian decrees, initially — and falsely — led us to believe.

    Two fucking months is four times longer than two fucking weeks.

    They should have been publicized everywhere before approving the fucking so-called vaccines from the so-called clinical trials.

    Without any real data to inform anyone on the longevity of mRNA and spike protein in the body, bureaucrats made a decision to vaccinate seven billion people.

    Seven billion.

    The Stanford paper (linked to above) is the kind of data you gather before a decision like this.

    In addition to kinetics, one of even the most rudimentary scientific comprehension expects that data would be generated to understand the toxicity, tissue distribution, and clearance of both the mRNA and mRNA-derived Spike protein, as well as the lipid-nanoparticle (LNP) delivery vehicle.

    Lipid nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why this murderous excuse for a vaccine has created a horrifying pandemic of blood-clots, causing strokes, which are blood-clots in the brain, and myocarditis, which are blood-clots in the heart.

    This Stanford study only begins to answer some of these critical questions.

    First it shows significant circulating plasma levels of spike. We were initially told that Spike would be localized to the injection area and lymphnodes, for a very limited time. This is flatly, provably, criminally, genocidally false.

    This study found also mRNA in lymphnodes via biopsy.

    It does not, however, answer the wildly important question of where else in the body mRNA is being delivered and expressed throughout various tissues.

    Please never lose sight of this overwhelming fact:

    The “vaccine” programs your immune system to launch an attack against the spike protein.

    Thus the tissue localization and the duration of spike-expression is absolutely critical to know.


    Because it defines what tissues of your body will be attacked by your immune system and the duration.

    Repeated injections — genetic injections NEVER tested for longterm consequences or side-effects — only compound and prolong the body’s immune response against whatever tissues happen to express the spike.

    In addition to which, any and all subsequent injections will elicit immediate formation of circulating immune complexes (CICs) which present an incalculable number of other challenges.

    Please stand up now and demand an immediate halt to these biologically active, experimental gene-transfer platforms, which were never tested for longterm safety or side-effects or consequences.

    Please. I’m begging you to stand up.

    This virus when untreated has an overall survival rate of 99.8.

    In children, it is 99.99.

    And when treated — with over 20 different safe, inexpensive, abundant, early-treatment protocols — this virus is less lethal than the regular seasonal flu.

    Please wake up. 

    This is from the CDC. It is the lethality of the Wuhan virus when UNTREATED. When treated (which it easily is — with over 20 [and counting] safe, inexpensive, abundant protocols]), this virus is far less lethal than the regular seasonal flu. Far less lethal.

    I implore you to please wake up.

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